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Jaren Golenbiewski <gole1162@kettering.edu>: Nov 15 08:16PM -0800

From an app development context point of view, is it possible to obtain
Channel State Information (CSI) information from a WiFi access point from
this smart device's WiFi card? I would like to use this information to
create a CSI - fingerprinting system for an indoor localization project at
my University. CSI information may be better than just RSSI values.
From what I currently know referencing a research paper regarding indoor
localization, CSI information is somehow accessible to any mobile device
that supports the 802.11n (and most likely more recent) protocols. The
testing will be conducted on either a Nexus 7 tablet or an LG G3 smart
phone. I was unable to find technical documentation that listed out the
specifics of their WiFi cards.
If there is a more appropriate place to post this question, please let me
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