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Hari Raj <hari.raj1210@gmail.com>: Jun 30 10:32AM +0530

hey cool.
I'm getting your app in my android mobile.
allen.hjg@gmail.com: Jun 29 08:29PM -0700

According to google cardboard certification for input as below:
- Your viewer should contain exactly one input. If your viewer has
affordances for a direct screen touch, ensure that there is at most one
dedicated area for touching the screen.
- Your viewer can use different types of inputs, from a simple
smartphone screen touch, conductive and capacitive inputs, to Bluetooth-based
buttons, and so on.
- If you're using a conductive input which passes user's body charge
onto the smartphone screen, ensure that the input is not touching the
screen in a "non-pressed" state.
How implement the bluetooth-based button? Need BLE HID to send input
event? What type event and keycode? Is there any document to descript it?
Padmashri Mallapur <padmashri.mallapur@gmail.com>: Jun 29 05:53PM -0700

Hi there,
Is it possible to refresh widget with pull down feature? I can do this in
app, but I am trying to implement same in widget, any help or pointer is
Thank you,
Harish singh <harishsingh.ithr@gmail.com>: Jun 29 02:07PM -0700

*Please find below requirement*

*Job Title: B2B EDI Testing*
*Location: Sunnyvale CA*

*Job Descreption*

*Technical skills*
Oracle ERP testing experience - Order to Cash cycle
EDI testing experience
B2B integration testing experience

Experience in test case design, Test case execution, defect management and

*Soft Skills *
Strong ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively,
with fluency in English.
Communication (discussing requirements, status, blockers,
Collaborating with other team members

*Education *
Bachelors (BS in Computer Science)
Masters (MS in Computer Science)

Candidate General InformationRelevant years of experience for this role 8+






*Harish Singh*

Yahoo : harishsingh.ithr@yahoo.com
Colin Maroney <cjmaroney.follett@gmail.com>: Jun 29 01:32PM -0700

I have an android app that works on the chromebook flip when using arc
welder to install and run it. However, when I download the current version
from the play store, or sideload the current dev version by copying over
the apk, the app doesn't run. I get the splash screen and then a white
screen and nothing happens.
I tried using chrome on the chromebook and doing chrome://inspect/#devices
and chrome://inspect/#apps but i don't see my running app in either place.
(The app is mostly a webview wrapping a JS application, so this is
typically how I debug it). I also tried using the android chrome browser
and also do not see my app there. I am not sure where to find the
application logs, although I did try looking at the various system logs.
The chromebook is in developer mode so I can get a shell and look around,
but I couldn't find an app log. adb devices does not show my app, and adb
logcat doesn't show anything either.
Anyone know how to debug a webview app on the chromebook?
Andy Storch <andys@ntso.com>: Jun 29 01:14PM -0700

Is there a way around needing a CPU supporting intel vt-x extended page
tables to run the Android SDK?
Axier Fernandez <oneill88@gmail.com>: Jun 29 01:29AM -0700

When an app gets transfered to other account, the new owner can sign that
apk with their keystore or should the use the previous owner keystore to
keep on signing that apk?
If so, whats the point on that? If the app has a new owner why maintain the
previous signature?
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