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spucci@emeraldsequoia.com: Feb 11 12:03PM -0800

I'm in alpha test for an app, and the play store listing for the app says
"Offers in-app purchase" but my app does not do that. I've checked the
manifest file and it does not include
<uses-permission android:name="com.android.vending.BILLING" />
The console, in the "in-app products" tab under "Store presence", says "0
active, 0 inactive" for both Managed Products and Subscriptions
This appears similar to this
problem https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23028475/how-to-turn-off-offers-in-app-purchases-on-google-play-for-my-app
which, judging from the comments, was never addressed.
Any ideas?
Steve Pucci <spucci@emeraldsequoia.com>: Feb 11 07:19PM -0800

I was including the billing library in the app (it was declared in a library as a dependency). Changing the dependency to 'provided' from 'implementation' and re-uploading the resultant binary fixed the problem for me.
Atil Pai <atilpai@gmail.com>: Feb 11 05:23PM -0800

*Issue:* My debugger seems to throw this error while executing the Prepared
stmt call to talk to my MySQL db (Connection has been established). My
debugger then steps into a Looper.java class.
I am afraid it is some compatibility issue between java android core and
jdbc 3.0.17, the lib i am using.
I have been trying to track down this error since a long time now. Any
comments will be of great help?
"Артём Тимофеев" <uaprodigy@gmail.com>: Feb 11 11:06AM -0800

I want to withdraw money earned for my paid application. I enter the
payment settings and click Add payment method and writes to me
If you want to receive payments to a bank account, contact the bank. There
you can learn about exchange rates and a possible commission. Please note
that the account must be opened in a certain country (Ukraine), and the
funds on it must be in a certain currency (US dollar).
But the fact is that I live in Russia and I have a card of Sberbank. How
can I change the country and can I tie my Sberbank card for withdrawal?
chum sopheap <chumsopheap263@gmail.com>: Feb 11 09:03AM -0800

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 6:28:00 AM UTC+7, Trevor Johns wrote:
Sara Swed <saraknowledge@gmail.com>: Feb 11 02:17PM +0400

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maghii@gmail.com: Feb 11 06:21AM

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