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Nicholas Ng <nicholasng55@gmail.com>: Nov 26 11:10AM -0800

I recently updated to a developer version of android 7.0 (android 7.1.1),
some apps were not working and i just decided to opt out of the trial, no
harm no foul, but when I unrolled from updates, I didn't get an update
prompt as described, and didn't get an update when checking for updates.
Can anyone please help?
sara ali <saraalyy40@gmail.com>: Nov 26 06:11PM +0200

*الدار العربية للتنمية الإدارية*
*بالتعاون مع الإتحاد الدولى لمؤسسات التنمية البشرية*
*الدورة التدريبية*
*اليات التخطيط ووضع الميزانيات والتنبؤ المالى *
*القاهرة - جمهورية مصر العربية *
*خلال الفترة من 22 الى 26 يناير 2017 م*
*تهدف الورشة الي : **التعرف علي أنواع الموازنات وطرق وخطوات إعدادها
وتطبيقها في المؤسسات الحكومية، تطبيق المدخل السلوكي في إعداد الموازنات
وتحليل إنحرافات الموازنة والتحليل الإحصائي وكيفية التعامل معه.. التنبؤ
المالي والموازنة النقدية وتحليل التنبؤ حول الموجودات، إستخدام الأدوات
الحديثة للتخطيط المالي- تقييم الموقف المالي وتحليل البيانات، كان انعقاد
ورشة إعداد الموازنات والتخطيط المالي والتي تعرض إلى: الأساليب الحديثة
للتخطيط المالي، مفهوم وأنواع الموزانات وأسس إعدادها، الجوانب الرقابية
للموازنة، تحديد وتحليل الإنحرافات فى ظل مفهوم المحاسبة الشاملة، تقارير
*مستهدفين في ذلك*
*وكلاء الوزارات والقيادات الإدارية العليا ومتخذي القرار، العاملون فى
الإدارات المالية والإحصاء والتخطيط، مديرو ورؤساء الأقسام فى الإدارات
المالية فى الوزارات والمصالح المختلفة، المخططون الماليون والمحاسبون
والمراجعون الداخليون، رؤساء أقسام الموازنة والحسابات والمراجعة، القيادات فى
أجهزة الرقابه المالية ودواوين المحاسبة. *
وبهذه المناسبة يسعدنا دعوتكم للمشاركة وتعميم خطابنا على المهتمين بموضوع
البرنامج وإفادتنا بمن تقترحون توجيه الدعوة لهم علماً بأن رسوم الاشتراك
1400دولار أمريكى للفرد.
*والدار العربية يسرها دعوتكم للمساهمة والمشاركة في أعمال الفاعليات من خلال
تجربة مميزة أو بالحضور والمناقشة، كذلك ترشيح من ترون من كوادر مؤسستكم
الموقرة وتمنح الدار العربية مقعدا خامس مجانا في حال ترشيح سيادتكم اربع
افراد من مؤسستكم الموقرة.*
*تأكيد المشاركة*
*يتم إرسال خطاب المشاركة الرسمى او تعبئة النموذج المرفق موضح بة أسماء
المرشحين – مناصبهم الإدارية - اسم النشاط – طريقة سداد رسوم المشاركة ( كاش
اول أيام التدريب او بتحويل بنكى قبل بدء النشاط)وصورة من تذكرة الطيران علي
فاكس رقم *0020237800573 او0020235866323 *اوعلي *
*بريدي الإلكتروني**saragwadi@gmail.com* <saragwadi@gmail.com>
*برامج الاسبوع الرابع لشهر يناير للفترة من 22 الى 26 يناير*
*الرسوم بالدولار*
*مكان الإنعقاد*
*اسم النشاط*
*القاهرة – جمهورية مصر العربية*
*22 الى 26*
*التحقيق الإدارى وضماناته القانونية*
*القاهرة – جمهورية مصر العربية*
*22 الى 26*
*اساليب المتابعة واعداد تقارير الادارة العليا*
*القاهرة – جمهورية مصر العربية*
*22 الى 26*
*المعايير المحاسبية المستخدمة فى اعداد القوائم المالية*
sara ali <srabbg2@gmail.com>: Nov 26 03:00PM +0200

*Arab House for Administrative Development invites you to attend*
*The International Federation of Human Development Institutions*
*ELITTE WORLD** Istanbul hotel hosting the Conference OF Arab HOUSE FOR
Administrative Development at the fifth annual administrative development
of government institutions under the policy title in December Please see
*Thread the nomination is convenient for you from your destination esteemed
cadres to participate in:*
*The fifth arabian conference of management development and general
*Istanbul - Turkey*
*Duration of the session: during the period from 25 to December 29, 2016 *
*Struggling governments seek to solve the problems of citizens and
responding to the diverse Mtalehm through a set of plans and programs
(called policy) aimed to achieve a number of benefits and alleviate the
suffering of the majority of them, and not only that, but to ensure
continued this policy development process to ensure a lasting solution to
the problems of citizens and ensure the speedy provision of these
solutions, and can not be guaranteed only through the possession of a full
concept of how an event which occurs fusion between thought and
administrative practice on the one hand and information technology on the
other hand, where accommodate development activities and operations process
and their dealings in ways that granted new properties in form and content
and impact.*
*• The conference also aims to*
*• Identify public policy in the knowledge society. View of the methods of
integration between digital systems and administrative systems. Exploring
the future and trends of administrative development in the light of
developments in information technology. Opportunities to shift towards the
construction of information systems applications. Showing the problems of
transformation towards e-governance systems and applications.*
*Note that the themes of the conference will include the first axis:
informatics, management and public policy, and the second axis:
E-Government Business Administration and its relation to public policy, and
Axis III: development strategies in public policies and their relationship
to the development of management using information and communication
technology, and Axis IV: integration of information and the needs of
enterprises and hardware systems governmental organizations.*
*The target for the conference are:*
*Heads and members of boards of directors, general managers, in different
ministries. Departments of human resources development managers, personnel
and training and development and administrative staff. Specialist
information systems and personnel in the areas of e-governance in
ministries, agencies, institutions and organizations, banks, associations,
councils, public and private sector companies and factories applications.*
*Conference papers:*
*Dar also pleased to receive the innovative research of high-level, whether
by experts in the field, or by the master's and doctoral students and
scholars in this aspect, where they will be arbitration this research by a
committee of professors specialized in the field, and will be placed within
the conference papers that take into account the criteria scientific and
methodological research and writing out a list of references, and will
allow the owners of some of these Alooracdmha to events and conference
sessions, knowing that each paper will be accepted will be charged 25% of
the value of attending the conference.*
*And on this occasion we are pleased to invite you to participate and
mainstream discourse on the theme of the conference interested in and let
us know who you propose to invite them to note that the $ 1,000 fee to
participate. US per capita.*
*For more information please contact with*
*Deputy Director of Training*
*A / Sarah Abdel Gawad*
*Mobile: 00201112694608*
*Tel: 0020237800693-0020237800583*
*Fax: 0020237800573 to 0020235866323*
Konusarak Ogren <temp@konusarakogren.com>: Nov 26 03:01AM -0800

Hi guys,
My app is available more than one country. I added localized text in app
store texts but when I check it via browser (using test language) Play
Store bring the default text. What can I do to show localized texts?
For example my app has available in Azerbaijan. I added Azerbaijanese in
play developer console but it still does not show.
Kind regards,
James Noxon <pianoclassforkids@gmail.com>: Nov 26 01:12AM -0800

I have this same problem. I am using a 32 bit version of Windows 10 on a 64
bit computer.
I don't see what the Android Studio is (32 or 64), in 'About' it just says
#AI-145.3360264 - is that a 64 bit version?
I am not going to be able to change the Windows. I just followed the
Android Studio installation instructions from
a online course in Ed X that I am working on. The course also requires
installing the HAXM plug-in, does that
require a 64 bit OS perhaps? In that case I am stuck.
Any suggestions?
thanks - PJ
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