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Irfan Khan <irfankhan.performancesoftech@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:42AM +0530

*Dear Recruiters,*
*Please add my Email to your Vendor list I am having Excellent Consultants
looking for new opportunities.*
*6+ Years*
*Penetration Testing*
*6+ Years*
* Harini *
*AWS Certified/DevOps*
*7+ Years*
*DevOps Engineer*
*6+ Years*
*Micro Strategy*
*7+ Years*
*7+ Years*
* Hussain *
*Oracle DBA*
*7+ Years*
*Data Scientist*
*5+ Years*
*SQL Developer*
*7+ Years*
*New Jersey*
*QA Analyst*
*6+ Years*
*7+ Years*
*New Jersey*
*4+ Years*
*Java Developer*
*5+ Years*
*Java Developer*
*6+ Years*
*Marry land*
*Full Stack Developer/ Java Developer*
*5+ Years*
*Marry land*

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you, your prompt response will
be highly appreciated.
*irfan khan*
Recruitment Specialist

[image: ]G-Talk
Connect with me on LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/in/irfanaliofficial/>
O: (785)380-7248 x105
"RAJ. K" <bdmhydsec@gmail.com>: Mar 30 05:01PM -0400

Hi Friends
Let me know if you have any openings for Bench Sales/ BDM position in
He is available immediate, kindly reply to this mail for his resume.
Exp - 8+ Years
Note: This is not for me, iam not from staffing field.
neha nityo <nityo1026@gmail.com>: Mar 30 04:54PM -0400

*Min Experience require 9+ year*
Role : Sr Java Developer
Location : Irvine, CA
Duration: 12+ Months
Skills :-
10+ years of experience with java and JEE technologies
3+ years of experience with solution design and development on big data
Strong SQL / Analytical SQL expertise
Develop and update scripts written in Bash and Python.
Experience developing software in Java.
Amazon Web Services (EC2, EMR, S3 & Cloud Formation).
Experience developing big data solutions on EMR, Spark, Hive.
Knowledge of Spark and related applications (Kafka, Spark SQL).
Thanks & Regards,
Neha Gupta
Team Lead
Desk : 609-853-0818 * 2105
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job-alerts7@job4tech.com: Mar 30 08:28PM

<style> @media only screen and (max-width: 650px) {.alert-button, .alert-link{font-size:20px !important;} } </style><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="width: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0;"><tr><td>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="width: 100%; margin: 10px 0px; margin: 10px 0px; padding: 0;">
<tr style="margin: 0; padding: 0;"><td style="display: block !important; clear: both !important; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0;"><a href="%E2%80%9Dhttp://hub.job4tech.com"><img border="0" alt="Job4Tech" width="100%" src="http://i.imgur.com/20OkZkT.jpg"></a></td></tr>
<tr><td> </td></tr>
<p class="outlook"> <br> <br> <b>Share with your network</b><br> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/linkedin/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/linkedin.png" border="0" alt="LinkedIn"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/facebook/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/facebook.png" border="0" alt="Facebook"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/twitter/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/twitter.png" border="0" alt="Twitter"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/google_plusone_share/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/google_plusone_share.png" border="0" alt="Google+"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/whatsapp/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/whatsapp.png" border="0" alt="WhatsApp"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/messenger/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/messenger.png" border="0" alt="Facebook Messenger"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/viber/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/viber.png" border="0" alt="Viber"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/wechat/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/wechat.png" border="0" alt="WeChat"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/email/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=Oracle%20EBS%E2%80%8B%20Developer%20-%20Contract%20to%20Hire%20(USC%20or%20GC%20Only)&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/email.png" border="0" alt="Email"></a> <br> <br></p>
<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for <b>Oracle EBS​ Developer - Contract to Hire (USC or GC Only) in Richmond, Virginia</b>, if you have matching candidates please submit their profiles <strong><a href="http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc?utm_source=JA07-Up&utm_medium=Groups-email&utm_campaign=Job-Alerts"> here</a></strong>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be contacted. </p> <p><br><br><strong>Position: Oracle EBS​ Developer - Contract to Hire (USC or GC Only)<br>Location: Richmond, Virginia<br> Tax Term: Contract Corp-to-Corp</strong><br><br> </p> <a href="http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/4679773-oracle-ebs-developer-contract-to-hire-usc-or-gc-only-at-sygna-technologies-inc?utm_source=JA07-Down&utm_medium=Groups-email&utm_campaign=Job-Alerts"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/hh3Zxn3.png" border="0" alt="Submit Resume"></a><hr>
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"Recruiter@CKI" <jkanahiya@gmail.com>: Mar 30 02:41PM -0500

*Hiring Now ...................... Please Reply ASAP with your consultant
resume to kanahiya.j@consultingknights.com
*Job Title : Java Developer with AWS, Spring Boot & Apache CamelLocation :
Beaverton, ORDuration : 6+Month ContractPASSPORT NUMBER REQUIRED (Any visa
is fine)Rate : 43/hr on C2C Must Have Skills:*
Spring Boot, Apache Camel
*Nice to have skills:*
Dynamo DB, SQS, SNS, Elastic Search
Athena, EMR
*Detailed Job Description:*
At least 3 year of experience in Java, Spring Boot, Apache Camel At least 2
year of experience in developing applications services using AWS S3, Dynamo
DB, SQS, SNS, Elastic Search, Athena, EMR etc.
*Regards,Kanhaiya JaiswalProfessional RecruiterConsulting Knights Inc,
Princeton, New Jersey |08540Phone : (609) 357-9399| Fax: (609)
akshita mittal <akshita.kpg@gmail.com>: Mar 30 03:24PM -0400

*Position : Business Analyst*
*Duration: 12 Months*
*Location : Austin, TX*
*Interview: Phone, F2F*
*Any Visa*
*Job Description:*
· Performs advanced business and process analysis for business
applications and integrated technologies configured for use.
· Work involves business systems analysis and planning using best
practices to define, analyze and document business processes, work flows
and system requirements for the purpose of automating or improving business
· Work also involves serving as a liaison to business client units
to understand the client's goals, business processes, challenges, and
· Works under the direction of the Business Analyst Team Lead with
considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.
*Job Responsibilities*
· Collaborates on project planning and scheduling during project
development and implementation stages.
· Identifies potential project risks and difficulties, and designs
strategies to mitigate or avoid them.
· Reviews, collaborates, and provides feedback on project
deliverables such as charters, design documents, test plans and risk
assessment plans.
· May oversee the analysis of potential program policies and
procedures to determine their effect on automated systems and system
functional areas.
· Manages the customer service request life cycle through business
requirements coordination, technical specifications review and system
integration Analysis
· Determines and manages scope and level of effort.
· Analyzes and elicits detailed requirements for new systems and/or
enhancements to existing systems; ensures the needs of users are met.
· Analyzes user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate
or improve existing systems; reviews computer system capabilities,
workflow, and scheduling limitations.
· Analyzes and documents business processes, workflows, procedures,
information systems or utility programs for efficiency and effectiveness.
· Prepares detailed requirement specification documents, business
process diagrams, charts, tables and reports that depict the present and
proposed systems in terms of benefits and costs.
· Develops and/or reviews complex system documents to convey
business requirements and support efficient system design and meet quality
· Creates use cases and verifies with users that use cases and
process models accurately portray specific business needs.
· Analyzes project change requests for potential impact to project
scope and timeline.
· Liaising
Serves as a liaison by providing consultation, documentation, and direction
to other areas with regard to analysis, design, configuration, testing, and
policy implementation within all systems.
Contributes to special inquiries, research studies, and internal audits.
Collaborates with stakeholders to identify and document business needs,
challenges, and areas of opportunities and may lead efforts to enhance
business processes.
Supports client divisions in assessing and prioritizing business needs;
makes recommendations concerning the direction of the client division
Supports the development and implementation of strategic planning actions
and policy decisions.
Coordinates business validation of products, services, or processes to
evaluate quality or performance.
Participates in user acceptance testing and testing of new system
May develop training curriculum and conduct formal training sessions
covering assigned systems module.
Directs service/software reviews to determine justifiable business need and
suitability of products or services
Other Duties and Responsibilities:
Performs on-call or scheduled after hours work as required.
Attends work regularly in accordance with agency leave and attendance
Complies with all applicable agency policies and procedures, including
safety and standards of conduct.
Policy requirements
Attends work regularly in accordance with agency leave and attendance
Complies with all applicable agency policies and procedures, including
safety and standards of conduct
· Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university
with major coursework in computer science, computer information systems or
management information systems is preferred. Each year of related
experience over the required minimum may be substituted for one year (30
semester hours) of college credit.
· 5 years Five years of experience planning, eliciting, analyzing
and managing business requirements and monitoring throughout the software
development life cycle (SDLC).
· 5 years Five years of experience leading simple and complex
business process reengineering and transformation efforts that deliver
efficiency improvements in processes, tools, quality of adoption and
customer experience.
· 5 years Five years of experience performing a liaison role
between functional and technical teams.
*Preferred Qualifications*
· Technical expertise in systems analysis and configuration and
understanding of internal control frameworks.
· Technical expertise and experience with reporting databases,
database design development, data modeling, mapping, analysis and
governance; skilled in SQL.
· Technical expertise conducting enterprise business analysis such
as problem/opportunity analysis, business case and business architecture
development, feasibility studies and comprehensive risk assessments
supporting value-based decision making.
· Technical expertise crafting comprehensive system-level
documentation, system implementation standards and training materials for
users with varied levels of technical understanding.
· Masters of Business of Administration (MBA) or related field,
*Knowledge, Skills and Abilities*
· Uses knowledge, skills and abilities to apply critical thinking
to all aspects of the job. Critical thinking is a process of forming
reasoned opinions through observation, information collection,
interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, and other skills necessary
to successfully meet performance standards of the job.
· Strong product management skills, including a proven track record
of successful interactions with product vendors and a thorough
understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate
them into application and operational requirements.
· Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities in a technical
environment; skilled in troubleshooting, coordinating and solving complex
· Highly self-motivated and self-directed with keen attention to
· Strong verbal communication skills; highly developed relationship
management, interpersonal communication and influencing skills and
experience with peers, colleagues and senior leaders.
· Strong written communication skills; editing and proofing skills
for complex and technical documents and ability to understand and clearly
communicate technical information to non-technical staff.
· Successful track record of driving work efforts to a goal that
meets objectives, enhances stakeholder relationships and increases business
· Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a
high-pressure environment; strong organizational skills, ability to
prioritize and manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines.
· Ability to work independently on difficult or complex tasks.
· General knowledge of the state legislative process.
· Familiar with HIPAA and other data security and confidentiality
· Ability to use discretion on matters of a confidential or
sensitive nature.
· Advanced aptitude with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
*Regards , *
*Akshita | ** KPG99,INC <http://www.kpg99.com/>*
*3240 E State, St Ext | Hamilton, NJ 08619 609-681-2602 ||
akshita@kpgtech.com <akshita@kpgtech.com>*
maghii@gmail.com: Mar 30 06:17AM

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