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Nizzam Mohd <nizzam@taximonger.com>: Apr 19 09:47PM -0700

I also facing the same problem, I already debug and everything looks fine.
Could it be a server response ?
On Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 6:09:11 PM UTC+8, AbdulMajeed Mohammad wrote:
VISHAL TIKKU <tikku.vishal@gmail.com>: Apr 20 11:38AM +0530

Try from postman client and analyze the response.
qsyncindia2@gmail.com: Apr 19 10:58PM -0700

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dsavereide <dsavereide@att.net>: Apr 19 03:25PM -0700

We have a Windows32 program that uses some .NET controls. We are having a
problem with this on Android devices (e.g. Surface Pro 3 and others)
running Windows 10 Pro.

Everything is normal until we access our first .NET control. Then existing
native windows are resized, text is redrawn with a tiny font and the menu
bar is now too short to display the menu. I monitored the messages coming
in and compared them to a Windows 10 Pro PC. The difference is the
ImmersiveFocusNotifcation (wparam = 0xFFFFFFFC), which I understand is an
android device specific message. We are not receiving any resize messages.

It doesn't matter if I ignore it, or answer true or false. Since we are not
using Immersive Mode or doing anything Android specific, this is confusing
to me.

Does anyone have any ideas for dealing with it?
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