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adverprog@gmail.com: Dec 10 07:06AM -0800

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pk s <primarkhana@gmail.com>: Dec 10 02:15AM -0800

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oiyio <omeriyioz@gmail.com>: Dec 09 11:03PM -0800

In the link
the entire application is developed in only a single class. Is it possible
to develop an application in such a way? Is it possible to develop all
fragment and activity classes as an inner class in only a single outer
Murat Yurt <istanbul.murat@gmail.com>: Dec 09 10:39PM -0800

Hello there.
I have my video chat application. The company that made this application
went bankrupt. I found a new company and made a new application. Similar
application. The old application does not have source code. I only received
certificates with p.12 extensions.
I want to implement the new application, the store. But this new company
wants a certificate file with .key or .jsk extension.
What should I do? How do I make a new apk to accept the .p12 extension file
and password?
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