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Shawn Marsh <shawnmarsh454@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:15AM -0500

Hope your are Doing Good…!
I have an urgent opening on *SAP HCM Consultant *Position with my client.
Please send me the resumes with full name, contact details, Salary, and
availability date.
*Title :* *SAP HCM Consultant *
*Location : **St louis, MO*
*Duration : 3-6+ Months*
*Rate : Open*
Technical skills and Knowledge:
*Primary Skills**:* *SAP HCM Consultant*
Well versed in all SAP HR Processes. Having worked extensively in SAP-HR
(ESS/MSS/PY/TM/PM). Worked in HR/FI integration.
Ability to work with the business team and understand the requirements and
translate them to Functional specification. Able to do carry out
integration testing and also able to impart training to the different
business teams on the new process implemented
Thanks & Regards
*Shawn Marsh *
Insoursys Inc
Ph: 972-427-1801
shawn_marsh@insoursysinc.com ||| www.insoursys.com
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emails in the future, please reply with "REMOVE" in the subject line and
the email id(s) to be removed. All removal requests will be honored ASAP.
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job-alerts47@job4tech.com: Nov 02 04:04PM

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<p class="outlook">Sign up for free employer account. <br> <br> <b>Share with your network</b><br> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/linkedin/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/linkedin.png" border="0" alt="LinkedIn"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/facebook/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/facebook.png" border="0" alt="Facebook"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/twitter/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/twitter.png" border="0" alt="Twitter"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/google_plusone_share/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/google_plusone_share.png" border="0" alt="Google+"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/whatsapp/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/whatsapp.png" border="0" alt="WhatsApp"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/messenger/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/messenger.png" border="0" alt="Facebook Messenger"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/viber/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/viber.png" border="0" alt="Viber"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/wechat/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/wechat.png" border="0" alt="WeChat"></a> <a href="https://api.addthis.com/oexchange/0.8/forward/email/offer?url=http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it&pubid=ra-56e8d0c36464f675&ct=1&title=PHP%20Developer&pco=tbxnj-1.0"><img src="https://cache.addthiscdn.com/icons/v3/thumbs/32x32/email.png" border="0" alt="Email"></a> <br> <br></p>
<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for <b>PHP Developer in Wilmington, Delaware</b>, if you have matching candidates please submit their profiles <strong><a href="http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it?utm_source=JA47-Up&utm_medium=Groups-email&utm_campaign=Job-Alerts"> here</a></strong>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be contacted. </p> <p><br></p>
<p><strong>Title : PHP Developer</strong></p> <p><strong>Location: DTC Wilmington, DE</strong></p> <p><strong>F2F: Face to Face after Phone/ F2F can be at local Client office</strong></p> <p><strong> </strong><strong>No H1sor OPTs</strong></p> <p><br></p>
<p>Here are some skill sets that will compliment PHP and make for a better candidate (Person shows experience in these -- in addition to PHP): </p> <p>- JavaScript</p> <p>- JSON</p> <p>- JQuery</p> <p>- AJAX</p> <br><br> <a href="http://www.job4tech.com/jobs/589054-php-developer-at-mergen-it?utm_source=JA47-Down&utm_medium=Groups-email&utm_campaign=Job-Alerts"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/hh3Zxn3.png" border="0" alt="Submit Resume"></a><hr>
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Murali Recruiter <murali.rec5357@gmail.com>: Nov 02 09:30PM +0530

I hope you are doing great today.
We are looking for a *Hadoop Developer in **Las Vegas, NV*
Job Title : *Hadoop Developer *
Location : *Las Vegas, NV*
Duration : 6+ Months
*Job Description*:–
· Atleast 3 yrs. exp in Hadoop technologies and
· 2 yrs. exp in Hbase
· Atleast 1 yr. exp Sqoop
· Atleast 1 yr. exp Hive
· Atleast 3 yr. exp SQL
· Atleast 1 yr. exp Hive HQL
· Atleast 1 yr. exp Hive Shell
· Exp in ETL Architecture
· Exp in JAVA programming
· Big data technical lead with end to end implementation
experience. Knowledge in utilities industry will be an added advantage.
· Exp in Analyze business requirements and convert into technical
· Exp in Dimensional modelling, logical modelling and Physical data
· Strong knowledge in SQL, expertise in Data warehouse and BI
Looking forward to hear from you!
Thanks & Regards,
* Murali*
Direct: *408-868-5124*
EMail: *murali@idctechnologies.com* <murali@idctechnologies.com>
IDC Technologies Inc
1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 116, Milpitas, CA - 95035
Website: www.idctechnologies.com
Qamar Bilal <bilal.recruiter25@gmail.com>: Nov 02 10:59AM -0500

*bilal@vertexg.com* <bilal@vertexg.com>
*The best way to contact me is by email:*
Hope you are doing well today.
My name is *Bilal* and I am an *IT Technical Recruiter from VERTEX
GROUP *based in Illinois, if you feel comfortable with the requirement
reply me ASAP…….
Quick Response is Appreciated.
*Below are the Position Details:*
*Position : Functional Oracle warehouse Management (WMS) *
*Location : Columbus, OH*
*Duration : 6 month contract *
*Present need:*
· Functional consultant who is well-versed in WMS (EBS R12.2.5) who
also has the ability to check/advise on setups in other MFG/Supply Chain
modules from WIP to BOM to INV and MRP, etc.
· Knowledge of Cost groups and integration with all of the supply
chain modules important.
· The resource will also assist with improvement to Pick Tickets,
Pack Slips and Reports make recommendations for changes to existing
documents and reports.
· Review current MRP setups and processes, propose necessary
changes to allow MRP to make proper suggestions for planning and
*bilal@vertexg.com* <bilal@vertexg.com>
*The best way to contact me is by email:*
*Bilal Qamar*
Technical Recruiter
935 N. Plum Grove Rd, STE # D,
Schaumburg, IL-60173.
*bilal@vertexg.com <bilal@vertexg.com>*
*The best way to contact me is by email:*
Voice: 847-972-5869 Fax 847-770-4848
*bilal.recruiter25@gmail.com* <bilal.recruiter25@gmail.com>
*Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.*
Important: This electronic mail message and any attached files contain
information intended for the exclusive use of the individual or entity to
whom it is addressed and may contain information that is
proprietary,privileged, confidential and/or exempt from disclosure under
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notified that any viewing, copying, disclosure or distribution of this
information may be subject to legal restriction or sanction. Please notify
the sender, by electronic mail or telephone, of any unintended recipients
and delete the original message without making any copies.
ANUDEEP <anudeep.canopyone@gmail.com>: Nov 02 10:53AM -0500

*Title : WAS Admin*
*Location: Nashville, TN*
*Duration: 6 +Months (Contract to hire)*
*Job Description:*
10 years of experience in the configuration, administration, problem
diagnosis and performance tuning of IBM mainframe WebSphere products
Have worked in a large multi-datacenter sysplex environment for 5 years.
Experience working with CICS Transaction Server and/or COBOL/JAVA mainframe
batch programming support
Thorough understanding of mainframe operations and administration
Well versed in application deployment, both manually and via automated
methods/tooling IBM mainframe USS and ZFS proficient
Must demonstrate strong Jython scripting and mainframe automation (REXX)
JAVA programming background required
Detailed knowledge of IBM's CICS and DB2 interfaces as they relate to WAS
is required
Proficient with CA's TopSecret mainframe security product and how to secure
and protect WAS/ODM resource
Strong mainframe SMP/E and IBM Installation Manager skill
JZOS batch programming experience a plus
*Thanks *
*Anudeep | Anblicks|www.anblicks.com <http://www.anblicks.com>*
*14651 Dallas Parkway, Suite 816, Dallas, TX-75254*
*anudeep.v@anblicks.com* <anudeep.v@anblicks.com>
Victor Acreaty <victor.acreaty@gmail.com>: Nov 02 09:22PM +0530

Hi ,
Hope you are doing well !!
I am looking for a *FW validation engineers for the client in Portland ,OR.*
Please find the JD below, and if you are interested, please reply back with
your updated resume and contact number at victor@acreaty.com ASAP.
Please also feel free to pass this email along to anyone else you might
think would be interested if it's not right for you. Thank you so much!
*Title*: FW validation engineers
*Location*: Portland ,OR
*Duration*: 3 to 6 months
*No. of positions* : 2
*Assignment Start Date* : Immediate
*Required Skills : *
- IPMI Developer
- BMC - Baseboard management controller
- embedded Linux kernel
- IA architecture and EFI BIOS.
*Mandatory Technical Skills:*
1. Basic understanding of BMC (Baseboard management controller – embedded
controller in computer servers responsible for manageability)
2. Working Knowledge of IPMI spec (IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management
3. Understanding of LAN / Network configuration (DHCP, Static IP, subnet
mask, routers)
4. Experience in any IPMI Spec validation or development would be a plus.
5. Understanding of sensor functionality used in servers
6. Should be able to work in independent environment
7. Should be able to follow direction provided for test execution
8. Experience with TCL/TK coding would be a plus
9. Quick learner in fast paced working environment
10. Experience with hardware validation of servers and firmware validation
of Server Management.
11. Experience with full life cycle testing from test plans and test case
development to scripting, automated testing, regression testing, functional
testing, system testing and test analysis.
12. Hands-on experience with any test frameworks and any defect filing
13. Self-driven and can demonstrate the ability to effectively multitas
Thanks & Regards
Victor Thomas
Acreaty LLC.
*victor@acreaty.com* <victor@acreaty.com>|*www.acreaty.us
Hangout : *victor.acreaty@gmail.com* <victor.acreaty@gmail.com>
Skype: victor.thomas.vj
Raju Gaddam <gaddam967267@gmail.com>: Nov 02 09:20PM +0530

Raju Gaddam <gaddam967267@gmail.com>: Nov 02 09:21PM +0530

On 12-Oct-2016 7:37 PM, "satish kumar" <satishsysmind5@gmail.com> wrote:
Hope you are doing great!
Please review the following Job Description and share updated resume if you
find comfortable for this position...
*Role: Pega Lead*
*Location: Fallon - Missouri*
*Duration: Long Term*
Job Description:
Key skills required for the job are:
• PEGA (Mandatory)
• Customer Support
As a Lead, you are responsible for managing a small team of analysts,
developers, testers or engineers and drive delivery of a small module
within a project (Delivery/Maintenence/Testing) You may serve as entry
level specialist with expertise in particular technology/industry domain/a
process / application / product. You are responsible for
functional/technical track of a project.
Skill and Experience Details:
Minimum Experience Required: 5-8 YEARS Mandatory Skills: PEGA BPM Process
Desirable Skills: Customer Support
*Satish Kumar* | SYSMIND, LLC
*Technical Recruiter*
Phone: 609-897-9670 x 2152
Email: satishk@sysmind.com
Gmail: satishsysmind5@gmail.com
Website: sysmind.com
Address: 38 Washington Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
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Neha K <mh.neha04@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:39AM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: Hadoop Developer*
* INTERVIEW: Phone/Skype Interview*
*Job Overview:*
*No H1b*
Hadoop Developer/Big Data
Minimum 2 years of designing, building and coding applications using Hadoop
and NoSQL components
2+ years experience developing in Big Data projects (Hadoop & NoSQL
Ability to understand business requirements from business users and prepare
and review functional specifications
Must have skills: Scala, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Hadoop, NoSQL
Nice to have skills: Sqoop, Flume, Spark, MapReduce, Cassandra, MongoDB,
Java, Python Programming
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 |
*Mail *: 72 van reipen ave pmb#255, Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
*Corp. Office:* 15 Union Avenue, office # 6, Rutherford, New Jersey
07070 |
Neha K <mh.neha04@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:38AM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: Hadoop Developer*
* INTERVIEW: Phone/Skype Interview*
*Job Overview:*
*No H1b*
Hadoop Developer/Big Data
Minimum 2 years of designing, building and coding applications using Hadoop
and NoSQL components
2+ years experience developing in Big Data projects (Hadoop & NoSQL
Ability to understand business requirements from business users and prepare
and review functional specifications
Must have skills: Scala, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Hadoop, NoSQL
Nice to have skills: Sqoop, Flume, Spark, MapReduce, Cassandra, MongoDB,
Java, Python Programming
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 |
*Mail *: 72 van reipen ave pmb#255, Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
*Corp. Office:* 15 Union Avenue, office # 6, Rutherford, New Jersey
07070 |
Vishal Ji Awasthi <vishaljiawasthi3@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:36AM -0400

*JOB: Microstrategy Architect / Developer (50 % Dev & 50 % Arch.)*
*Location: **Wilmington, DE*
*Length: **1 years *
*Interview process:** Phone then onsite (NO SKYPE )*
8 to 10 years of Microstrategy experience. This is 50% Development work and
50% Architecture . The development work is all new development. No
Production support work. Do not need Administration work The majority of
databases at Barclays are Oracle but they are moving some groups to Hadoop
Here is the job description
The MicroStrategy Architect/Developer is responsible for the working
implementation of features, through software development, design and
testing as part of the delivery teams, performed in accordance with the
SDLC process.
Ø *MicroStrategy-Specific Responsibilities*
o MicroStrategy Architect
§ Understand the requirements and convert them into Logical Data
§ Must understand the concept of Slowly Changing Dimensions and should
know how to architect them in Microstrategy.
§ Experience working with capturing reporting on Current and Historical
§ Experience working with Transformations.
o MicroStrategy Developer
§ Experience working with Complex reports.
§ Experience with Report Services Documents (Dashboards).
§ Experience with Rolling Metrics, Nested Metrics, Relationship Filters,
§ Experience with VLDB Properties (multi-pass sql, hints, etc)
§ Work on Tuning reports with Performance issues.
§ Experience with Narrowcast Server( nice to have). Should be able to
create Static and Dynamic Subscription sets.
o MicroStrategy Administration ( this position does not need to do any
administration work but good to know concepts)
§ Experience with Upgrades, regression testing, etc..
§ Experience with setting up Narrowcast Server.
§ Experience with Object Manager
§ Experience with Intelligence Server / Web Server administration.
§ Experience with Security roles, Security Filters, User management,
Access Control Lists, etc..
§ Experience with Enterprise Manager
o Database Skills
§ Good Oracle SQL writing skills
§ Good Oracle SQL tuning skills
Ø *General*
o Adhere to all Barclays, Barclaycard, BCUS and BTG standards, Policies
and governance practices. Support accomplishing the shared BTG goals.
o Assume ownership of various initiatives across Solution Delivery
and/or BTG as agreed with team or tech lead for complete and successful
o Provide functional expertise within his/her skills to assist delivery
team members, foster collaboration.
o Work closely and maintain ongoing communications with project lead,
project sponsor, business analyst and technical leads.
o Provide issue response and root cause analysis on Unicenter and
Quality Center tickets as assigned by team lead tech lead or project lead.
o Escalate issues on a timely basis to team lead, tech lead, and project
o Communicate incoming work requests to team lead when requested to work
on unplanned items. Responsible to work only on tasks assigned by team lead
or tech lead.
o Report over or under allocation to the team lead, forecast work
remaining, identify and communicate variance to plan. If colleague is a
contractor he/she should request approval prior working overtime.
o Report progress, delays and risks on assigned activities to project
o Provide feedback on lessons learned and retrospective meetings.
o Raise awareness when existing code, systems or processes do not meet
current quality expectations and standards.
o Initiate User Account/Hardware/Software requests needed to perform the
assigned tasks.
o Ensure proper Timesheet submittal by the agreed SLA, every week,
reflecting actual hours worked on any projects or assignments.
Ø *Development*
o Develop code, configuration files, build scripts, schemas or other
artifacts associated by the features, QC and UC tickets, as assigned by
team or tech lead.
o Maintain code and all related artifacts in source control; perform
code merges and resolve conflicts as defined by development process, update
documentation and automated tests.
o Develop unit tests for new code created; modify existing unit tests
for altered functionality.
o Develop system integration test to verify the code running in its
functional environment.
o Work with the project lead, tech lead and team lead to schedule
features into Releases.
o Create implementation plans and Change Management Requests as assigned
by team lead or tech lead.
o Maintain accurate feature status in Quality Center during development
by the agreed SLA.
o Verify build and deployment completeness of the features owned in the
QA environment before making it Testing Ready in Quality Center.
Ø *Design*
o Analyze the feature requirements as presented by the business analyst
and the delivery team, in context of the overall project feature set and
existing implementation. Translate requirements to technical concepts.
o Help business analyst to refine and enhance initial requirements.
o Contribute to logical/physical data models, class diagrams, activity
diagrams, sequence diagrams and UI prototypes.
o Responsible for organizing code review and obtaining sign-up on the
code he/she delivered.
o Provide follow-ups and resolution to the issues raised on design and
code reviews.
o Perform peer reviews on code and design as requested.
o Perform additional design tasks as assigned by team or tech lead.
Ø *Documentation*
o Responsible for documentation and audit artifacts as defined in SDLC
and published standards.
o Provide documentation as appropriate to the Component Owner.
o Complete documentation in time with the release schedule and SLA
agreed with team, tech or project lead.
Ø *Testing*
o Test all code, content, build and unit test changes in the lowest
environments first, if such environments exist.
o Develop Unit, Functional and System Integration (SIT) test plans.
o Execute and document Unit, Functional and SIT tests.
o Assist QA and production testing and deployment; assume ownership of
the feature until passes successful Production Verification Test.
*Needed some details for submission process -*
*Full Legal Name : Contact Number :
Email ID : Current
Location : *
*Relocation :*
*Last 4 digit of SSN : Skype ID
: DOB(MM/DD) : *
*Availability to Join : *
*Work authorization :*
*Education, University, Year:*
*Vishal Ji Awasthi*
*Srimatrix Inc.*
[image: Logo.png]
E-Mail:*vishal@srimatrix.com <vishal@srimatrix.com>*
Phone: *214-227-9311(Direct)*
Web: www.srimatrix.com
Vishal Ji Awasthi <vishaljiawasthi3@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:36AM -0400

*Android and Iphone*
*Location: Wilmington DE *
*Length: 1 year with the option to extend *
*Interview process: Phone then onsite (Can do a skype/ coding exercise if
not local ) *
Mobile Developer – Needs to have experience with both *Android and Iphone*
(Of course they know the person will be stronger in one than the other but
MUST have experience with BOTH )
Experience expectation - Code author and craftsman, this engineer will be
responsible for code delivery in a timely and accurate fashion, and the
overall review and guidance of sprint and epic goals. They will be tasked
by the leads to work on specific stories and contribute to sprint planning
and feature identification.
• Experience in Native Mobile Application development environment
(iOS/Android), preferably in Agile environment.
• Coding Expectation - 100% of time
• Experience in Good programming practices, Industry standards
• Knowledge of Sonar, Android Lint, XCTest, Espresso, Jenkins or
Maven, GIT.
• Knowledge of Cocoapods, Artifactory, Homebrew
• Experience with data modeling, relational databases, data
structures and design
• Agile development experience (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, XP) using Rally.
• Experience with Service-oriented architecture including SOAP,
REST, JSON and/or Thrift.
• Experience in using JSON, XML, XQuery, XML Schema, XSLT and XPath.
• Expertise in one or more of: Android, Objective C/C++, C#, Python,
Swift, Perl, etc.
• Expertise in Unit tests, Integration tests and UI tests
*Needed some details for submission process -*
*Full Legal Name : Contact Number :
Email ID : Current
Location : *
*Relocation :*
*Last 4 digit of SSN : Skype ID
: DOB(MM/DD) : *
*Availability to Join : *
*Work authorization :*
*Education, University, Year:*
*Vishal Ji Awasthi*
*Srimatrix Inc.*
[image: Logo.png]
E-Mail:*vishal@srimatrix.com <vishal@srimatrix.com>*
Phone: *214-227-9311(Direct)*
Web: www.srimatrix.com
Ateeq Rehman <ateeq.staffing@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:31AM -0400

Hello Associate,
Hope you are doing great.
This is Ateeq, from Diverse Lynx.
*Please share profile for SharePoint Developer/Analyst with K2 experience
at ateeq.rehman@diverselynx.com <ateeq.rehman@diverselynx.com>*
* <ateeq.rehman@diverselynx.com>*
*Note: K2 experience is required and will be given preference for
*Job Description:*
*Role: SharePoint Developer/Analyst *
*Location: Jackson, MI*
*Hiring: Contract*
*Roles & Responsibilities: *
•Meeting with end users and stakeholders to understand their needs and how
SharePoint can help them.
•Being a liaison between end users and SharePoint Administrators.
•Determine how SharePoint can integrate with existing processes and
•Create documentation such as process flow charts, job aids.
•Create and maintain lists, libraries, site pages, content types, site
columns, other site settings, etc.
•Testing new applications
•Troubleshooting existing applications
*Skills: *
•Thorough understanding of … ◦What SharePoint can do as a technology ◦The
difficulty of creating different types of solutions ◦How all elements of
SharePoint function and interact with each other
•Strong communication skills
•Enjoy teaching others
•Strong Troubleshooting skills
*Required Experience:*
•3 years creating and maintaining all aspects of a SharePoint Site
Collection ◦Lists and Libraries ◦Content Types ◦Site Columns ◦Navigation
◦Security and Permissions ◦Site Pages and Web Parts
•5 years building relational databases
•5 years building user friendly end user forms
*Desired Experience:*
•2 Years working with K2 for SharePoint (K2 Designer, K2 Studio)
◦SmartForms, Views, Workflows
•InfoPath Forms integrated with SharePoint
•Microsoft Excel ◦Tables and PivotTables ◦Formulas ◦Graphing ◦VBA Coding
◦Connections to SharePoint, SQL, or MS Access
Ratan Sandeep <ratansandeep.amsoft@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:26AM -0400

Greetings from Amsoft Corporation!
Please have a look at the below job and let me know your interest with an
updated resume in word format to sandeep@amsoftcorp.com
*SAP IBP - SCM Consultant *
*Houston, TX*
*6 Months Contract*
Candidate must have 3 years functional experience within the IBP
(Integrated Business Planning) in addition to an understanding of the SAP
SCM suite. Key activities are as follows. Candidate will work within the
SAP module(s) of the SAP system.
Phone: 909-918-5553 Ext 402 || Direct: 908-333-6818
Email: sandeep@amsoftcorp.com <david@amsoftcorp.com>
ranjeet majumdar <ranjeet.sysmind@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:17AM -0400

*Role: Admin Networking Voice*
*Location: San Francisco, CA *
*Duration: Long Term*
Required Skills:
• Should be CCNA-Voice/CCVP certified more preferable
• Technologies : Voice ,video, Webcast
• Products :
• Voice :
Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity
Connection(CUC) ,Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) ,Cisco Unified
Presence (CUPs) .
Should have knowledge about UCCX IVR scripting
Voice Gateway : MGCP,H323,SIP , T1 ,E1 ,SRST
• Video :
Polycom Video Conference ,Tandberg Video conference.
Vendor : Polycom, Cisco
• Basic knowledge about Webcast
• Basic Knowledge in Network Data
Best Regards,
*Ranjeet Majumdar* | SYSMIND, LLC
Phone: 609-897-9670 x 2179
Email: ranjeet.sysmind@gmail.com
Website: www.sysmind.com
Address: 38 Washington Road, Princeton
Abhishek ojha <abhishekojha1612@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:18AM -0400

*.Net Developer with Azure/AWS*
*Boston, Massachusetts *
*6+ Month Contract*
*Need GC, Ead - GC or USC only*
*Summary of the Position*
This position is with one of our largest clients in the Boston area and
will provide analysis, design, development, and implementation of
information system solutions for Client IT Applications. The developer will
develop web based applications and web services using Microsoft .NET
framework, C#, JavaScript, cloud base services and other associate
technologies. The developer will work in a team setting with other Client
developers, information technology professionals and program staff.
*Primary Responsibilities*
Work on all aspects of software development life cycle following agile
methodologies for new initiatives.
Work with business analyst and users to gather requirements, perform
analysis, design, application implementation, testing and assist in
Develop RESTful web services and public web portals using Microsoft .NET
frameworks, C#, JavaScript and associate technologies.
Design and develop databases using SQL Server and/or Oracle, write complex
stored procedures with fast performance.
Utilize cloud base web services using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web
Services platforms
Learn new technologies if requested.
Communicate effectively with teammates and other stakeholders.
Minimum BS/CS with 8+ years of experience with .NET web development.
Proven experience in design, development and implementation of large-scale
and multi-user applications.
Strong experience with data modeling and problem solving skills
Very strong in Object Oriented Design and Programming (OOP & OOD)
Very strong with C#, .NET and ASP.NET framework
Good experience with RESTful web services using .NET Web API
Very strong in GUI web development using JavaScript and AngularJS 1 or
AngularJS 2 / SPA
Expertise in relational database design and building database stored
procedures using T/SQL or PL-SQL
Exposure to cloud base services with Microsoft Azure and/or AWS
*Thanks & Regards,*
*Abhishek Ojha*
*732- 837- 2138**aojha@sagetl.com <aojha@sagetl.com> *
Abhishek ojha <abhishekojha1612@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:18AM -0400

*REQ. SKILLS:* SharePoint Developer
*LOCATION*: West Chester, PA
*INTERVIEW:* *phone screen; F2F*
*DURATION:* 3+ months
Looking for a candidate to design an InfoPath form and SharePoint site for
tracking/ managing CPPs (Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products) requests
that come thru the PLCS (Procedures, Learning and Centralized Services)
· Very Strong SharePoint Admin/Development Skills
· Someone who has done similar projects (taking Business
Requirements and turning them over for input into the system)
Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) Request Form and Tracking
· Using existing SharePoint site, create an entry form that
Regulatory Affairs staff can use to create a request to the Global
Regulatory Operations staff for a CPP.
· Some data fields are to be filled out by the requestor, and some
data fields will be filled out by the GRO staff as they process the CPP
· GRO staff will define the data fields required, but fields are
based on the those data elements required by FDA to process and issue the
CPP to us.
· Examples of data fields – product name, strengths, manufacturers,
importing country, send completed CPP to, date initiated, requestor, date
sent to FDA, date sent for apostille.
· We will require pick lists for some of the data fields.
· The forms will feed a list on SharePoint that can be visible to
both the requestors (for status checks) and GRO staff (for tracking).
· The list should be created so that the broader access does not
impact other lists/libraries on the SharePoint site.
· The visible fields (view) will be defined by GRO.
*Thanks & Regards,*
*Abhishek Ojha*
*732- 837- 2138**aojha@sagetl.com <aojha@sagetl.com> *
Riza Muhammad <riza55629@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:14AM -0400

Mohd Taher <rkahn425@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:13AM -0400

Please share your consultant resume to taherm@usmsystems.com
Lead QA Consultant
Location: Brea, CA
Long term contract
*Need EAD, GC, TN or Citizen Only!!*
*Max rate is $45/hr on CTC*
Top Skills:
1+ year of experience as a Lead
8+ years of experience as a QA
2+ years of experience with automation (prefer QTP but open to any)
Best Regards,
Mohammed Taher
US IT Recruiter
Direct: 703 349 4237
USM Business Systems
Chantilly, VA 20151, USA.
Murali Recruiter <murali.rec5357@gmail.com>: Nov 02 08:41PM +0530

I hope you are doing great today.
We are looking for a *Validation System Design Engineer* *in Santa Clara,
Job Title : *Validation System Design Engineer*
Location : * Santa Clara, CA*
Duration : 6+ Months
*Job Description*:–
· MSEE preferred
· Must have prior experience with validation and/or development of
Ethernet transceiver.
· Must have solid understanding and working experience of IEEE802.3
specification covering 10Gbase-T, 2.5G/5GBase-T, 1000Base-T, 100Base-T and
10Base-T, as well as 100/40/10GBase-R technologies.
· Must have knowledge and working experience in high speed signal
design and characterization.
· Must have solid knowledge in both digital and analog design.
· Much desirable to have good understanding of DSP fundamentals.
· Demonstrated ability in developing functional and performance
validation/electrical characterization of complex mix signal ICs.
Knowledge spans both digital and analog discipline.
· Must have strong skill in test automation using programming
languages like Matlab, Labview, TCL, VB and C language.
· Much desirable to have experience of lab and test equipment
including oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, waveform
generator, and traffic generator.
· Must have excellent communication and problem solving skill sets.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Thanks & Regards,
* Murali*
Direct: *408-868-5124*
EMail: *murali@idctechnologies.com* <murali@idctechnologies.com>
IDC Technologies Inc
1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 116, Milpitas, CA - 95035
Website: www.idctechnologies.com
Vasanth Kumar <vasanth.aitrg@gmail.com>: Nov 02 10:10AM -0500

Greetings from American IT Resource Group Inc.!
I would like to touch-base you regarding a job opportunity with our client,
appreciate if you could go through below job detail and let me know your
thoughts as soon as possible.
*Reply only to vasanth@aitrg.com <vasanth@aitrg.com> *
*Role: UI Architect*
Location: Charlotte, NC
Duration: 6+ months contract
*Mandatory Skills: UI Architect with JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery
*Job Description: *
§ This project requires onsite UI Architect experience on hands on coding
and designing.
§ We are looking for experts and individual contributors who can
participate in technical group discussion, performs onsite core
development, think out of the box, in-depth knowledge in computer science
algorithms and most importantly has passion for technology as we are
developing framework in-house for mobile apps.
§ Overall, person should have work experience in design and development of
core platform, framework.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Thanks & Regards,
Vasanth || Associate Manager - TAG
American IT Resource Group, Inc.
1111, Plaza Dr., Suite 640, Schaumburg, IL - 60173
Desk: 312-561-4349 || Email: vasanth@aitrg.com
Skype: vasanth.aitrg <vasanth.aitrg@gmail.com> || Gtalk: vasanth.aitrg
Web: www.aitrg.com
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Mohammad Wasim <mwburi123@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:10AM -0400

Hi ,
Please let me know if you are interested for this role.
If interested then please send update resume along with below information.
Full Name:
*Application Engineer*
*Foster City, CA*
*6+ Months*
*Phone Hire*
*Any Visa is OK !!*
*Requirements :*
*** *Qt knowledge is a requirement. This is an absolute requirement.*
*** Both Windows & Linux experience are preferred.
*** There are several commercial projects with requirements against
existing Qt apps
*Mohammad Wasim*
*Source InfoTech Inc.*
W: *6099450420*| F: 732-909-2282| Email: *wasim@sourceinfotech.com*
<bhanu@sourceinfotech.com> | Website: *www.sourceinfotech.com*
<http://www.sourceinfotech.com/> |
*Disclaimer:* If you are not interested in receiving our e-mails then
please reply with a "REMOVE" in the subject line at
remove@sourceinfotech.com for automatic removal. And mention all the e-mail
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ranjeet majumdar <ranjeet.sysmind@gmail.com>: Nov 02 11:05AM -0400

*Role: Python Developer*
*Location: Vienna, VA*
*Duration: Long Term*
Please find the JD:
1.Should be proficient in Python
2.Familiarity with event-driven programming in Python
3.Strong unit test and debugging skills in Python
4.Familiarity with AWS SDK programming in python like boto3/boto
5.Knowledge of Scientific libraries in Python like NumPy
6.Basic knowledge of AWS is mandatory
6.Knowledge of Kafka/spark is an added advantage
7.Should be proficient understanding of code versioning tools (GIT)
8.Should be familiar with various design and architectural patterns
9.Should have exposure to all the phases of SDLC
10.Should have good verbal & written communication skills.
11.Ability to write high quality code in a test driven development
12.Should have worked in an Agile delivery environment.
13.Should be a self-starter & should be proactive in gathering information.
14.Should work on proactively getting feedback from customers & identify
improvement areas.
15.Should be good at setting the correct expectation & should strive to
build a positive perception with the customers.
16.Previous Working in Onsite and offshore model is preferred.
17.Capable of understanding of business requirement/mappings and converting
them into design.
18.Capable of communicating the design via documents to developers
19.Capable of scheduling
20.Prior experience of Capital One a big plus
"\"N\"agarju\"N\"@iDu" <gani.nagarjuna@gmail.com>: Nov 02 08:38PM +0530

*Please share Your Profiles to **Nagarjuna@tekskillsinc.com*
<Nagarjuna@tekskillsinc.com> *with a CC to my gmail ID
*Role: Business Analyst With CCAR Experience is Must *
*Location: San Ramon, CA*
*Length: 6 Months*
Looking for a strong business analyst to work within a financial
compliance and Data warehousing team for a large financial services client.
* Required experience:*
Financial compliance experience(AML, BSA, KYC, CDD)
Data warehousing
Data mapping
Requirements gathering, analysis, and documentation
Proficient in SQL (queries)
Performing liaison role between technology and business
* Preferred experience:*
Banking or Financial Services
Broad and deep prior BSA experience
Large bank or financial institution experience
Prior GL project experience is useful, as is an understanding of financial
accounting and financial statements (balance sheets, income statements,
*Thanks & Regards.*
*Tekskills Inc.*
*200, MetroplexDrive, Suite 414, Edison, NJ – 08817 |*
*CMMI Level 3 / ISO 9001: 2008/ WMBE Certified Company *
*Phone: 732-354-4300 |Fax:** 888-543-5125 **| Email:
*Gmail: **gani.nagarjuna@gmail.com <gani.nagarjuna@gmail.com>*
*www.tekskillsinc.com* <http://www.tekskillsinc.com/>
Bharat Chhibber <bharatchhibber014@gmail.com>: Nov 02 09:50AM -0400

Hope you are doing well.
This is Bharat from Nityo Infotech.. Please find the JD below and if you
have any consultant available then please let me know ASAP at
*Java J2EE Developer*
*Whippany, NJ*
Should have very good experience in J2EE applications development
Hands on experience on the following technologies:
- J2EE frameworks
The position will include hands-on development, coordination with offshore
team, and business user interfacing so good communication is required in
addition to technical skills.
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