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Felipe Erias <felipe.erias@terranet.se>: Aug 17 09:42AM -0700

I am trying to be notified when the current task has gone to the
background/foreground. Note that I am not asking about the current
activity, or the current application, or about any other different task.
The context for this question is that, in my case, some resources should be
freed when the task goes to the background (and only then). This can be
implemented with onStart/onStop in my application's activities, but this is
not possible when external activities are being used.
When we start an external activity with startActivityForResult (e.g. to
pick a document or take a photo), Android places it on top of the current
task's stack. However, there is apparently no way to get lifecycle
callbacks from that new activity, even though it belongs to the same task
as the rest of my application.
In other words, I haven't found a way to detect if the current task has
gone to the background when the activity on top of the stack is external to
my application.
Any ideas?
Thank you for your help.
Swapnil Gupta <swapnilgupta.iiith@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:36AM -0700

Hi Neha,
Did you find a solution to the feedback cancellation problem for android?
On Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 11:28:29 AM UTC+2, neha wrote:
Dev Singh <devs09876@gmail.com>: Aug 17 11:59AM -0400

*Role :Pega LBA*
*Loc.: NYC,NY*
· Experience with Pega DCO experience with Version 7.
· Experience in Customer Services for Financial Services or Payment
Providers, with expertise in Disputes, Claims, and Chargeback business
areas. Experience in Smart Disputes a plus.
· Deep experience with industry standard methodologies of SDLC,
Agile, and SCRUM. Experience with Rally preferred.
· Possess advanced understanding of PRPC architecture, tools, and
· Must possess a track record of strategy execution, innovation,
and execution in a high-pressure environment
· Experience in IT as a business analyst for large-scale projects
and programs
· Must be a Pega Certified Business Analyst or Architect
Thanks & Regards
*Dev Singh*
Phone: 609-853-0818 Extn: 2112
*Email*: dev.s@nityo.com <devinder.sharma@saviancetech.com>
dev09876@gmail.com <devinder.sharma@saviancetech.com>
*Hangout: **devs09876@gmail.com <devs09876@gmail.com>*
*Skype : **dev.singh526*
www.nityo.com <http://www.saviance.com/>
Neha Kumari <neha.recr@gmail.com>: Aug 17 11:48AM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: Data modeler*
* INTERVIEW: Phone than F2F Interview*
*Job Overview:*
I need someone who has experience with Hadoop, Java or Java frameworks, and
Sybase or DB2 databases. This person should come from a finance background.
Previous work with large sets of data.
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 | 72 Van
Reipen Avenue # 255 Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
neha@apetan.com | www.apetan.com |
Neha Kumari <neha.recr@gmail.com>: Aug 17 11:26AM -0400

*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*
*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*
*POSITION: Mobile/iOS QA Analyst*
* INTERVIEW: Phone than F2F Interview*
*LOCATION: Seattle, WA*
*Job Overview:*
*Start: 08/30/2016*
· This is a QA role.
· Test native mobile applications, manage development stories,
interact closely with developers and stakeholders, deep technical
understanding of the platform testing upon.
· iOS platform knowledge
· Charles Proxy, Fiddler or other network management tool
· Version control (Git, etc.)
· Xcode
· Form factor experience (tablet, phone, landscape/portrait, etc.)
· Test case management (JIRA, TestRail, etc.)
Technical/Prescreening Questions
· Describe a well-formed user story
· Describe a well-formed test case
· What does QA do while developers are working on stories/defects
in the queue?
· Give two examples of hypothetical defects you would submit. The
first is a crash that occurs when the application starts on wi-fi but not
cellular. The second is a mismatch between the user story and the actual
implementation that contains a layout concern.
· For the second example, the developer rejects the defect "as
designed". What do you do?
· What is difference between Performance Testing, Load Testing and
Stress Testing? Explain with examples.
· What is a regression pass or test?
· Describe how you would test for the following:
· Out of memory crashes
· Accessibility coverage
· Network utilization
· Lapse in security
*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*
Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 | 72 Van
Reipen Avenue # 255 Jersey City, NJ 07306 |
neha@apetan.com | www.apetan.com |
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Aug 17 10:52AM -0400

Hi Partners,
Please share profile at *naseer.ahmad@nityo.com <naseer.ahmad@nityo.com>*
*Skill Set*
Risk Analyst
*Work Location*
*Special Instructions*
*Job Description*
JD follows:
• 5+ years of risk assessment experience in one or more areas: application,
infrastructure, vendor risk management
• Financial Services Industry experience a plus but not required.
• Proficiency with Information Risk Management best practices.
Knowledge and Skills Required:
• Proven knowledge of technical infrastructure, networks, databases and
systems as they relate to cybersecurity risk
• Proven knowledge of security methodologies, policies, standards and best
• Proven knowledge of information technology systems, infrastructure and
• Ability to explain and articulate technical concepts using both technical
and non-technical language
• Critical thinking and analytical skills
• Excellent presentation skills (MS PowerPoint)
• Ability to work collaboratively by building consensus and influencing
decision making to foster forward progress with projects and initiatives
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills, coupled with ability to be versatile and
• Sound business judgment and the ability to work successfully with all
levels of management
• Excellent grammar and style skills; ability to adapt writing style for
different audiences and media
Education, Training and Certification: Bachelor's degree preferred.
CISM/CRISC certification preferred
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Aug 17 10:34AM -0400

Hi Partners,
Please share resume at naseer.ahmad@nityo.com
*Skill Set*
senior Java developer
*Work Location*
Houston, TX
*Special Instructions*
*Job Description*
*Assessment process: Candidate has to score more than 80% in IKM. Post
that, candidate will be considered for Interview.*
? A proven track record of professional hands-on design and development
experience with various technologies when applied to long term technology
solution provision in , JSP, JQuery, Opensource software, Grid Computing
? Strong development experience with the following technologies:
o Java/J2EE
o Web services
o N-Tier solutions
? Strong to Expert Oracle SQL and MS SQLServer
? Performance tuning ability
? Test driven development
? Agile software development (SCRUM)
? Experience with large-scale enterprise wide IT environments containing
multiple technologies, servers and logical environments
Gustavo Monteiro <gustavosmonteiro@gmail.com>: Aug 17 07:36AM -0700

I'm working on a project in android that uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE).
I have a DeviceScanFragment that shows a list of all BLE devices. When I
select a device to connect, it should go to another fragment (
ScanProfessionalFingerprintFragment ), start the BluetoothLeService and
The problem is that sometimes it doesn't connect. The BluetoothGattCallback
on the BluetoothLeService receives status 133.
private final BluetoothGattCallback mGattCallback = new BluetoothGattCallback() {
public void onConnectionStateChange(BluetoothGatt gatt, int status, int newState) {
String intentAction;
if (newState == BluetoothProfile.STATE_CONNECTED) {
mConnectionState = STATE_CONNECTED;
Log.i(TAG, "Connected to GATT server.");
// Attempts to discover services after successful connection.
Log.i(TAG, "Attempting to start service discovery:" +
} else if (newState == BluetoothProfile.STATE_DISCONNECTED) {
mConnectionState = STATE_DISCONNECTED;
Log.i(TAG, "Disconnected from GATT server.");
After that I receive ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED in the BroadcastReceiver on
the ScanProfessionalFingerprintFragment and it doesn't connects.
private final BroadcastReceiver mGattUpdateReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
final String action = intent.getAction();
if (BluetoothLeService.ACTION_GATT_CONNECTED.equals(action)) {
mConnected = true;
updateConnectionState(R.string.connected, mConnected);
} else if (BluetoothLeService.ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED.equals(action)) {
mConnected = false;
updateConnectionState(R.string.disconnected, mConnected);
} else if (BluetoothLeService.ACTION_GATT_SERVICES_DISCOVERED.equals(action)) {
// Show all the supported services and characteristics on the user interface.
if(mGattCharacteristics != null && mGattCharacteristics.get(0) != null && mGattCharacteristics.get(0).get(0) != null) {
mBluetoothLeService.writeCharacteristic( prepareCharacteristic(), Constants.REQUEST_CONNECTION_CODE_1);
mBluetoothLeService.readCharacteristic( prepareCharacteristic());
} else if (BluetoothLeService.ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE.equals(action)) {
displayData( intent.getBooleanExtra("receivedProfessional", false));

What could it be?
kiran kumar <kiran99.cerebral@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:36AM -0500

If you have received this message in error or, are not interested in
receiving our emails, please reply to the email with "REMOVE" in subject
line to *sagar@cblsolutions.com <sagar@cblsolutions.com>*
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Here is the *Cerebral Technologies, Inc*., Hot List of our Consultants,
Please consider for all your C2C Requirements.
We do have Top Notch Consultants on our payroll and they are associated
with big IT giants across US and consultants available for projects
immediately. Our talented pool might be your right fit for any of your
current and future needs. Kindly add me into your distribution list and
let's have win-win relation from here on.
You can share me the requirements at *sagar@cblsolutions.com
<sagar@cblsolutions.com>* and you can reach me at # *469-242-0939
*Experience *
Sr.Java Lead
12+ Years
Bellevue, WA
Sr.PEGA Developer*(CSSA)*
Sr Tibco Lead
Bellevue, WA
8+ Years
San Diego, CA
Validation Engineer
6+ Years
Bridge Water, NJ
Hope we can achieve mutual benefits with working together.
*My Sincere Request:* Kindly add my Email *sagar@cblsolutions.com
<sagar@cblsolutions.com>* in your distribution list and send me your
direct client requirements on daily basis.
*Sagar* , *CBLSolutions*
*Email: *sagar@cblsolutions.com <kiran@cblsolutions.com>
*Website: *http://www.cblsolutions.com/
*Address: *300 Decker Drive Suite 225,Irving, TX - 75038
*Office: **469-242-0939*
* Fax: 516-900-2687 <516-900-2687> *
up2datecorp@gmail.com: Aug 17 07:22AM -0700

*Position : IOT engineer*
Location : Bay Area.
Rate : $55 to $75 / Hr
Resumes to : up2date2k12@gmail.com

*Must haves: *
-Passion for testing and integrating new systems
-General wireless and telephony networking theory knowledge
-Advanced knowledge of data exchange formats such as XML and JSON
-Strong RESTful Interface/API experience
-Agile and Test driven development
*Added skills:*
-Extensive experience with in-vehicle networking technology such as CAN,
Ethernet AVB, MOST, etc.
-Experience with connected car services including infotainment, telematics,
fleet management, etc.
-Experience with public and proprietary ODB-II data from multiple
-Experience with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto a plus
- Mobile Development (iOS/Android) Experience
- QT (C++ Experience)
- API Integration Experience
- 3D Game/Interaction Development (WebGL/Three.JS/Unity)
Patent Experience
Diverse Team Leadership
Amit Sharma <amit.itrecruitment@gmail.com>: Aug 17 10:10AM -0400

We have urgent requirement for MicroStrategy Developer at Dallas, TX.
Kindly share your consultant profile.
*Job Title : Microstrategy Developer*
*Location : Dallas,TX*
Microstrategy 10x/9x
- 7 yrs with hands on experience. Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i
- 5 yrs JBoss
- 5 yrs PL/SQL
- 5 yrs Unix Shell Script
- 5 yrs-Installing and Configuring Micro Strategy 10.x, Micro Strategy
Desktop, Micro Strategy Web (Jboss), Micro Strategy Mobile, Micro Strategy
Intelligence Server in a clustered environment.
-Experience with full enterprise applications migration from MSTR 9x to
MSTR 10x.
-Install and configure OM/EM, R integration, D3, ESRI.
-Scale the processing servers to fulfill scheduled jobs and adhoc requests.
-Meta data recovery and back up, implement security.
-Distribute content across nodes for effective use of in memory cubes and
efficient performance.
-Installing drivers ad Configuring DB connections on MSTR Servers
- Teradata, Aster, Big Data, Hive, Oracle, Windows AD, pass through.
-Technical resolution for Micro strategy environments, including trouble
shooting server errors.
-Vendor Management, Performance Management.
Phone: 609-897-9670 x 2160
Email: amitj@sysmind.com
Website: sysmind.com
Address: 38 Washington Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
Santosh kumar Nityo <santosh1990nityo@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:55AM -0400

Hope you doing Well !!!
Here is our Implementing partner Requirement, Please go through the below
requirement and send us suitable consultant with their updated resume,
rates and Contact details ..
*Role:* *PLSQL Developer (TA/TL) With Oracle Database*
*Location: **El Segundo , CA*
*Work Duration:** 6+ Month*
*Years of Experience: 8+*
*Note: We need Photo id and visa copy (H1B)*
* Job Description:*
Title: PLSQL Developer (TA/TL)
Proficiency in PL/SQL(Oracle11, 9) with strong fundamentals
o Strong Understanding of the Oracle database.
o Should have a very good knowledge and practical experience of stored
procedures, Triggers, Cursors, PL/SQL development, PL/SQL Packages, SQL
Exceptions and Functions in oracle.
o Should have experience in Performance tune queries, packages, procedures
and functions.
o Strong experience in software development lifecycle and should follow
standard development process such as code review.
o Good experience in backend development including data analysis, data
modeling, design and implementation.
o Experience in Unix and autosys will be added advantage.
o Should have good troubleshooting skills in Pl/SQL and should be able to
do reverse engineering where ever required .
[image: cid:image001.jpg@01D0BE16.B9DD7240]
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Santosh Kumar *
*Technical Recruiter*
Desk No-609-853-0818 Ext-2170
Fax : 609 799 5746
Manisha Nityo <mbnityo16@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:36AM -0400

Hope you doing Well !!!
Here is our *Implementing partner **Requirement*, Please go through the
below requirement and send us suitable consultant with their *updated
resume, rates and Contact details..*
*Role:- **Automation Test Lead with Java Knowledge*
*Location: **Albany, NY*
*Duration:- 6+ months*
*Interview: -Phone/Skype*
*Required Experience and Technical Skills*:-
Excellent Automation knowledge, Selenium, Java, SQL, Groovy, Jeb & Spock,
Functional Testing, Jira, Agile testing approach & methodologies.
Job Description:-
Ø 6+ years of testing experience, with at least 3 years as a Team Lead
Ø Complete testing background incl. hands on automation knowledge and
should have strong roots in a Java environment
Ø Understanding of internet application architecture, including web
services, database technologies, and SOA/Micro Services architecture
Ø Experience with Continuous Delivery techniques and tools a plus
Ø Significant hands-on experience in project management using Agile/Lean
development methodologies
Ø Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ø Excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and problem solving abilities
Ø Passion, resourcefulness, and dedication are a must to succeed
Ø Leading teams of highly-creative software professionals in a dynamic,
fast-paced environment
Ø Understanding and driving Lean, Systems Thinking software engineering
Ø Establishing best practices for software engineering to ensure
high-quality services that can be easily run in production
Ø Collaborating with architects and other technology leaders to help drive
the direction of technology within the team and the company
Ø Establishing a culture of continual learning and quality across the
Dropping down to a low level, when needed, to help direct project teams and
keep projects on course
*Thanks & Regards,
*Manisha Budhwar *
Technical Recruiter
Nityo InfoTech .
Desk No-609-853-0818 Ext-2160 <609-853-0818%20Ext-2160>
Gtalk ID:- manishanityo16
E Mail:- *​*manisha.b@nityo.com
saikiran Nandrolu <snandrolu@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:31AM -0400

Hi Friends,
Hope you are doing great,
I have an urgent requirement from one of my esteem client, I will
appreciate if you can have an eye on the below requirement and send me your
consultant updated profile ASAP.
*AWS Resource*
*New Orleans, LA*
*Long Term Contract*
*EAD or GC or Citizens Only*
*Job Description:*
Design, implement and deploy high availability solutions in the cloud
environment. Plan and conduct technical tasks associated with the
implementation and maintenance of cloud application infrastructure. The
Cloud Solutions Engineer collaborates with technical leadership, system
administrators, and business stakeholders to develop cloud solutions to
meet operational goals for high availability, performance, stability,
security, and cost efficiency.
*Minimum Qualifications:*
Education: Bachelor's degree with major in Computer Science, Mathematics,
Information Systems, or related.
· Experience:
o 7+ years as a Linux System Administrator or similar
o 2+ years as systems design lead
· Technology and Software
o Amazon Web Services experienced required
o Linux Operating systems (CentOS or similar) required
o Scripting language: Ruby, Perl, or Python
o Monitoring: Nagios, Zenoss, or similar
o Configuration Management Systems: Salt, Chef, or similar
o Databases: PostgreSQL or similar
Best Regard
Sai Kiran
Manisha Nityo <mbnityo16@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:18AM -0400

Hope you doing Well !!!
Here is our Implementing partner Requirement, Please go through the below
requirement and send us suitable consultant with their updated resume,
rates and Contact details ..
*Role:* *Automation Test Lead with Capital Market Domain Experience*
*Location: **Weehawken, NJ*
*Work Duration:* *6+ Month*
*Years of Experience: 8+*
*Note: Please attached Visa Copy & Id proof With Resume*
*Job Description:- *In the role of Test Lead, you will be involved in
automation requirement analysis, creating automation test strategy/plan,
test estimation, script creation, test scripts execution, defect management
and test progress reporting to stakeholders.
· Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent required from an accredited
institution. Will also consider three years of progressive experience in
the specialty in lieu of every year of education.
· At least 8+ years of in-depth experience on automation testing in Agile
· 5+ years of hands on Automation experience on (Selenium (JAVA), Cucumber)
exp. Knowledge on Gherkin.
· Experience on continuous integration tools Jenkin or Teamcity. Experience
in working on Behavior Driven Development (BDD).
· Candidate must 3+ years of Capital markets domain experience.
*Thanks & Regards,*
*Manisha Budhwar*
Nityo InfoTech .
Desk No-609-853-0818 Ext-2160
Gtalk ID:- manishanityo16
E Mail: manisha.b@nityo.com
Mohammad Wasim <mwburi123@gmail.com>: Aug 17 02:13PM +0100

Hi ,
Please let me know if you are interested for this role.
If interested then please send update resume along with below information.
Full Name:
*Application Developer w/UX exp*
*Client:: Microsoft*
*Redmond, WA*
*No H1B's*
Visual Designer – You sketch, design, tweak, crop and place yourself into
every project with a strong point of view on graphic design for
presentations, interaction layouts, apps, and a diverse range of
experiences delivered on a screen (sometimes print). You sell your work
through your concepts, talk big picture and solve the small details. You
have an eye for good, innovative design because you know the difference
between dated and trendy design. Can do this: - Design pixel perfect -
Communicate ideas clearly - Bring a variety of fresh and appealing
aesthetics to every project - Do visual research and present mood-boards
before tackle a project. Also this: - Work hard - Be nice and humble -
Animate your designs
*Must haves:* *- Over 5 years of experience in design and interactive* *-
Solid thinker with a point of view* *- Collaborative nature* *- Positive
attitude* *- Outstanding portfolio* *- Passion for design and technology* *-
Independent spirit*
Nice to have:
- You can create 3D content - You are handy with a fancy DSLR camera - You
can handle some video production as well for capturing and editing - You
can illustrate and storyboard with charm and clarity.
*Mohammad Wasim*
*Source InfoTech Inc.*
W: *6099450420*| F: 732-909-2282| Email: *wasim@sourceinfotech.com*
<bhanu@sourceinfotech.com> | Website: *www.sourceinfotech.com*
<http://www.sourceinfotech.com/> |
*Disclaimer:* If you are not interested in receiving our e-mails then
please reply with a "REMOVE" in the subject line at
remove@sourceinfotech.com for automatic removal. And mention all the e-mail
addresses to be removed with any e-mail addresses, which might be diverting
the e-mails to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Sudhakar Reddy <sudhakarreddy.recruiter@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:04AM -0400

Hi ,
Hope you are doing great,
My Self, *Sudhakar* from *HCL Global Systems Inc*. We have a requirement
for IBM BPM consultant* for *Richfield,MN
Please review the Job description below and if you'd like to pursue this,
please include a word copy of your latest resume along with a daytime phone
number and rate in your response. You can also reach me at
248-473-0720*191,Drop the suitable profiles on *rec2@hclglobal.com
Title: IBM BPM consultant
Location: Richfield,MN
Duration: 6 Months +
Job Description:
Key skills required for the job are:
- IBM BPM - IBM Lombardi (Mandatory)
- IBM BPM - ESB Architecting
As a Lead, you are responsible for managing a small team of analysts,
developers, testers or engineers and drive delivery of a small module
within a project (Delivery/Maintenence/Testing) You may serve as entry
level specialist with expertise in particular technology/industry domain/a
process / application / product. You are responsible for
functional/technical track of a project.
Minimum work experience:8 Years
*Mandatory Skills:* IBM BPM - IBM Lombardi BPM Process Design
*Desirable Skills:* JavaScript, IBM BPM¿ - ESB Architecting
*Language Skills:* English Language
*Thanks and Regards . . . . *
Technical Recruiter,
HCL Global Systems, Inc
24543 Indoplex Circle,
Suite 220, Farminton. MI 48335
Email Id: rec2@hclglobal.com
Sudheer Kumar <harvesting.tektreeinc@gmail.com>: Aug 17 09:10AM -0400

Please find the attached resume and contact details of my consultant and
let me know if she suits your requirement
Name: Samhitha
Phone: 734-661-7973
location: Waltham, MA
Relocation: Open
Visa: H1b
Availability: Immediate.
*Thanks & Regards*
* Sudheer *
*Work* : (734) 661-7973
*Fax* : (302) 397-2097
*Email *: sudheer@tektreeinc.com
*Web *: www.tektreeinc.com
*Gtalk* : *sudheertektreeinc@gmail.com <sudheertektreeinc@gmail.com>*
Vadivel C <vadivel@2basetechnologies.com>: Aug 17 05:22AM -0700

how to make , if move Imageview right to like and move left to remove view
in andorid without using listview.
abdelrahman mustafa <abdelrahmanmustafa00@gmail.com>: Aug 17 04:25AM -0700

can any one know this problem and what could the solution be ??
On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 4:23:51 AM UTC-7, abdelrahman mustafa
abdelrahman mustafa <abdelrahmanmustafa00@gmail.com>: Aug 17 04:23AM -0700

I was trying to create Android developer Console charging 25 $ but
something wrong was happened and then i have been charged for 5 dollar so
please kindly refund this charges ,i had this message through my process (An
unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. (668269003)
Madhu Sudhan <sudhan.itrecruiter@gmail.com>: Aug 17 04:45PM +0530

Below are the available consultants,
Let me know if you have any requirements,
You can reach me at *630-(923)-6952* or *madhu.usitrecruiter@gmail.com*
Also please add me to your requirements distribution list
*V M*
*Sr. Network Admin/Sr. Network Systems Engineer (8 years)*
*D B*
*Sr. SAP BW/BOBJ/HANA Lead **(8 years)*
*R T*
*Sr. SAP BW BO HANA Lead Consultant (12 years)*
*N N*
*V V*
*Sr. Oracle PL/SQL ETL INFORMATICA Developer **(15 years)*
*MD, VA, PA, TX*
*G G*
*Sr. ETL QA Tester (8 years)*
*S V*
*Sr. Tableau Developer (8 years)*
*B G*
*Sr. Business System Data Analyst (8 years)*
IT Jobs <reddybvrknl@gmail.com>: Aug 17 03:53AM -0700

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