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SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Jan 10 05:09PM -0500

Hi Partners,
Please share resume at naseer.ahmad@nityo.com
We need someone who do have experience with *Apache camel.*
Soumya Sp <spsoumya06@gmail.com>: Jan 10 05:03PM -0500

*AngularJS Lead Developer*
*Location: Mountain View, CA *
*Duration: Contract/ CTH/ FTE*
• Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science,
Engineering (any), or a related field plus five (5) years of progressively
responsible experience in the position offered or as a Front End Developer,
• Must have five (5) years of progressively responsible experience
with: front end development; frameworks including XHTML / HTML, and CSS;
Object Oriented JavaScript and modern JavaScript libraries including
Closure; building applications utilizing securty concepts including
authentication, authorization, encryption, and digital signature; SSL;
working in Agile environments; performing requirements analysis,
feasibility analysis, estimation, and sizing high-level and low-level
technical design; and building applications using jQuery.
• Must have one (1) year of experience with: AngularJS, Bower,
GRUNT, NodeJS, SASS, and Bootstrap; Code editor including Dreamweaver,
Sublime, or Brackets; and executing work breakdown, distribution and status
*Next Level Business Services Inc*
*Jacksonville, FL*
Phone: +1 (904) 267-0727 | Fax: +1 (608)646-8326
E-mail: Soumya.ranjan@nlbservices.com |Web:www.nlbservices.com
J Harris <gee.whiiz44@gmail.com>: Jan 10 02:03PM -0800

I am designing a mobile application for a mobile phone that currently has
the following functionality: The application scans for Bluetooth devices,
in my case a Arduino 101 micro-controller, and upon selecting the
application successfully the application permits a connection with the
Arduino 101. The next step is to setup communication between the Arduino
101 and the mobile application, so the Arduino 101 can be controlled by the
application via writing numerical bits of data to the device, which
represent integer speed values. I read that I need to setup a GATT Client
or Server, but I am not certain if this is correct nor how to do so
step-by-step in the existing program that I've written. May someone please
clarify what I need to do and how to do so. Mind you, visual aids help me
ANUDEEP <anudeep.canopyone@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:54PM -0600

*Title : SFDC Senior developer*
*Location: Somerville, NJ*
*Duration: 6 +Months*
*Skills : Pick, SFDC, Jenkins, Agile, Apex, testing, VisualForce*
SFDC senior developer
Must have SFDC certifications (Admin, Developer, etc)
Fluent in Apex and VisualForce required
Knowledgeable of declarative vs. custom options
Experience in large teams
Agile experience
Experience with a shared code base and source code management
Strong Communication Skills
Desire to cross train and learn mobile development skills
Willingness to pick up testing duties during hardening sprints
*Nice to have:*
Mobile development knowledge
Experience with the following applications:
*Thanks *
*Anudeep | Anblicks | www.anblicks.com <http://www.anblicks.com>*
*14651 Dallas Parkway, Suite 816, Dallas, TX-75254*
*anudeep.v@anblicks.com <anudeep.v@anblicks.com>*
Priyanka Katiyar <puja123hbti@gmail.com>: Jan 11 03:18AM +0530

*Data Analyst **NEED USC AND GC ONLY *
*6 month contract to hire *
* Charlotte, NC *
*Need Health EXP*
*(must interview onsite) *
*Corp to Corp Rate: $43.*
Our leading edge healthcare client does performance improvement alliance
for approximately 3,600 U.S. hospitals and 120,000 other providers. Their
mission is simple: To improve the health of communities. As an industry
leader, our Charlotte NC based client has created one of the most
comprehensive databases of actionable data, best practices and cost
reduction strategies. Their award winning technology enable their partners
and members to collaborate more easily and efficiently. Their goal is to
improve their members' quality outcomes, while safely reducing costs. By
engaging members and revealing new opportunities, they empower the alliance
to improve the performance of healthcare organizations.
They were named one of the world's MOST ETHICAL COMPANIES 8 years in a
row! They are well-equipped to transform the future of healthcare. Be a
part of this awesome organization.
*Job Description:*
This resource will be responsible for pulling and analyzing contract data
for a recent acquisition of ours, and comparing it to existing contracts in
order to determine best go-forward strategy. Resource will interact with
legal team as well as sourcing team. Resource needs to have excellent Excel
skills (v-lookups) and data analytics. Resource will perform basic project
management/project coordination tasks such as scheduling meetings with
appropriate personnel.
*Minimum Requirements:*
- Bachelor's degree required
- Area of study in business, healthcare, technology, or related field
- 5 - 7 years of related experience
- Project Management / Coordination experience.
Priyanka Katiyar
Technical Recruiter
Nityo Infotech Corp.
Direct: 609-378-1139
Email: priyanka.katiyar@nityo.com
Gtalk: puja123hbti@gmail.com
Ap Jo <apjo665@gmail.com>: Jan 10 01:49PM -0800

https://twitter.com/i/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FFaryalxMakhdoom%3Ft%3D1%26cn%3DZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y%26refsrc%3Demail%26iid%3D5906524263ff4d85b460500865dcdf04%26uid%3D701759660%26nid%3D244%2B293670925&t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y&sig=da3683e0dfca545faff0943488191841cd25976b&iid=5906524263ff4d85b460500865dcdf04&uid=701759660&nid=244+293670925 when I open this page I get error on android smart phone lollipop version . ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME when
Ap Jo <apjo665@gmail.com>: Jan 10 01:49PM -0800

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Mohd Taher <rkahn425@gmail.com>: Jan 10 04:38PM -0500

Please share your consultant resume to taherm@usmsystems.com
Title is Network Architect/Engineer
Located in Houston, TX
Contract: 12 month renewing contract
*Need EAD, GC, TN or Citizen Only!!*
*Must have Scripting experience with Python,Pearl,Bash SDN. For Network
Automation, if they do not have the automation experience please do not
send over consultant.*
Top Skills:
1-Network Data Center Design
2-Scripting-Python, Pearl, Bash
3)SDN-Software Defined
Best Regards,
Mohammed Taher
US IT Recruiter
Direct: 703 349 4237
USM Business Systems
Chantilly, VA 20151, USA.
Arab Sara <arabhouseaa@gmail.com>: Jan 10 11:12PM +0200

تدعوكم الدار العربية للتنمية الإدارية
*الدورة التدريبية *
*تدريب المتدربين *
*TOT *
*القاهرة – جمهورية مصر العربية *
*للفترة من 5 الى 9 مارس 2017 م*
*بهدف : *
*مدخل أساسي لمفهوم التدريب وأهميته ومقارنته بمفهوم التعليم أنواع وأشكال
التدريب ونظريات التدريب والتعليم التعرف على أنماط المدربين والمراحل التي
يمر بها المدرب والسمات الأساسية للمدرب المحترف وسلبيات المدرب أنماط
المتدربين و كيفية التعامل معهم معرفة كيف يفكر جمهورك مهارات الاتصال الفعال
وأنواعه مهارات الإلقاء والعرض الفعال معينات ووسائل التدريب معرفة تقنيات و
أساليب التدريب الحقائب التدريبية و كيفية صناعتها كيفية إعداد و تقديم دورة
تدريبية الخرائط الذهنية وكيفية استخدامها عند الاستعداد للدورة التدريبية
الاستعداد لدورة تدريبية(قبل ـ أثناء ـ بعد ) التدريب*
*·* *إعداد المشاركين ليصبحوا مدربين مقتدرين ويتمتعوا بكفاية عالية
بتصميم البرامج التدريبية وتقديمها وتقييمها على أسس علمية وبمهارات عالية .*
*مستهدفين في ذلك *:
*المدربون والمدربات القائمون بعملية التدريب بالمؤسسات والشركات الباحثون عن
فرص عمل أفضل المهتمون بعلم التنمية البشرية المشرفون والعاملين بمجال التعليم*
*·* *مديري وأخصائي الموارد البشرية*
*·* *المدربين – والمعلمين لكل المراحل*
*·* *متطوعي وموظفي الجمعيات والمنظمات والمبادرات*
*·* *إداريي المعاهد والمراكز التدريببة والمؤسسات التعليمية*
*·* *رواد الأعمال الراغبين بتأسيس مراكز تدريبية وتعلمية ومبادرات
*·* *طلاب الجامعات والماجستير والدكتوراة بالجامعات **Masters ,MBA,
PhD , *
وبهذة المناسبة يسعدنا دعوتكم للمشاركة وتعميم خطابنا على المهتمين بموضوع
ورشة العمل وإفادتنا بمن تقترحون توجية الدعوة لهم علما بأن رسوم الاشتراك
1400 دولار أمريكي للفرد
*فاعليات الدار العربية للتنمية الادارية خلال شهر مارس 2017 م*
*الرسوم بالدولار*
*مكان الإنعقاد*
*اسم النشاط*
*القاهرة – تونس *
*5 الى 9 مارس *
*المشاكل التطبيقية لانشطة الشراء والتخزين وسبل مواجهتها*
*القاهرة – تونس *
*5 الى 9 مارس *
*تشخيص المخالفات الإدارية والمالية والرقابة عليها*
*القاهرة – تونس *
*5 الى 9 مارس *
*دور العلاقات العامة فى إدارة الأزمات*
*القاهرة – تونس *
*5 الى 9 مارس *
*إعداد وتاهيل المتحدثين الرسميين*
*القاهرة – تونس *
*5 الى 9 مارس *
*النظام القانونى لعقود المقاولات (فيديك )*
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*12 الى 16 مارس *
*مشكلات تطبيق قانون العمل والتأمينات الإجتماعية*
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*12 الى 16 مارس *
*)**kpi* *مهارات التخطيط الاستراتيجى ومؤشرات ( قياس الا داء الرئيسة*
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*12 الى 16 مارس *
*الاعداد المهنى لاخصائى المكتبات *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*12 الى 16 مارس *
*ادارة الموارد البشرية : الأساليب الحديثة فى تطوير وبناء القدرات *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*12 الى 16 مارس *
*صياغة النظم واللوائح والقرارات الإدارية *
*القاهرة – ماليزيا *
*19 الى 23 مارس *
*مهارات التخطيط والتسويق لقطاعات الإئتمان المصرفى *
*القاهرة – ماليزيا *
*19 الى 23 مارس *
*المهارات الإدارية والسلوكية للسكرتارية الناجحة *
*القاهرة – ماليزيا *
*19 الى 23 مارس *
*دراسات الجدوى المالية وتقسيم المشروعات *
*القاهرة – ماليزيا *
*19 الى 23 مارس *
*صعوبات التعلم وعلاجها *
*القاهرة – ماليزيا *
*19 الى 23 مارس *
*الرقابة المالية والإدارية الحديثة *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*المهارات القيادية والإدارية الحديثة *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*مهارات الإتصال والتعامل مع العملاء *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*التدريب الإستراتيجى وتحقيق الأهداف الوظيفية والتنظيمية *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*فحص وتحليل الميزانية والحسابات الختامية *
*القاهرة – تركيا *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*إدارة الإسكان *
*دبى – الامارات العربية المتحدة *
*26 الى 30 مارس *
*الملتقى العربى الثالث المالية العامة*
*( تخطيط مالية الحكومات )*
*والدار العربية يسرها دعوتكم للمساهمة والمشاركة في أعمال الفاعليات من خلال
تجربة مميزة أو بالحضور والمناقشة، كذلك ترشيح من ترون من كوادر مؤسستكم
الموقرة وتمنح الدار العربية مقعدا خامس مجانا في حال ترشيح سيادتكم اربع
افراد من مؤسستكم الموقرة.*
*تأكيد المشاركة*
*يتم إرسال خطاب المشاركة الرسمى او تعبئة النموذج المرفق موضح بة أسماء
المرشحين – مناصبهم الإدارية - اسم النشاط – طريقة سداد رسوم المشاركة ( كاش
اول أيام التدريب او بتحويل بنكى قبل بدء النشاط)وصورة من تذكرة الطيران **علماً
بأن رسوم الاشتراك 1400دولار أمريكى* *للفرد*
*علي فاكس رقم *0020237800573 او0020235866323 *اوعلي *
*بريدي الإلكتروني**saragwadi@gmail.com* <saragwadi@gmail.com>
*لمزيد من المعلومات يمكنكم التواصل مع*
نائب مدير التدريب
أ / سارة عبد الجواد
جوال : 00201112694608
هاتف : 0020237800583 – 0020237800693
فاكس : 0020237800573 – 0020235866323
SaraGwadi@Gmail.Com البريد الإلكتروني :
Shaik Salam <salam.staffing@gmail.com>: Jan 10 04:16PM -0500

Hi Everyone,
hope your doing good
We have an immediate opportunity for *PL/SQL Developers at Downtown
Dallas* location.
Below is the job description and if you'd like to pursue this, please
include a word copy of your latest resume along with a daytime phone number
and rate in your response.PL/SQL Developer with over preferably more senior
This is for a . Java experience is a bonus but not a requirement.
*Send resume to sam@nytpartners.com <sam@nytpartners.com>*
*Job Role: PL/SQL Developers*
*Contract: 6-12 months*
*Location: Downtown Dallas*
*Locals Only.*
*Required Skills:*
- Must be 7+experience
- Apex and Jasper experience is also a bonus.
- Jasper and Apex is Must
Thanks and Regards,
New York Technology Partners – Rochester
T1: (201) 680-0200 x 7026
Bharat Chhibber <bharatchhibber014@gmail.com>: Jan 10 04:06PM -0500

Hope you are doing well.
This is Bharat from Nityo Infotech. Please find the JD below and if you
have any consultant available then please let me know ASAP at
*Storage Engineer*
*Kansas City , Mo*
*Full Time or Contract*
• At least 5 years in solid state storage.
• Architect level knowledge as well as hands-on experience with EMC Storage
• Architect level knowledge as well as hands-on knowledge De-Duplication
Platforms: HP D2D,
• Architect level knowledge as well as hands-on experience with Data Domain
and EMC.
• Successful track record of taking enterprise storage products from
concept to demonstrating product readiness.
• Responsible for technology evaluations, proof-of-concepts (PoC), and full
integration of flash and memory-based storage appliance solutions for
reference architecture development and implementation
• Qualification of storage technology; snapshot, replication, data
migration, data tiering, multi-tenancy, and related tools and methodologies
• Storage performance benchmarking and analysis (including competitive
• Identify, define, and establish technical best practices.
• Help establish strong relationships with internal / external partners and
• Subject Matter Expert in scale-out storage and hyper converged
architectures, Enterprise Operating Systems, Software Defined Storage,
Virtualization, and experience in networking technologies and concepts
(switch and zoning experience).
• Expertise with Windows and Linux Operating Systems, and Open Source
• Experience with hypervisor solutions, including VMWare and KVM
• Working knowledge of iSCSI, FC, and RDMA connectivity protocols
• Ability to work independently, and within a core team environment
• For the enterprise storage environment, support the full system
engineering life-cycle, including requirements analysis, design,
development, integration, and testing
• Design health check operations for storage and backup environments.
• For the data storage backup environment provide written deliverables for
action plans, long-term strategies, migration plans, best-practice
recommendations, capacity planning.
• 10+ years of experience demonstrating a strong understanding of complex
product and solution design and development principles;
• Deep knowledge of one or more of the following: data center
architectures, cloud computing technologies, converged infrastructure
consolidation, networking, security, and service orchestration
• Experience in a product engineering, service provider environment, or
consultative role related to private cloud or converged infrastructure
• Direct experience with "traditional IT vendors" (such as EMC, Cisco,
NetApp, Hitachi, etc.);
• Strong hands-on experience in one or more of the following technologies.
A broad spectrum of experience is highly desired, as is a deep
specialization in one or more:
• Cisco Nexus and MDS switches
• Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and NFS/CIFS networking experience
• Working knowledge of VMware vSphere 5.x and/or Cisco networking is
• Strong experience with competitive converged infrastructure stacks can
replace some of the requirements above
• Bachelor's Degree ideally in Computer Science, Engineering or Information
Praveen <praveentj101@gmail.com>: Jan 10 04:05PM -0500

I have an urgent requirement mentioned below. If you find yourself
comfortable with the requirement please reply back with your updated resume
and I will get back to you or I would really appreciate if you can give me
a call back at my contact number.
*Position: **Lead .NET Developer*
*Location: **Mobile, Albama*
*Duration: 12 Months*
*Face to Face Must*
*Required Skills:*
*Key Skills Needed:*
· C#
· Web API or WCF
· JavaScript (strong knowledge)
· SQL Server/TSQL experience
· Unit Test their own code (NUnit MSTest XUnit or some other unit
testing technology)
· Angular - huge plus
· React, Backbone, Knockout, Aurelia, Ember if no Angular background
· VB.NET - nice to have
· NodeJS - huge plus
· MongoDB - huge plus
· RWD background (bootstrapCSS, Material Design, or some other RWD
background) - huge plus
*Specific Duties Include:*
· Design, Develop and Architect complex enterprise level
applications in .Net technology across various business domains
· Create comprehensive development plans
· Collaborate with Developers and Business Analysts as needed to
resolve and identify the root cause of product defects and/or usability
· Collaborate with project teams to improve process, tools, quality
metrics, and methodology
· Escalate issues and Communicate the status of deliverables to key
stake holders
· Responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of
the Dev efforts
· Ensure technical documentation and systems are in agreement
· Ensure the execution of Unit & Module-level tests against
detailed design specifications
· Verify load and system testing (including functional, structural,
and regression)
· Provide leadership for the project team regarding scope, issue
resolution, project priorities, and the development standards established
· Develop team members and coach them where needed to help build
new and improved skill sets
· Responsible for planning and executing the project and production
support deliverables across multiple technologies and applications
· Responsible for leading Domain Driven Design meetings with
product owners
*Required Skills:*
*Technical Skills:*
· BS in Computer Science with professional work experience in
software development
· A minimum of 7 years cumulative experience developing and leading
enterprise-class software development with 5 years' experience in solution
architecture, design, and development
· SME level skill set around core .Net technologies
· A strong technical background with in-depth experience developing
software for enterprise-class applications
· Strong and Proven Experience in using Modern Application
development Frameworks in designing and developing enterprise-class
· 7+ years' experience in web technologies, such as C#, HTML, XML,
ASP, and Java Script Frameworks
· Experience creating and executing comprehensive development plans
for applications
· Demonstrated experience implementing and maintaining
enterprise-class applications using .NET
· Extensive background in CMM,ITIL and Agile software development
· 7+ years' experience in developing web applications using
N-tier/N-Layer architecture
· Experience developing and managing desktop and web technologies
*Leadership Skills:*
· Ability to guide, measure, mentor and motivate a development team
· Demonstrated ability to handle/organize multiple complex
technical projects simultaneously without compromising the quality of work
or the final product
· Demonstrated strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, as
well as excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Self-motivated team player to work in a fast paced, dynamic
environment who thrives on challenging problems
· Must have strong interpersonal skills, capable of working both
independently as well as part of a team
· Experience initiating, planning, documenting, developing, and
rolling out projects on time and on budget
· Efficiently and effectively utilizing the resources across
multiple functional areas
· Ability to continually improve the skills and capabilities of the
development team
· Ability to balance business priorities with technical best
practices and implementation methodologies while developing
enterprise-class application software
*Praveen Tiwari*
Senior Technical Recruiter
*Sage Group Consulting, Inc*
*W:*+ 732-767-0010 x 113 |Direct: 732-851-1637 | *F:* 732-749-8969 | *Email:
**ptiwari@sagetl.com* <ptiwari@sagetl.com>
*Gtalk/yahoo/Skype: praveentj101*
[image: SageLogoC] <http://www.sageci.com/>[image: saplogoone]
This message contains information that may be privileged or confidential
and is the property of Sage Group Consulting, Inc. It is intended only for
the person to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient,
you are not authorized to read, print, retain copy, disseminate,
distribute, or use this message or any part thereof. If you receive this
message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete all
copies of this message. Sage Group Consulting, Inc does not accept any
liability for virus infected mails.
Rahul Kushwaha <rahulkushwaha2631@gmail.com>: Jan 10 04:02PM -0500

Hi ,
Please find the Requirement below and share matching profiles only to
*Role : Senior Software Engineer*
*Duration : 6+ months*
*Location : Hoboken, NJ*
*Need Candidate Local to NY/NJ Only who can appear face to face*
*Visa Copy and Photo ID is must at the time of Submission*
The prominent skill required is Java with some Tibco experience (60% -
Java, 40% - Tibco).
This opportunity is to play the role of a Senior Developer role in a large
scale ERP Integration program that would enable the transformation of a
global enterprise.
*Required Skills:*
• Ideal candidate has overall 6+ years of experience in
software development with a focus on SOA, WebServices and EAI
• Must have experience in developing REST/SOAP Web services
• Experience with HTML, JQuery, JSTL, JavaScript, AJAX and
front-end frameworks
• 4-5 years of experience in developing enterprise Java
applications using Core Java, J2EE, Struts, AJAX / JSON, XML, Spring
• 2-3 years of hands-on experience delivering solutions using
TIBCO suite of products (BW, EMS). A consulting or professional services
background is desirable.
• Must have strong expertise in design and implementation of
messaging and SOA based applications using TIBCO BW/EMS/MQ/Adapters
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
*Nice to Have Skills*
• Prior hands on experience in delivering at least one ERP
integration project using TIBCO middleware is a huge plus
• Experience with Informatica tools across ETL, Data services
and Data Quality and strong understanding of Data warehouse concepts is
• Experience in TIBCO Active Spaces and Business Events is a
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Rahul Kushwaha*
Desk : 6098530818 Extn2114
Fax : 609 799 5746 Rahul.kushwaha@nityo.com
USA | Canada | India | Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | Philippines |
Thailand | UK | Australia / Zealand
*Nityo Infotech has been rated as One of the top 500 Fastest growing
companies by INC 500*
*Disclaimer:* http://www.nityo.com/Email_Disclaimer.html
amit yadav <amitkumaryadav489@gmail.com>: Jan 11 02:18AM +0530

Hope you are doing great!
Role : *Big Data Architect*
Location : *Torrance, CA, USA*
Duration : *12+ months*
Start Date : *16-Jan-2017*
*Position: BigData Architect*
*Job Duties*
Provide technical thought leadership on Big Data strategy, adoption,
architecture and design, as well as data engineering and modeling
Provide expert level guidance on Big Data best practices and standards
Work with product owners, business SME and data ingestion and reporting
architects to identify requirements and consolidate enterprise data model
consistent with business processes
Ensure that all measures for data quality, data governance, security and
compliance of data are adhered to
Define and implement standards and best practices for data ingestion,
analytics, and integration
Lead and evaluate emerging technology, industry and market trends to assist
in project development and/or operational support activities
Prioritize and scale architecture efforts in close coordination with
business teams, Data Lake operational team, and other stakeholders"
Strong familiarity with data management, data governance, and best
Highly competent with Data Lake concept and Big Data capabilities
Highly competent with data modeling with relational database design and SQL
Strong aptitude to learn business processes/products and the role of data
within business domain
Strong understanding of NoSQL data sources, their implementation and
Bachelors' or Master's degree in Computer Science or applicable field of
Strong Experience in HDFS, Hive, Oozi, Yarn, Kafka
Experience with Hadoop distributions (open source and commercial)
Strong Experience in Java, Linux/Unix
Experience with Scala, R, and Spark
Experience with implementing Modern Data Warehouse / Data Lake
Strong understanding of Advance Analytics concepts
*Best Regards,*
*Amit Yadav* | SYSMIND, LLC
Team Lead
Phone: 609-897-9670 x 4009
Email: Amity@sysmind.com
Gtalk: amitkumaryadav489
Website: sysmind.com
Address: 38 Washington Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
Mohd Taher <rkahn425@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:44PM -0500

Please share your consultant resume to taherm@usmsystems.com
SAP Business Objects/Webi Developer
Lake Mary, FL
Long term contract
*Need EAD, GC, TN or Citizen Only!!*
Top Three Skills:
1. Creating Web Intelligence reports from scratch
2. Experience designing and implementing universes
3. Experience with SQL development and querying
Nice to haves:
Back end platform (sql server and redshift), python orchestrations
(Scripting), front end experience to build out extensions, tableau.
Best Regards,
Mohammed Taher
US IT Recruiter
Direct: 703 349 4237
USM Business Systems
Chantilly, VA 20151, USA.
Kaazmi Kahn <itrecruiter929@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:41PM -0500

Hi folks,
Hope all is well..
Please share your consultant resume to *kkahn@ayrglobal.com
*Role: Unified Communications Engineer*
*Location: Downtown Chicago, IL*
*Length: 3+ Month contract plus extension or convert to full time.*
Support and implement voice and telephony solutions in a global enterprise
Ability to help lead projects
Support all voice related projects
Single point of contact and level II escalation for incoming incidents
from end user and Global HD
Manage and support Cisco CUCM and install updates, Cisco TMS, Cisco
WebEx, Cisco Jabber, and Unity Connection
*Required Skills:*
2+ years' experience working with Cisco Collaboration administration;
including dial plan configuration
Previous experience managing telecom providers and supporting converged
Knowledgeable of SIP protocols, dial-peers and gateway configuration
Advance knowledge of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Call Manager Express
(11.x), Cisco Unity Express (9.x), and Cisco Unity Connection
Excellent Problem solving and communication skills
*Best Regards,*
*Kaazmi Kahn - Recruiter*
*AYR Global IT Solutions Inc.*
*1431 Opus Pl, Suite 110, Downers Grove, IL - 60515*
*Direct: (281) 670-9343 | Email: kkahn@ayrglobal.com <kkahn@ayrglobal.com>*
Wasim Akram <usitwasim@gmail.com>: Jan 10 12:45PM -0800

We have a position on *Sr. .Net Developer; C#, .NET and ASP.NET framework
with Microsoft Azure and/or AWS cloud services *which is located in Boston,
If you're interested in the below position please send me the updated
resume and contact details onto waseem@bhrigus.com / *609-778-4431*

*Position*: Sr. .Net Developer; C#, .NET and ASP.NET framework with
Microsoft Azure and/or AWS cloud services
*Location*: Boston, MA.
*Duration: *6+ months

*Description: *
The developer is a .NET full-stack developer that focuses on developing
cloud based enterprise web services using Microsoft .NET framework, C#,
cloud platforms and other associate technologies. The developer will work
in a team setting with other EEA developers, information technology
professionals and program staff.

• Work on all aspects of software development life cycle following agile
• Work with business analyst and users to gather requirements, perform
analysis, design, application implementation, testing and assist in
• Lead in design and development of cloud based enterprise RESTful web
services using Microsoft .NET frameworks, C# and associate technologies.
• Work with cloud base services using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web
Services platforms.
• Develop front end portal using AngularJS/JavaScript.
• Work with different data sources including Data Lake backend.
• Design and develop relational databases including SQL Server or Oracle.
Write complex store procedures with fast performance.
• Learn new technologies if requested.
• Excellent verbal and communication skills.

• Minimum BS/CS with 8+ years of hands-on experience.
• Proven experience and extensive knowledge in design, development and
implementation of high throughput and large-scale RESTful web services
using C# and .NET Web API framework.
• Minimum of 3 years of .NET Web API web services.
• Strong experience with data modeling and problem solving skills.
• Very strong in Object Oriented Design and Programming (OOP & OOD).
• Very strong with C#, .NET and ASP.NET framework.
• Expertise in relational database design and building database stored
procedures using T/SQL or PL-SQL.
• Hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure and/or AWS cloud services.
• Experience with AngularJS/JavaScript and UI skills.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills


*M A Waseem Akram,*
*Phone: 609-778-4431(U.S); Fax: 609-935-3222*
*Bhrigus Inc. A CMM level 4 company.*
*399 Campus Drive| Suite 111| Somerset, NJ 08873*
*waseem@bhrigus.com* <waseem@bhrigus.com>*; **www.bhrigus.com*
*Chat: **usitwasim@gmail.com*
Shaik Salam <salam.staffing@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:43PM -0500

Hi Everyone,
hope your doing good
We have an immediate opportunity for Replacement *(Informatica, OBIA)
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, at Leawood, KS*. Below is the
job description and if you'd like to pursue this, please include a word
copy of your latest resume along with a daytime phone number and rate in
your response.
*Send resumes to sam@nytpartners.com <sam@nytpartners.com>*
*Job role: (Informatica, OBIA) Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.*
*Location: Leawood, KS*
*Duration: 12 months*
*Required Skills:*
- 5+ years "hands-on" Informatica experience; including Informatica
version 9.0
- 3+ years "hands-on" Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA);
This includes the Oracle E-Business Suite for Finance and HR modules
packaged software.
- 3+ years' experience with Oracle Data Warehouse Console (DAC)
- 5+ years "hands-on" RDMS SQL query experience in at least Microsoft
SQL Server and Oracle.
- Proficient experience with OBIA Data Warehouse Schema's for Financials
and Human Resources (including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts
Receivable, Projects).
- 5+ years of demonstrated knowledge in Data warehousing and database
concepts, architectures, design and dimensional modelling
- Responsibilities:
- Supports and troubleshoots production systems as required, optimizing
performance, resolving production problems, and providing timely follow-up
on problem reports
- Codes, tests, document and implements complex programs according to IT
standards and Oracle best practices.
- Effectively communicate Oral & Written. Work across teams within and
outside of IT including DBAs, PM and Business Users as necessary.
- Under minimal supervision, takes ownership and responsibility on the
assigned tasks and strive for completion within the estimated timeline.
- Must be a quick learner to adapt to Enterprise standards and best
*Desired Skills:*
- Knowledge of with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
(OBIEE) is a plus.
- Functional working knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite modules,
including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Projects,
and Human Resources is a plus.
- Training/Certifications:
- Informatica developer certification or other equivalent certification
*Summary of my Consultant who is leaving:*
- 9 years in IT , 8 years focused on OBIA projects
- 3.5 years of Informatica 9.x and has been using Informatica since 2008
- 5+ years of Oracle eBuisness suite software –
- Configured the OBIEE financials GL, AP, AR functional setup mapped the
GL account numbers to Group account numbers and worked on .CSV files for
Financials, Supply Chain BI apps configuration.
- 7+ years of experience working with Dimensional Modeling including
using Inmon and Kimball.
Thanks and Regards,
Sam Salam
New York Technology Partners – Rochester
T1: (201) 680-0200 x 7026
Vishal Ji Awasthi <vishaljiawasthi3@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:31PM -0500

QA Analyst with ETL validation experience to join our growing team.
Atlanta, GA
If the person is local to Atlanta that would be great.
Phone/Skype can be if not local.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Troubleshoot unintended results and error log to investigate cause of
unintended results.
• Report defects and escalate issues as needed.
• Regularly report overall project status, including test case
execution statistics, defect status, milestone achievement, and
satisfaction of quality metrics.
• Contribute to the project success in a team environment while
simultaneously completing individual tasks and goals.
• Assist in the management and documentation of the QA lab environment.
• Share knowledge by effectively documenting work.
• Maintain expert level of knowledge in primary application and all
first level integration points.
• Expert at troubleshooting and solving problems.
• Knowledgeable in various SDLC methodologies including waterfall,agile
and iterative approaches.
Required Qualifications:
• 5+ years QA experience focusing on software verification and back-end
data validation.
• 5+ years experience testing web based applications.
• 5+ years experience building SQL queries against a relational
• 3+ years experience testing in UNIX environment.
• Experience developing and executing test cases against business
intelligence requirements.
• Experience with a test case management, defect tracking tool such as
Quality Center.
• Experience with business support software applications such as MS
Office (Word, Powerpoint,Excel, Project and Visio).
• Strong knowledge of various QA methodologies.
• Experience with requirements traceability.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience on Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence testing.
• ETL/Source to target testing.
• Strong back-end data validation (SQL) on Oracle environment.
• Knowledge of MDM Report Testing.
Required Education:
• Bachelor's degree in an information technology related field or
equivalent work experience
*Needed some details for submission process -*
*Full Legal Name : Contact Number :
Email ID : Current
Location : *
*Relocation :*
*Last 4 digit of SSN : Skype ID
: DOB(MM/DD) : *
*Availability to Join : *
*Work authorization :*
*Education, University, Year:*
*Vishal Ji Awasthi*
*Srimatrix Inc.*
[image: Logo.png]
E-Mail:*vishal@srimatrix.com <vishal@srimatrix.com>*
Phone: *214-227-9311 <(214)%20227-9311>(Direct)*
Web: www.srimatrix.com
[image: Avast logo]
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Sam <devilhnk@gmail.com>: Jan 11 02:01AM +0530

Please let me know if you have anyone available for the following opening.
If yes, please send me your resume with the desired rate information.
Send it on hr2@smdconsultants.com
*Position Title/Role: Java Developer*
*Location: Milwaukee, WI*
*Duration: Long Term*
*Rate: $45 C2C All Inc.*
*Mandatory Skills:*
· Java/ J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Agile, RESTFUL.
· Spring boot
· Micro services
· Deploy spring boot app on Linux
· Strong j2ee skills.
· Agile/ Scrum experience.
· Good communication & Presentation Skills.
· Coordinate with other team members for successful sprint and
release execution.
Sameer Sinha
Manager (Talent Acquisition)
Contact Number: +1 347-809-6832
Skype: sam18jan |E-mail: hr2@smdconsultants.com
Website: www.smdconsultants.com
pratik.excellerent@gmail.com: Jan 10 12:28PM -0800

Direct client Requirement - .Net developer with AngularJS - 12+ months

Position: Full Stack .Net developer
Location: Houston TX
Duration: 12+ months

*Responsibilities: *
- 10 years' experience managing in a complex online technical environment
- 5+ years' Experience with Web programming using *C#, ASP.net,
Angularjs, Web API, SQL Server*
- 5+ years' experience planning, designing, developing in a .Net /
Microsoft environment
- 5+ years as a people manager in a commercial software development
- Advanced experience in project management
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Ability to develop technical sound designs and specifications
- Broad knowledge of familiarly with programmer tool sets
- Comprehensive knowledge of object oriented programming techniques
- Experience managing team in an Agile and waterfall environment required
- Experience with developing and maintaining iOS, Android applications
is a plus
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field preferred



*Pratik Kumbhar*
*Excellerent Solutions*
Email: pratik.kumbhar@excellerentsolutions.com
Kavitha csr <kavita.csrinfotech@gmail.com>: Jan 11 01:56AM +0530

Greetings from CSR Infotech Inc,
Hope you are doing well!
Please share your requirements to kavitha@csrinfotech.com
*Windows Admin*
*VMWare/Citrix Admin*
*Network Engineer*
*Workday Consultant*
*.Net Developer*
*QA Analyst*
*Hadoop Developer*
*HL7/Cloverleaf Consultant*
*Java Developer*
*Salesforce Dev/Admin*
*Tableau Dev/Admin*
*Business Analyst*
*Business system Analyst*
Looking forward to work with you soon!
*Thanks & Regards*
*Professional Recruiter *
Ph: ​​305-851-3786 / E: kavitha@csrinfotech.com
​450 West Broad St, suite# 214 Falls church VA 22046.
isha0239@gmail.com: Jan 10 12:24PM -0800


This is Isha Saraf from Virtual Recruiters.
Hope this email finds you well.

We have a requirement open for a *Datacom/MPLS*. If you have a relevant
consultant please send me the Updated Resume or give me a call at

*Job Description:*
*Job Title: *Datacom / MPLS
*Work Location: *Redmond, WA
*Duration: *Long Term Contract
*Extension Possible: *Yes
*Experience: *5 to 8 years
*Mode of Interview:* Telephonic and Skype mandatory

*Description: *
· Ethernet expert, able to analyze LAN technology such as VLAN, HSRP,
VRRP, GRE tunneling, IPsec tunneling, etc.
· Ability to independently lead Layer-3/Layer-2 network troubleshooting
and collaborate with network operations staff and vendors to conduct
Root-Cause Analysis.
· Experienced with network hardware/software/firmware certification
· Able to work with systems engineering/design to plan and execute
network/system feasibility and proof of concept tests.
· Good written and verbal communication skills, good inter-personal
skills, good leadership skills.
· Good Scripting skills; experience with UNIX, LINUX, and similar; and
with an internet service provider are highly desirable.
· Juniper Contrail experience would be added advantage.

*Required Skills: *
· Must have Skill IGMP - V1/V2/V3
· Hands-on experience with carrier grade routers and configuring them in
a multi-vendor network (includes: Cisco CRS/ASR900x/GSR, Juniper MX/MT
series, etc.)
· Hands-on experience & Troubleshooting of MPLS, LDP,RSVP, Layer3 VPN &
Layer 2 VPN.
· Hands-on experience on Routing protocols OSPF, BGP, MPBGP, QoS,
Multicast, etc.
· Hands-on experience with lab environments and network equipment test
sets such as IXIA, Spirent, etc.

*As this is an urgent requirement, I would appreciate if you can call me on
**415-202-5274* *or respond back with the updated resume and the best
number to reach you along with answers to following questions. This would
help us to market your profile with other direct clients.*

*Note: Client may ask for background and drug check, If Hired*

*Please provide below information in order to submit your profile:*
*Candidate Name*

*SR Number / Position*

*Present location (city, state or ZIP)*

*Work Authorisation *

*D.O.B. (MM/DD/YYYY) *

*Last four SSN *
*Tel No *
*E-mail ID*
*Skype ID*

*Linkedin *
*Onsite availability (post-selection)*
*Total onsite exp, working in US*

*Overall relevant exp of candidate*

*Notice Period Required*


*Major (Specialisation):*


*Graduation Year:*
*Interview Availability (Time & Date)*

*Rate - $/hr*

*I look forward to hear from you soon*

*Thanks & Regards*
Isha Saraf
Technical Recruiter
Virtual Recruiters Pvt. Ltd.
Email: isha@virtualrecruiters.co
Contact: 415-202-5274
shailaja kolthuru <shailaja.kolthuru@gmail.com>: Jan 10 03:19PM -0500

I hope all is well. My name is *Shailaja*. I am a Technical Recruiter with
*SREYO.* I thought you might be interested in the following opportunity. If
you're available for an opportunity or keeping your options open, please
reply to my email with your resume. Looking forward to speaking with you
*The following is the job description that we received from our client*
*Job Role : Clinical Data Manager*
*Location : Stamford,CT*
*Pay Rate: Open*
*Duration: 6 months*
*Need Local Candidates as there is face to face interview..*
*Responsibilities: *
*As a **Clinical Data Manager your job responsibilities are:*
*The successful candidate will serve as a subject matter expert for DM
activities for study teams and colleagues in Purdue, and collaborate with
CROs and other vendors. In addition, the candidate will provide strategic
oversight of CROs and vendors.*
· Utilizing our clients clinical data standards, and their Medidata
RAVE-based platform, develop (both directly and with CROs) DM oversight
tools, which can include:
· Designing or amending reports designed in JReview and/or Business
Objects (BOXI and/or BO4) and/or SQL.
· Writing/reviewing/editing documentation related to the
development or amendment of reports.
· Development of Patient Profiles specifications.
· In addition, the successful candidate will:
· Facilitate data management documentation consolidation in a
SharePoint repository.
· Lead and support continuous process improvement initiatives to
ensure the successful implementation the 2017 data management strategy and
operating model.
*Qualification :*
· Clinical Data Management experience:
· 5 years experience (with a Masters degree)
· 7 years experience (with a Bachelors degree)
· Demonstrate proficiency with IReview or JReview, Business
Objects, SQL, Medidata RAVE.
· Demonstrate effective and strong project management skills and
knowledge in such as areas as , scope, risk , quality, and time management.
· Strong written and verbal communication skills for interactions
with study teams (both internal and external), CROs, and third party
*Preferred additional experience and skills:*
· Sponsor oversight of CRO DM used in a fully-outsourced
operational model
· Experience leading process improvement initiatives: SOP
evaluations and development, metrics reporting/KPI development, etc.
· Utilization of CDISC standards
*Thanks & Regards,*
*Talent Aquisition*
*shailajak@sreyo.com <shailajak@sreyo.com>*
Jitendra Sandu <jitendra.sandu@gmail.com>: Jan 09 10:11PM -0800

I have Android 25 installed on my pc and operating system is wnidows 7
create a adb Nexus_5X_API_23 and run the application then i got the message
adb_server_notify: Failed to establish connection to ADB server and
qemu-system-i386.exe: -drive
could not open disk image
C:\Users\HCL\.android\avd\Nexus_5X_API_23_1.avd/cache.img: Could not open
'C:\Users\HCL\.android\avd\Nexus_5X_API_23_1.avd/cache.img': Invalid
please help asap.
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