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Shyamsundar <recruitershyam555@gmail.com>: Dec 20 11:45AM -0500

hope you are doing good.
Please find below job description and do share me matched resumes to
*Role: Unix Systems Admin*
*Location:Brooklyn, NY*
*Duration: Longterm*
*No H1 and OPT, Need only GC/GC-EAD/H4-EAD*
*Tasks & Duties*
• Develop System Documentation
• Develop operational and installation procedures for communication
systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software
• Develop guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures
for the support of databases, hardware systems, operating systems software,
network systems software, and security systems
• Develop detailed systems operations designs
• Develop Systems Design Specifications
• Develop and prepares documents for the general design of solutions that
meet system and security requirements, including the selection of
alternative approaches
• Develop specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware,
network, security storage and software configurations
• Develop, compiles, maintains and documents configurations of the
following: databases, servers, computers, security and network monitoring
systems, packaged programs, macros and utilities
• Perform System Design/Coding
• Works with MIS Staff (e.g. manager, senior programmers, support staff,
product manager) to plan program code implementation, enhancements and
• Create, test, and maintain program code
• Design reports, audit trail/logs and security mechanisms
• Provide assistance to MIS technical support staff when they are unable
to resolve a program, database, or IT issue by themselves
• Occasionally contact Program Area Staff, as may be needed, to clarify
the intent of a new feature or resolve a problem
• Provide general programming assistance to other MIS programmers/projects
as may be needed
• Perform Testing/Evaluation
• Test programs and systems, and integrates system modules
• Develop, implement, and monitor information technology quality assurance
• Perform other duties
Required Skills
• Minimum 8 Years Solid understanding of the UNIX based operating system:
understands paging and swapping, inter-process communication, can perform
system analysis and tuning
• Minimum 8 Years Solid understanding of: networking/distributed
environments, the principals of routing, client/server programming, and the
design of consistent network wide file systems
• Minimum 8 Years Ability to communicate effectively, on both a technical
and non-technical level, with appropriate Agency staff at all levels, as
well as with vendors
• Minimum 8 Years Ability to program in at least one, preferably two
administrative languages (shell, Pearl, Tk), port C programs from one
platform to another, and write small C programs
• Minimum 8 Years Ability to identify tasks which should be automated and
then write tools to automate them
• Minimum 8 Years Ability to solve problems quickly and completely
• Minimum 8 Years Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines
*Saligram Systems Inc*
*Shyam@saligrams.com <Shyam@saligrams.com>*
amit yadav <amitkumaryadav489@gmail.com>: Dec 20 10:13PM +0530

Hope you are doing great!
*Role : Frontline engineers*
*Location : Redmond, WA*
*Duration : 6+ months*
Customer Service/Technical Skills
· 2+ years prior experience in technical troubleshooting (preferably at the
Enterprise level)
· Demonstrates self-assurance in leading others in difficult and
challenging assignments.
· Ability to adjust his/her behavior and communication style to accommodate
working styles and perspectives of diverse individuals.
· Ability to facilitate development of effective solutions to difficult
problems or situations through providing "expert" level guidance and
· Ability to make timely, practical, and cost-effective decisions, and
influence others to do so as well.
· Acting mentor and consultant to Frontline Engineers.
· Ability to accurately structure and interpret solutions to complex
problems through basic information and draw informed conclusions.
· Ability to respond effectively under stressful situations while avoiding
counterproductive behaviors when confronted with frustrating problems or
· Ability to facilitate the development efforts of our technology teams
through ongoing coaching and development both off line and in the moment
keeping track of behavioral trends and providing feedback to team managers
for accountability.
· Establish and enforce best practices and mentor team members ensuring
compliance to existing processes and procedures.
· Implement architectural improvements submitted by Microsoft immediately
to increase performance and calibration
· Identify and communicate any support needs with Microsoft through
approved channels.
· Ability to effectively coach and reinforce team and individual goals,
holding team members accountable for implementing coaching, and providing
feedback to team supervisors for additional development.
· Actively participate in content submission and maintenance
· Ability to interact with Executive level customers both internally and
externally in a professional, objective manner.
· Willingly participate in conference calls and meetings as needed to
support high touch customers.
· Ability to be flexible to the needs of the customers and company by
handling projects/tasks not specifically defined in the job description.
· Basic understanding of excel – this is needed for working with pivot
tables to spin out numbers
from case reviews (i.e. quality and re-open case reviews)
· All Technical queues will have:
§ Preferred at hire
o Preferred that each Technical Lead must complete the components of the
MCITP certification that pertain to their assigned technical queue within
12 months of hire. These components include:
§ Latest available certification in the technology supported § Exam
70-346: Managing
Office 365 Identities and Requirements § Exam 70-347: Enabling Office 365
Services Note – Certification exams keep getting updated / refreshed. The
above list will be reviewed every 6 months and changes will be made as
Knowledge & Skills reqd -
• Understanding of Active Directory
• Overall understanding of Networking concepts, DNS, Routing, DHCP,
Firewall, load balancers and other networking hardware's.
• Experience or knowledge with configuring mail clients (Outlook or
• Basic Understanding of Windows Server 2008\2012
• Basic understanding of other than Microsoft mail systems
• Experience or Knowledge of On premise Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2015
• Experience or Knowledge of mail transport fundamentals
• Experience or Knowledge on auto discover / Outlook connectivity /
OWA / ActiveSync / MRM / Public folders / EWS / Free-Busy / Mail routing
/ SMTP relay / Recipient configuration / e-discovery/Discovery search
• Experience or Knowledge on Exchange Databases, Backup and Restore,
DAG, CCR etc
• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills – both written
and verbal. Good command of (target) language for professional level
communication with the customers
*Best Regards,*
*Amit Yadav* | SYSMIND, LLC
Team Lead
Phone: 609-897-9670 x 4009
Email: Amity@sysmind.com
Gtalk: amitkumaryadav489
Website: sysmind.com
Address: 38 Washington Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
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