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ERPMusicVideos <erpmusic.videos@gmail.com>: Jun 22 01:56PM -0700

Hi, dear people :)
I'm having some trouble here. I've been trying to hide the title bar (which
says the name of the app) and also maybe the bar which has the clock,
battery, signal, icons etc. The bottom bar with back and home should stay.
I've tried like 10-15 different tutorials but I can't seem to get rid of
it. Tried to change the theme or whatever it was to NoTitle, didn't do
anything. Also tried many other things. I can't figure out what I'm doing
wrong. I'm a newbie, must mention that though. The problem might be
something really easy, yet hard to spot for me.
Can anyone check my code and see what's wrong? I'd really appreciate your
help. Here's a link to my Android Studio project (couldn't upload here
since size limits):
Thank you in advance, my greatest appreciations if anyone's willing to help
& happy holidays in case your country celebrates anything at this time :)
USIT Recruiter <usitrecruiter93@gmail.com>: Jun 23 01:46AM +0530

Please lookup the below position and if you feel comfortable ,then please
send me your updated resume
Position: SAP HR Consultant
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Duration: 3 + Months
Customer: HCL America
I am searching for an SAP Consultant that is specialized in SAP Payroll and
Time. This is a 3 + month role for immediate start.
Thanks & Regards!
Abhishek Kumar | Sr. Technical Recruiter | Pro-Tek Consulting
Hangout :: USITRecruiter1993
Description: cid:sigimg0@feaa1bdd6ffc62da9a44d4fc65960bcd
New Thinking. New Staffing. http://www.pro-tekconsulting.com
For H1B Consultants H1B Copy Is Mandatory For Submission To Client.
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Jun 22 04:03PM -0400

Hi Partners,
Please share profile at *naseer.ahmad@nityo.com <naseer.ahmad@nityo.com>*
*Skill Set*
WebSphere Portal Admin
*Work Location*
Saint Louis, Missouri
*Special Instructions*
*Job Description*
Position: WebSphere Portal Admin
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Main Accountabilities
• Supporting WebSphere Portal, Web Content Management, WebSphere
Application Server
• Designing/Creating new portal pages, Adding/Configuring portlets, Content
syndication from one environment to another, User provisioning
• Applying fixes/fixpacks, Upgrades/Migrations based on the need/requirement
• Support WebSphere Portal deployments from development to pre-production
and production environments
• Troubleshooting performance problems considering infrastructure, database
and other portal interfaces
• Supporting production environment during non-business hours
• Installing/Configuring/Supporting Webservers - Apache, IHS
• Technical Support to application developers
• Documenting all the changes/issues/resolutions
Knowledge, Skills and Experience
• 6-8 years WebSphere Portal experience
• Strong expertise performing WebSphere Portal administration in a cluster
environment on Linux
• Proven experience installing, upgrading and supporting WebSphere portal
with Oracle RDBMS as a backend database and Apache/IHS as frontend
• Good understanding of web analytics
• Must have completed at least 2 upgrades/migrations
• Experience with xmlaccess, wsadmin, jacl, jython, perl, and shell
• Fluent in English
• Knowledge in other supporting products such as Splunk, Omnifind,
SVN/Maven/Artifactory is preferred
WebSphere Portal Administration certification is preferred
Desk : 609-853-0818 Ext: 2184
Del Merritt <uncleop@gmail.com>: Jun 22 11:35AM -0700

*Q:* What are the steps and project layout requirements in Android Studio
to develop and maintain an distributable SDK that is itself not OSS?
There's lots of good info here and at stackoverflow (where I've posted this
question as well), but none of it seems to address my specific situation.
Which is:
- A large body of legacy C/C++ code that has it's own legacy build
system, which happens to be cross-compiler friendly
- A working JNI configuration of glue, which when combined with the
above, results in
- Our "SDK", which presents as an .aar file; it is not open source, and
thus the end user/developer cannot (re)build the SDK
- A Sample Application, which we will distribute with source and can be
used as a functional example of how to use our SDK

We started all of this in the days of Eclipse, before there was an Android
Studio. Then and today the build process has a bunch of manual steps; we
are currently using Android Studio 2.1.2. The goals are:
- Generate a black-box SDK suitable for depolyment to end user
developers along with the sample code
- In house, be able to debug both the SDK and sample code with a minimum
of fuss

The current manual steps look like this:
1. Build the legacy code, generating a .a that currently is ARM specific
(still need to add x86 and someday maybe mips support, if anyone is using
2. Run ndk-build (we currently hard code the use of NDK r9d) that knows
where to find the .a from step 1 and results in a .so suitable for JNI
3. Copy the .so to the SDK Android Studio project's
4. Do a "Build:Rebuild Project", generating a .aar file
5. Copy the .aar to the Sample code project's libname-debug/ directory
6. Do a "Build:Rebuild Project" and/or "Build:Build APK" and debug on
our various devices as necessary

I accept that I may be stuck with manually doing step 1 forever - that's
the price of "legacy" - and perhaps step 2. But it would be really nice to
be able to improve steps 3-6. In so doing, I want any deliverable Gradle
files to work for our in-house developers who *can* see inside the SDK as
well as our end-user developers who *cannot* see inside the SDK.
TIA for any pointers to existing topics I missed; the search terms of
"SDK", "developer" and "gradle" all return lots of results, of course,
which makes it harder to find the needle in the haystack...
pmiguel142001@gmail.com: Jun 22 05:47AM -0700

Hi Dev team,
We have a Mobile Capture app published in Play Store. Our challenge is to
force the update and installation silently and transparent to the Mobile
User. The application is going to be used by Street Vendors in a developing
country, and we would like them to have any manual interaction during the
app update process.
Marina Cuello <marina.eariel@gmail.com>: Jun 22 12:19PM -0300

Tell them to mark your app as auto-update and then never add a new
permission on your manifest.
Yeral Yamil <yyamil24@gmail.com>: Jun 22 07:15AM -0700

I'm having the same issue. Did you find a way to solve it?
On Monday, October 5, 2015 at 6:56:56 PM UTC-4, Deepak Mishra wrote:
Dev Singh <devs09876@gmail.com>: Jun 22 10:04AM -0400

*Role : Senior Support Engineer*
*Work Location:* Jacksonville, Florida
· ITIL V3 Foundation,
· Shell scripting
· Python
· Perl
· Java
Financial domain knowledge and experience of L2 Production Support
Thanks & Regards
*Dev Singh*
Phone: 609-853-0818 Extn: 2112
*Email*: dev.s@nityo.com <devinder.sharma@saviancetech.com>
dev09876@gmail.com <devinder.sharma@saviancetech.com>
*Hangout: **devs09876@gmail.com <devs09876@gmail.com>*
*Skype : **dev.singh526*
www.nityo.com <http://www.saviance.com/>
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Jun 22 10:00AM -0400

Hi Partners
Please share local profiles as rate is not more than $50/hr. only
with Mortgage
*naseer.ahmad@nityo.com <naseer.ahmad@nityo.com>*
*Skill Set*
Mortgage J2EE
*Work Location*
Charlotte, NC, USA
*Special Instructions*
*Job Description*
Technical Analyst Job Description
The Technical Analyst is primarily responsible for interpreting the
functional requirements of a project into high/mid level technical designs
that will be consumed by the development teams. A major focus of the
Technical Analyst is working with vendors and Ally developers to create
technical specifications for system integrations at the web service level.
The Technical Analyst participates in projects from the discovery phase
throughout development and testing phases of the project.
Domain knowledge in Mortgage area is preferable.
Primary responsibilities and deliverables:
· Create mid level technical designs (ex: System Integration Diagrams,
System Process Flows, Sequence Diagrams, web service level Data Maps)
· Provide technical impact analysis for change requests, new applications,
and enhancements
· Review BRD and participate in JAR sessions to gather and clarify business
requirements, remove ambiguity
· Participate in JAD sessions to define vendor system integrations, and
facilitate clear understanding between vendor and Ally development teams
· Work with Architecture, Security, Business, and other Technology groups
as needed to define solutions
· Ensure Technical Analyst deliverables conform to all compliance and
security policies and procedures.
· Review and provide input to Systems Requirements Document (SRS), UI
Functional Spec (FUI Spec), and Architectural Design Document (ADD)
· Support through Development, Testing, and Deployment phases of the project
· Proactive, regular communications with business, technology partners, and
management to keep informed of status, changes, or issues
· Ensure Technical Analyst deliverables are completed according to defined
schedules and requirements
· Extensive experience designing SOA services (SOAP & REST) and middleware
integration for large distributed enterprise applications, especially for
Bank or Financial industry. Experience of at least 2 years in service
design is a minimum requirement.
· Excellent analytical skills - especially when it comes to determining the
impact of requirements on system and service design.
· Experience working with UML Sequence Diagrams and in capturing interface
design as data maps.
· Hands-on programming experience in at least one object oriented
programming language is preferred.
· Experience with JSON, REST, XML, JAVA are preferred
· Experience working with business personnel (non - technical) in gathering
business requirements, goals, removing ambiguity and translating these into
system interface requirements for an IT system.
· Ability to explain technical issues and present proposed solutions
clearly in both technical and non-technical terms
· Experience working with onshore/offshore staffing model, flexible and
comfortable in a fast changing environment
· Highly organized and detail oriented, Excellent communication skills
Jadhav Ashok <jadhav.groups@gmail.com>: Jun 22 09:42AM -0400

*Linux Administrator*
*Allentown, PA*
*Market rate*
*Only locals. Immediate closure. *
Work with Application Migration Team to configure, test and troubleshoot
applications in Amazon Web Services as client is migrating 100+ workloads
to Amazon.
Linux -- MUST
Database Skills (SQL and / or Oracle) – MODERATE NEED
koder Blake <kevnoutsawo@gmail.com>: Jun 22 06:29AM -0700

Wow trev! An old machine? I am still dreaming of such a setup.
koder Blake <kevnoutsawo@gmail.com>: Jun 22 06:42AM -0700

Get fastest, most powerful you can because java code is sooo slow. My actual computer is a 1.5 ghz dual core with 4 gb of ram and it won't run an android emulator without slowing down everything and it often crashes. Also check all the specs before buying. There are laptop very impaired like 6gb ram and 1.4 ghz single core cpu. Have a tech savvy friend accompany you, it will be better.
adigarla.satheesh401@gmail.com: Jun 22 05:00AM -0700

Trevor Page <trevg60@gmail.com>: Jun 22 01:22PM +0100

koder Blake <kevnoutsawo@gmail.com>: Jun 22 06:33AM -0700

Nothing worth it comes that way in this world. Google it first.
SALMA BHAT <salma.recruiter@gmail.com>: Jun 22 09:32AM -0400

Hi Partners,
Please share profile at naseer.ahmad@nityo.com
*Skill Set*
Test Data Management
*Work Location*
Cincinnati, Ohio
*Special Instructions*
*Job Description*
Note : We appreciate not to see any rejects at screening stage due to poor
Role Test Lead
Open Positions 1
Experience 5+Yrs
Skill Test Data Management
Duration 1 year
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Approx. Start date 04th July 14
Detailed JD Bottom-line responsibility for TDM deliverables Coordination
with QA and other teams for TDM needs Transition plan and execution TDM
strategy and implementation Weekly status reporting Analyze physical data
model and data relationships for TDM Offshore coordination and review of
all deliverables Data validation post data refresh TDM tool evaluation, POC
and implementation TDM script development and execution for gold copy
creation and environment refresh Data validation post data refresh Physical
data model and data relationship analysis TDM tool usage
Sylvain Tremblay <sylvain.tremblay@consoftinc.com>: Jun 22 05:46AM -0700

Hello All,
I wonder if some one did experience the same as me. I did build an
application that makes Async call (for HTTPS and HTTP) request and
everything is fine while I am using the application. But when I leave my
tablet to go in Save Mode then I wake-up my tablet, all my Async
call take forever to be executed (some time up to 15-20 second before the
get call.
Does any one experience that problem? If so, how did you fix it?
stoney roberts <stoneyrobertsf2@gmail.com>: Jun 22 03:30AM -0700

I searched the forums but was unable to find a topic for this annoying
issue i am facing.
I have used android and iOS devices and my last android Galaxy Note 3 as
well as all my iOS devices have all had a COPY TO CLIPBOARD option in the
gallery app. Well i have just upgraded my device to a new android phone
running marshmallow 6.0.1 and when i am in the gallery app viewing my
photos and want to copy one to the clipboard it is no longer there! When i
click the share button i get everything else but that.. Sure i can just
click messages, email , or something else but sometimes i rather copy my
image to the clipboard and write an email first and then having the image
on the clipboard already i can just paste it in the email and then i can
turn around and with it kept on the clipboard can paste it in a text
message or internet browser and it would remain on the clipboard until i
copy something else.....
Why has this feature been left out on Marshmallow?
This seemingly easy little feature i was so used to having on all my
devices is missing now and driving my crazy!!! I can only hope some of you
awesome developers on here will see a need for this as well and bring it
back in an update!!!! Please!!!!
azhar bhatti <kensoftwares@gmail.com>: Jun 22 01:19AM -0700

Dear Friends,
The $25 for registration , is a one time fees for any number of apps i make
and post or is it for one app?
Any reply given can be high appreciated.
sardar khan <sardar.khan299@gmail.com>: Jun 22 01:26PM +0500

its a one time fees
On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 1:19 PM, azhar bhatti <kensoftwares@gmail.com>
Jonathan S <xfsunoles@gmail.com>: Jun 21 11:51PM -0700

Known Issue.
On Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 11:25:57 PM UTC-4, Pasan Eramusugoda wrote:
Pasan Eramusugoda <vaprera91@gmail.com>: Jun 22 01:10AM -0700

Hi All,
I have resolved the issue.
What I did was simply run the zipalign twice. Mean you need to run zipalign
again for firstly created output.
On Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8:55:57 AM UTC+5:30, Pasan Eramusugoda wrote:
niraj singh <sniraj370@gmail.com>: Jun 22 12:52AM -0700

i download android ANDROID STUDIO v2.1.2 during installation it failed to
download ANDROID VIRTUAL DEVICE i had already checked the box to download
AVD but still it shows an error message * "unable to create a virtual
device:missing system image required for an avd setup"*
*now hoe shall i download the avd.*
*kindly mail me if u guys have any solution *
DO <delasoim@gmail.com>: Jun 21 11:25PM -0700

I am unable to see how to refactor com to have two folders ke co from an
existing project. Kindly assist me.
Contact Test <contact.tester2@gmail.com>: Jun 21 11:14PM -0700

<https://developer.android.com/reference/android/Manifest.permission.html#REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS> without
your app being suspended even though you have valid reasons which comply
with the guidelines?
From what I've read, all apps that request this permission are
insta-banned, and google generally ignores all appeals so it's pretty much
impossible to even use this permission.
Any help/guidance appreciated.
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