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Aleksey Shurtygin <aleksey.shurtygin@gmail.com>: Aug 17 08:19PM -0700

I am long-time C# developer. I recently decided to play around with Android
and Java. My first project I am trying to do is to create Crossword game. I
have general idea on how to proceed but there is one thing that still is
not very clear. If anyone can provide any input I would appreciate it.
What would be the best way to build crossword board? I am considering
couple of ways:
1. Create a view/fragment for a single cell and dynamically build whole
board. With this approach I am concerned about performance. Considering I
will have a 12x12 board, that will create 124 view objects. Is that
considered to be heavy or it should be no big deal?
2. Draw the whole thing manually and catch user's clicks/touch to add
interactivity. This probably can avoid performance issues but feels like
too much manual work.
Do you think it makes sense to invest time into learning graphics or
creating basic GridLayout/GridView/TableLayout with 120 TextViews should do
it nicely? Or if there are any other suggestions feel free to jump in.
Nozar Kianian-Fard <nozar.kianian.fard@gmail.com>: Aug 17 08:26PM -0700

After most recent update to Android Studio, get the following error:
Error:No service of type Factory<LoggingManagerInternal> available in
ProjectScopeServices. This is a "Gradle project refresh failed".
I've only been using Android studio for 2 weeks, so am fairly noob, but
definitely a noob software developer. Any advice/help is appreciated.
"Cristian Ortiz Ramírez" <ortizramirezcristian@gmail.com>: Aug 17 06:02PM -0700

Hi guys.
I'm new to android development I'm working now in an application that
implements AndroidManager class but I'm facing some issue when I emulate my
app in android tv device.
What I want to do is download a video from a url and when download finishes
show de downloaded video on a VideoView, the problem here is that when I
emulate on android TV the DownloadManager does not work, and if a try any
other emulator(phone, tablet) it works like a charm. I've added everything
that it's necessary in the Manifest to run on android tv, but no success.
Hope you could help me
Alex Nino <yoambulante@googlemail.com>: Aug 17 05:59PM -0700

I have reached my highest limit of desperation trying to find out why my
app Google Play integration stopped working out of the sudden. I do
appreciate any help, ideas, suggestions you might have.
My app (which is a game) published in 2013 has been up and running without
any problems until now, basically I uploaded (for the very first time) a
new APK to the Beta testing section and somehow something got broken in the
production version, What I mean by broken is that if I navigate to Game
Services > My Game > Game Details, the page shows me a red top bar error.
An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. (4800000)
if I try to navigate to Game Services > My Game > Linked apps (and add a
new one) it shows me a similar error, red top bar.
An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. (4800004)
also, navigating to Settings > API access will show the error.
An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. (4800000)
Regarding these error messages I have already contacted Google via email,
and unfortunately I haven't got any answer from them, I have no idea what
else I can do, since August 11th none of my players are able to login using
Google Play from the game (they lost their progress). It feels like the
google backend is broken, and sadly it was my game what got heavily
affected this time.
please let me know what your thoughts are, any ideas?
From my client, when I try to login to Google Play, I am getting a very
weird error:
*SIGN_IN_FAILED: *The Application is incorrectly configured. Check that the
package name and signing certificate match the client ID created in the
Developer Console. Also, if the application is not yet published, check
that the account you're trying to sign in with is listed as a tester
account. See logs for more information.*
and when I take a look at the LogCat events what I can see is:
*08-18 00:19:33.490: W/GamesServiceBroker(3660): Client connected with SDK
8487000, Services 9452438, and Games 3724003808-18 00:19:33.602:
E/Volley(3660): [156] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code
403 for https://www.googleapis.com/games/v1/players/me?language=en_GB
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): Access Not Configured. Google
Play Game Services API has not been used in project 608941808256 before or
it is disabled. Enable it by visiting
then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the
action to propagate to our systems and retry.08-18 00:19:33.666:
com.google.android.gms.games.server.error.GamesException08-18 00:19:33.666:
E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
00:19:33.666: E/SignInIntentService(3660): at
java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:818)08-18 00:19:33.682:
E/LoadSelfFragment(21925): Unable to sign in - application does not have a
registered client ID08-18 00:19:33.682: I/SignInActivity(21925): Transition
from 8 to 1108-18 00:19:33.683: W/SignInActivity(21925):
onSignInFailed()...08-18 00:19:33.683: W/SignInActivity(21925): Sign in
failed during 808-18 00:19:33.683: W/SignInActivity(21925): ==> Returning
non-OK result: 10004*
I have no idea where the google API gets that project number *608941808256* from.
Again, all my settings are set correctly, I haven't changed anything here
since 2013, it simply stopped working.
highly appreciate any help.
GN Sanjay <myselfonandroid@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:56PM -0700

Is it possible to root an android device ....
Without using any third party applications like Kingo Root?
Without Custom Recovery or Custom ROM?
If yes, please guide me, how to do?
GN Sanjay <myselfonandroid@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:54PM -0700

My android device is Android: 4.4.2, Kernel version: iBall3.4.67and MT6592.
Whenever I am trying to unlock its boot-loader, it's failed. After 'adb
devices' I see the 'List of devices attached'. And after 'fastboot oem
unlock', android device asks for permission.
I confirmed on android device by pressing Volume Up but no changes on
device screen and computer screen. Even after 45 min, there are no changes
both screens.
I changed USB cable and USB port. However, no changes.
Even no images of TWRP is compatible for this device.
Please guide me to fix it.
Neha Kumari <neha.recr@gmail.com>: Aug 17 04:42PM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: CISCO Consultant with Voip EXP…..*
* INTERVIEW: Phone than Skype Interview*
*LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio*
*Job Overview:*
What we require for this position:
· At least five years of experience supporting a global Cisco
· Share knowledge and coach others in a diverse, collaborative team
· Deep understanding of TCP/IP, subnetting, DNS and DHCP
· Experience troubleshooting, implementing and configuring the
· Mixed VPN/MPLS WAN environment
· Voice infrastructure experience and or VOIP experience.
· Quality of service
· Routing protocols such as BGP and EIGRP
· Switching, wireless and firewall technologies Working knowledge
of the following:
· Network security technologies such as VPN, TACACS+ and Cisco ISE,
IPS, web filtering
· Network protocol analysis and troubleshooting using various tools
(e.g Wireshark) and equipment for root cause determination
Bachelors degree required:
· CCNA certification (CCNP considered a plus)
· Experience with ITIL is a plus
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 | 72 Van
Reipen Avenue # 255 Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
neha@apetan.com | www.apetan.com |
Habeeb <harry.ambrosia@gmail.com>: Aug 17 03:12PM -0500

please reply to ray_brown@visionisys.com
*Position: Java developer with Production supportLocation : Short hills
NJDuration : 6+ Months*
*Job Description:*
- Good understanding of Core Java concepts
- Should possess in-Depth knowledge of Java/J2EE Applications, Hibernate
and Webservices
- Should be able to Debug Applications, SQL and Database Stored
Procedures (Oracle)
- Experience in working with Weblogic and Unix environment
- Should have good understanding of support model and able to manage
- Good communication skills
- Previous experience in a production support project is required
saikiran Nandrolu <snandrolu@gmail.com>: Aug 17 03:48PM -0400

Hi Friends,
Hope you are doing great,
I have an urgent requirement from one of my esteem client, I will
appreciate if you can have an eye on the below requirement and send me your
consultant updated profile ASAP.
*BizTalk Developer*
*Duration – 2 months*
*Location – Seattle, WA*
*EAD or GC or Citizens Only*
*Required Qualifications:*
· Overall 7+ years of experience
· Minimum of 3 years of development in BizTalk
· Minimum of 1-2 years of working experience with ESB toolkit (1.0,
2.0 or 2.1) and itinerary design and implementation, resolvers, exception
handling framework
· Good knowledge of MS SQL Server
*Preferred Qualifications:*
· Minimum of 3 years of working experience with BizTalk (2006+, and
some recent experience with 2013) development and messaging design
patterns, orchestrations, pipelines, adapters and convoys
· Application or coding experience using Microsoft Visual Studio
· Experience/knowledge with XML, HL7, X12, or other industry
transaction/protocol formats
· Good knowledge of MS technologies: TFS, SharePoint
· Experience with implementing Business Rules Engine (BRE)
· Knowledge of Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) Restful state services,
Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)
· Experience integrating with real-time and web services interfaces
Best Regard
Sai Kiran
tejasri surapaneni <tejurecruiting@gmail.com>: Aug 17 03:18PM -0400

*Position: FACETS – EDI System Analyst Location: Eldorado Hills, CA
Duration: 6 months (high probability of extension). *
*Mandatory Skills: *Trizetto's Facets, EDI
*Skill Set/Experience/JD: *
Extensive experience & knowledge in writing technical requirements, data
mapping, requirements gathering, analyze, troubleshoot and resolve FACETS
Configuration related issues
Conduct data analysis on FACETS Database, pattern analysis and
Minimum 5 yrs. of experience with Trizetto's Facets Application suite
(front end & backend) with good understanding on Facets Data Models, Table
structures and Key business workflows.
Minimum 3 years of experience in Member Enrollment/EDI - 834 processing
for commercial, medicare, exchange line of business
Proficient in understanding, analyzing and in writing SQL Queries
Strong Communication & Documentation Skills
*Tejasri Surapaneni (Teju)*
Desk No-609-853-0818 Ext-2162
Fax : 609 799 5746
USIT Recruiter <usitrecruiter93@gmail.com>: Aug 17 12:07PM -0700

Need a Cloud HCM Functional consultant.
Duration: 16 weeks
Location: Cambridge, MA
Client-Apps Associate
Please look for locals who have core HR experience.
*Thanks & Regards!*
*Abhishek Kumar | Sr. Technical Recruiter | Saras
Solutions |Abhishek@saras-solutions.com <Abhishek@pro-tekconsulting.com>*
Wasim Akram <usitwasim@gmail.com>: Aug 17 12:04PM -0700

*Java Developer with Java CAPS*
*Long term role*
*Coppell, TX*
*Essential Duties and Responsibilities:*
*The following duties and responsibilities generally reflect the
expectations of this position but are not intended to be all inclusive:*
· *Must be able Design, develop and support application
using JCAPS platform.*
· *Must be able to administer the JCAPS code repository.*
· *Design, develop and support applications written in JAVA technologies
(e.g., Java, J2EE, EJB, and Net Beans) and third-party objects.*
· *Develop and support web, application and integration tiers using
technologies (e.g. HTML5, JQuery, CSS, and JavaScript) and third-party
· *Collaborate with other members of the team to determine root cause of
production defects; requires the full understanding of the application at
the UI, middleware, and database tiers.*
· *Design, develop, unit/system test, and deploy resolution for production
defects. *
· *Work through issues with business partners providing explanation of
issues, business impacts, and resolution in a non-technical communication
· *Collaborate with Quality Assurance in defect root cause analysis.*
· *Collaborate with architecture, database development and database
administration staff to establish and adhere to industry and enterprise
best practices for application development, integration and optimization.*
· *Develop modules to accept and/or transmit data to other internal and
external systems, using XML, HL7, X12 or vendor-specific technologies.*
· *Participate in peer code review and collaborate with fellow developers
and architects.*
· *Work within multiple software development life cycle (SDLC) models
including Waterfall and Agile.*
· *Adhere to all HIPAA and SOX software development compliance policies
and procedures.*
· *Other duties and responsibilities as assigned including but not limited
o *Attend team meetings, phone conferences, and training as needed.*
o *Know, understand, and follow teammate guidelines, employment
policies, and department or company procedures.*
*Required Skills: *
· *Minimum 5 years' experience in application development and support
using Java technologies (e.g., Java, J2EE, EJB), Web 2.0, Glassfish 2.0,
Tomcat, JCAPS, JBoss , SOAP , REST, PL/SQL, on UNIX, AIX & Linux
platforms, third-party objects and other similar technologies.*
· *Minimum 2 years' experience using JCAPS 5.2 and above.*
· *Minimum 3 years' experience leveraging relational and OLTP database
technologies such as Oracle 11g or SQL Server. *
· *Minimum 2 years' experience building enterprise level applications for
the web/Internet, using (HTML5, JQuery, CSS)*
· *Minimum 2 years' experience with development tools such as Eclipse, Net
Beans, SQL Developer and/or TOAD, XML Spy.*
· *Minimum 2 years of working experience with Spring, Hibernate, JUnit and
Struts software frameworks.*
· *Working knowledge of Design Patterns (GOF, J2EE).*
· *Experience with software development estimating techniques.*
· *Experience with unit testing systems and validation tools.*
· *Familiarity with UML modeling (Activity, Class, Sequence, Collaboration
diagrams, etc.).*
· *Bachelor's degree in computer science or related discipline.
Combination of education and progressively responsible work experience in
related discipline may be substituted in lieu of degree on a year-for-year
basis. *
*Desired Skills:*
· *Exposure to Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance initiatives,
testing methodologies, and procedures preferred.*
· *Implementation experience on ESBs like Mule Soft is a plus.*
· *Experience with Agile development methodologies like SCRUM (preferred),
Rapid Application Development, and Extreme Programming, as well as working
in a highly user-interactive prototyping mode is desirable.*
*Essential Behaviors, Skills and Attitudes Required for Success in the
· *Commitment to values of Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous
Improvement, Accountability, Fulfillment and Fun with ability to
demonstrate those positively and proactively to patients, teammates,
management, physicians, and/or vendors in every day performance and
· *Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communications skills
including ability to listen attentively and to communicate information
clearly and effectively throughout all levels of the organization with
audiences of varying degrees of familiarity with technical material.*
· *Demonstrated ability to work well with cross-functional groups.*
· *Demonstrated strengths in organizational, attention-to-detail,
follow-through, analytical, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem
solving skills.*
· *Strong understanding of business process with the ability to translate
business requirements into technical requirements and deliver requested
output timely and accurately.*
· *Self-starter who is able to work autonomously with minimal supervision
and within a team and to foster a positive work environment.*

*Thanks and Regards,*

*M A Wasim Akram,*
*Bhrigus Inc. A CMM level 4 company.*
*399 Campus Drive| Suite 111| Somerset, NJ 08873*
*waseem@bhrigus.com* <waseem@bhrigus.com>*; **www.bhrigus.com*
*Chat: **usitwasim@gmail.com* <usitwasim@gmail.com>
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:52PM -0400

Hi Partners,
Please share profiles at naseer.ahmad@nityo.com
*Angular JS Developer: *
· *Bootstrapping, Angular, Less CSS (3+ years)*
- *Agile methodology*
· HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required (5+ years)
· Experience implementing JavaScript build, development and testing
scripts using tools like *Grunt, Bower, and Karma*
· Experience in consuming backend RESTful services (1+ year)
· *Proficiency in Jasmine/Karma and test-driven development (6+
· Creating e2e test cases using Protractor (6+ months)
· Experience in all phases of application system analysis,
application development and application maintenance support is required (3+
· Excellent oral and written communication skills.
· Experience working on Agile new software development projects (2+
· Quick learner and willing and able to learn Bootstrapping,
Angular, Less CSS and become a productive coder within 2-4 weeks.
· Proven productivity from previous projects.
· Works well on 4-6 person developer team.
Experience in doing design and doing coding work in 2-week sprints
Manisha Nityo <mbnityo16@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:55PM -0400

Hope you doing Well !!!
Here is our *Implementing partner **Requirement*, Please go through the
below requirement and send us suitable consultant with their *updated
resume, rates and Contact details..*
*Role:- **DevOps Engineer*
*Location: **Mooresville ,NC*
*Duration:- 6+ months*
*Interview: -Phone/Skype*
*Required Experience and Technical Skills*:-
Primary skill* DevOps with Unix, SOAP UI, Jenkins, Shell Script, Selenium,
Python/Groovy script
SOAP UI/REST client exposure
Experience with Jenkins/Bamboo Build tools-Good to have
WAS/Adobe CQ/Node Js - Good to have Unix/shell scripting + Java - Good to
Containerization - Good to have
*Thanks & Regards,
*Manisha Budhwar *
Technical Recruiter
Nityo InfoTech .
Desk No-609-853-0818 Ext-2160 <609-853-0818%20Ext-2160>
Gtalk ID:- manishanityo16
E Mail:- *​*manisha.b@nityo.com
Mohammad Wasim <mwburi123@gmail.com>: Aug 17 06:40PM +0100

*SAP BI/BW Consultant*
*Hopkins, MN*
*6+ Months*
*Client : Cargill*
*Any Visa is OK !!*
*Face-To-Face Required !!*
*Requirements :*
• Understanding of using structured data, dimensional models or cubes and
various forms of ETL for reporting
• Skills building tables/views or data warehousing on Oracle or MS SQL
Server environments
• Skills and/or experience developing database programming on Oracle or MS
SQL Server
• 3+ years developing in at least 2 of the following SAP Business Objects
technologies: BEX, Webi, Crystal and Dashboards
• 3+ years of BI modeling in SAP BW
• Experience in Dimensional and Entity-Relational data modeling and OLAP
• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent
• 5+ years of experience in analysis, technical design and development.
• 2+ years of experience working in a project environment
• 2+ years of experience deploying solutions through formal change control
*Mohammad Wasim*
*Source InfoTech Inc.*
W: *6099450420*| F: 732-909-2282| Email: *wasim@sourceinfotech.com*
<bhanu@sourceinfotech.com> | Website: *www.sourceinfotech.com*
<http://www.sourceinfotech.com/> |
*Disclaimer:* If you are not interested in receiving our e-mails then
please reply with a "REMOVE" in the subject line at
remove@sourceinfotech.com for automatic removal. And mention all the e-mail
addresses to be removed with any e-mail addresses, which might be diverting
the e-mails to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Neha Kumari <neha.recr@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:27PM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: Java Developer*
* INTERVIEW: Phone Interview*
*LOCATION: Charlotte, NC*
*Job Overview:*
*Client need a java candidate strong in these areas. Thank you. *
*1. Websockets*
*2. Java*
*3. JavaScript*
*4. GED-188 Protocol (Cisco)*
Must Haves
· 5-7 years of Java Development
o Middle tier/Back end
· Web services
o Rest
· Spring
· Plus Skills:
An Angular JS or Javascript
D2D: Responsible for developing a middle tier platform for telephony
services. It will be interfacing with multiple middle tier apps such as
Genesys, UCCE, CTI, etc and will integrate with the front end. They will be
performing enhancements on the web services.
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 | 72 Van
Reipen Avenue # 255 Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
neha@apetan.com | www.apetan.com |
"Luis Manuel S." <luis.siviruero@gmail.com>: Aug 17 10:16AM -0700

Tengo el problema que en mi celular me sale el mensaje "Lamentablemente, el
proceso com.google.process.gapps se detuvo". Indagando por internet, le
realicé el famoso Hard Reset, sin embargo al terminar el proceso y al
iniciar nuevamente el celular me continúa saliendo el mensaje, y no me
permite continuar.
He reseteado en más de un oportunidad, he cambiado de chip y continúa el
error, no levanta el sistema.
Alguien que me indique como proceder para solucionar el inconveniente, o
que indique algún programa para flashearlo de raiz?
PD: El celular no cuenta con memoria externa.
I have the problem that my phone I get the message " Unfortunately, the
process stopped com.google.process.gapps " . I delving online , I realized
the famous Hard Reset yet to complete the process and start again the cell
continues leaving me message, and does not allow me to continue .
I reset on more than one occasion, I changed and continues to chip error,
does not lift the system.
Someone to tell me how to proceed to solve the problem , or to indicate a
program to root flash it ?
Thank you.
PS: The cell does not have external memory.
Sudheer Kumar <harvesting.tektreeinc@gmail.com>: Aug 17 01:11PM -0400

Please find the attached resume and contact details of my consultant and
let me know if she suits your requirement
Name: Samhitha
Phone: 734-661-7973
location: Waltham, MA
Relocation: Open
Visa: H1b
Availability: Immediate.
*Thanks & Regards*
* Sudheer *
*Work* : (734) 661-7973
*Fax* : (302) 397-2097
*Email *: sudheer@tektreeinc.com
*Web *: www.tektreeinc.com
*Gtalk* : *sudheertektreeinc@gmail.com <sudheertektreeinc@gmail.com>*
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