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"Олег Рябцев" <leitosha94@gmail.com>: Mar 31 03:32PM -0700

I'm using Android Studio version 1.5 on my MacBook Air 13" (8 GB RAM). I'm
using built-in Git feature for my project's version control. I try merge
local and remote branches which contains conflicts and when I solve them
and click Apply button Android Studio just freezes and I can't do anything!
I've tried wait for 5 and more minutes but there's no changes: Android
Studio stays freeze. However, other programs on my Mac are working good! At
screen you can see what I have as a result. How can I avoid freeze? Thanks
for helping
sudhanshu pandey <sudhanshu.intime@gmail.com>: Mar 31 04:50PM -0400

I have an urgent requirement with one of my clients, details given below.
If you find yourself suitable for the position, please send me your latest
updated resume along with contact details. It will be good if you can call
me at *609-853-0818 x 2173.*
*Job Title **Scrum Master*
*Project Location Chicago,IL*
*Duration **12 months *
*Rate $60/hr*
*Skills Required and Job Description:*
*Total Experience **(in Yrs): 15* *+ years.*
*Mandatory Technical/Functional Skills:*
• Experience in managing end-to-end project execution using agile
• Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance) or PMI-ACP is mandatory
• Experienced and skilled in managing large teams, planning, organizing,
leading and monitoring the day to day activities of the development plan
• Have experience working closely with product owners to develop a project
roadmap ScrumMaster coaching for the team
• Experience in backlog/User stories grooming, defining Sprint, Release
Burndown charts, Dashboard for reporting of the status of the projects
• Requirements Engineering, Solution Architecture, Design, Development and
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, with ability to
communicate at all levels within the organization
• Active inquiry skills
• Strong Negotiation skills and interpersonal skills
• Ability to use the project management tools like MS-Project Plan,
Clarizen, JIRA etc.
• Ability to have focused goal oriented meetings with the stakeholders
• Proven team leadership, coaching, and mentoring
• Ability to quickly build relationships at all levels and
• Experienced in facilitation and stakeholder management
• Strategic thinking / conceptual thinking
• Create a culture of continuous improvement, change and world class
service delivery
• Manage program communication and risk plans for successful delivery
*Desirable Technical Skills /**Functional Skills**:*
• Industry vertical application for Big Data/Analytics (Retail/Healthcare)
• Deployment of a large distributed Big Data Application (e.g., Customer
Insights and other analytics)
•Familiarity with HIPPA data and masking
•Functional experience around retail industry
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Thanks & Regards*
*Gaurav Badola Technical Recruiter*
Desk : 609-853-0818 X 2173
Fax : 609 799 5746 gaurav.badola@nityo.com <pankaj.u@nityo.com>
*Gtalk & Yahoo : Gauravbadola83*
USA | Canada | India | Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | Philippines |
Thailand | UK | Australia / Zealand
*Nityo Infotech has been rated as One of the top 500 Fastest growing
companies by INC 500*
*Disclaimer:* http://www.nityo.com/Email_Disclaimer.html
Dilanka Madhawa <kgdilankamadhawa@gmail.com>: Mar 31 12:07PM -0700

i am learning android development on mac and when i try to run a code on my
device, the android studio says that,
"Error:(41, 39) error: lambda expressions are not supported in -source 1.7
(use -source 8 or higher to enable lambda expressions)"
i have tried and updated java and i have the latest version. can someone
help me to solve this?
davalla <omidmi6@gmail.com>: Mar 31 11:38AM -0700

I'm developing an Android app that would need to stream the raw heart rate
data from an Android wearable device (like the Moto 360 Sport). What is the
fastest sampling rate I can get from this data? In other words, how long
does it take for the device to return to me the next heart rate value it
Dev <androidmobsolution@gmail.com>: Mar 31 10:42AM -0700

This is a very common problem, if you had done a quick search would have
found an answer easily, anyway, just add the code below, overlapping the
onPause method of your Activity
public void onPause() {
try {
.getMethod("onPause", (Class[]) null)
.invoke(webView, (Object[]) null);
} catch(Exception e) {
Em terça-feira, 29 de março de 2016 18:17:51 UTC-3, Cayce escreveu:
sukhvir singh <sukhi.ricky@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:24AM -0700

Hi All,
We have a requirement of using bottom navigation for current hierarchy
based Android app. I wish to know if there is any official API's provided
by Google for implementing it.
I can see there are third party libraries on github like :-
which are good but do not completely confirm to material design.
Any help is appreciated.
mushspace <singhai.nish@gmail.com>: Mar 31 07:36AM -0700


I have used code from this link to capture signature. It works. But further
on, I had to add more edittext's. This needs a scroll view as it does not
fit into a screen. In doing so, the image view that has signature
disappears. How can I go about it to ensure that view that captures
signature appears in the scrollview.
brunof0080@gmail.com: Mar 31 07:18AM -0700

Somebody can help me?
quarta-feira, 30 de Março de 2016 às 17:24:42 UTC+1, bruno...@gmail.com
Davi Albuquerque Vieira <dvieira0801@gmail.com>: Mar 31 11:23AM -0300

Jawed & Felix <jawed.jahid@gmail.com>: Mar 31 07:09AM -0700

Our names are Felix and Jawed, we are currently writing our Bachelor Thesis
in Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology about Native
versus Hybrid apps, with a focus on features.
We need your help and opinion to complete our thesis, We will be truly
grateful if you could take 5-10 minutes of you time to answer our questions.
You can find the survey here
Best Regards,
Felix & Jawed
sudhanshu pandey <sudhanshu.intime@gmail.com>: Mar 31 10:02AM -0400

*Hi There,*
*I am technical recruiter and I am looking for Relevant consultant for
below job description, if interested please let me know the hourly rate you
are looking for below mention job position.*
*Job Title: IBM Middleware Engineer LDAP Advisor *
* Location: : Scottsdale, AZ *
*Contract: 12+ Months*
*Visa : US Citizen or Green Card only*
* Required Qualifications*
· Maintain the following Large Enterprise solutions within a high
volume, high availability environment.
· Senior LDAP (IBM Tivoli/Security Directory Server v6.4 (IBM
Tivoli LDAP v6.*))
· Experience as an LDAP Administrator with large scale
· Experience with setting up LDAP replication agreements.
· Experience with user Password encryption settings. Configuration
of multi-tier password policies.
· Experience with system monitoring tools such as Hp, Wily, etc…
· Experience with Unix AIX Operating systems
· Experience with LDAP command line tools.
· Experience with LDAP performance test tools like SLAMD.
· Experience with directory browser software like Softerra LDAP
· Experience with IBM Tivoli LDAP reporting tools.
· Experience with Active Directory.
· Experience with integrating various LDAP client applications.
· Monitor services and run-time components, maintaining high
performance and availability.
· Work with business analysts, enterprise architects and
development teams to implement, evolve, and maintain/support business
solutions utilizing the Identity and Access management solutions and
ensuring high quality and scalable solutions.
· Work with operational and development teams to assist with
troubleshooting activities within a mission critical environment.
· Work with Technology Team on standards, product roadmap and
architecture decisions based on the enterprise blueprint.
· Create custom schema attributes and object class
· Directory backup and restore.
· Troubleshooting everyday LDAP issues
· Provide documentation when needed.
· Problem Management, Analyze root cause and resolve problems.
· Add Modify and Delete ACL's, Users, Roles, Schemas and
Replication Agreements.
· Regenerate Indexes
· Create Unix Scripts to generate UAL as part of Audit requests
· Work with different Project team members to accomplish results.
· Train Directory resources via theory sessions, cross training and
on-job training.
· Maintain self-help documentation and maintain LDAP Support
processes and Procedures.
· Track Project Status, Weekly timesheet
· Maintain and renewal of all LDAP SSL certificates
· Capacity Planning.
· Interacting with various application owner
· Requirement gathering and Analysis.
· Testing and production deployment
*Thanks & Regards,*
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Sudhanshu Pandey Sr. Technical Recruiter*
Desk : 609-853-0818 X 2126
Fax : 609 7995746
*sudhanshu.p@nityo.com <sudhanshu.p@nityo.com> *
*www.nityo.com <http://www.nityo.com/>*
*Gtalk : sudhanshu.intime*
Suraj Datta <dsuraj72@gmail.com>: Mar 31 06:00AM -0700

I have lost my Keystore file, due to which i'm not able to update my app on
Playstore. I have searched on internet & know that Unpublish is the only
But still can we extract or recover Android.Keystore file from Android apk
or some other procedure to recover it?
Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:14AM -0400

If there was a way to recover the keystore from an apk then there would be
such a big security hole as to render the digital signing totally
worthless. Your only recourse is to unpublish, then make a new keystore to
publish under a new package id. Then, make sure that your new keystore is
properly backed up so that you can never lose it again!
felipe vela moscoso <jfvelamoscoso@gmail.com>: Mar 31 05:32AM -0700

I am currently working on a indoor location paper using wifi systems. The
problem is that some devices are not working as expected. So i have 2
1) How really factory default android select the AP and how it decides to
change to another AP, does it has any trigger threshold?.
2) This process is for all android distributions or it will depend of
Best regards. Also if you have some docummentation, books, etc will be
karthik.mail.dev@gmail.com: Mar 31 05:06AM -0700

I have a jobservice which has to repetitively run when device is connected
to internet. It is running without any issues in Lollipop but the same job
service is not executed in Marshmallow consistently. I suspect it is
something to do with the battery percentage of device. Is Marshmallow doing
any optimization on job service scheduling in low charge scenario? pls help
me with this since it is inconsistent?
healthy.drinks.test@gmail.com: Mar 31 03:43AM -0700

I have integrated google fit in one of ours app.Of lately I'm able to
insert nutrition data from my app to google fit.But the nutrition card does
not show up on the *dashboard *of google fit.We were able to query and
print the data inserted.This proves to say the data is sent to cloud.Please
help as this is blocking our app release.Thank you in advance!
Dobble Social <dobblecommunities@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:55AM -0700

Hi Team,
I am developing a hybrid app using telerik appbuilder windows client. I am
integrating google login in my app using
https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-googleplus/ this plugin.
It is working fine for iOS but not working for android getting 12501 error.
I am quite frustrated what to do. I do every require step please help me
out. Error screen shot is attached.
Please provide me a solution regarding this.
Harish Pal <harish24u@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:14AM -0700

[image: b2ap3_thumbnail_MTM0MDcxNzg5MDM3ODUzMTUw.jpg]
Image source: readwrite.com
Updating a mobile app is essential to build trust among users that you are
willing to improve the overall user experience and fix the app issues that
arise from time to time. Android developers also pay heed to that matter
and regularly publish their app updates on Play Store. Google has recently
brought a welcome change for Android developers by allowing them to use a
timed publishing approach for updates on the Play Store.
However, Android developers must not mistake time publishing approach for
scheduled updates. It may appear from Google's support document
that Android developers can schedule time for publishing updates to their
apps, but that is certainly not the case.
What is this timed publishing approach?
With timed publishing, Android developers need not to bear the stress of
working out when their Android app updates may go live. Android developers
first need to push the new APK
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_application_package> for their apps
and then wait for a couple of hours, which is the normal time for
processing. After this, they will get a "Go Live" button, pressing on which
will make the update available for all users within minutes and at the same
So, Android developers now have the option to make an update available for
all users at once, but they still have to press the "Go Live" button. There
is no option to choose a specific time to schedule the publishing time for
an update, which may seem from what Google has worded the update in their
support docs.
Limits of Timed publishing approach
Both Android developers and users appear rejoicing over the new change, but
they must note that timed publishing is only meant for updates to an
existing app in Play Store, and not for publishing a new app.
However, Android developers also must understand that Google has not
removed the processing waiting period for app updates, and they can process
only one change at a time. Besides, they will not be able to revert
changes, meaning they need to fix all the bugs before making their update
live for everyone at once. An extra stint would also be needed at Android
developers end to ensure that all their servers are in sync with each other.
Benefits of timed publishing approach

Google says that Android app updates will not take more than a few
minutes to be available for all users after the processing wait period is
over, but it certainly won't take hours like in the past for the same.


The new change makes it easier for Android developers to make app
updates available to users, without worrying about when they may go live as
they were previously used to after hitting the publish button.


Android app users also don't need to wonder when updates would be
available to them.


Once an app update is successfully processed, Android app developers can
choose to hit the "Go Live" button sometime later to coincide it with a
press release, ad campaign or other events pertinent to their apps.

Read more at: http://goo.gl/mCH1I8
Damian Serwin <damian.abel.serwin@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:00AM -0700

Your SQL syntax is wrong. Don't user asterisk in your query.
Check this:
On Monday, 28 March 2016 20:20:08 UTC+2, Elijah Smith wrote:
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[android-developers] Digest for android-developers@googlegroups.com - 21 updates in 20 topics

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erik llerena <eriktx11@gmail.com>: Mar 30 12:02PM -0700

Can anybody give a hand here. I'm creating a very simple app. I'm loading
the content of **my OWN website** in a webview. I've done the very same in
iphone and it got approved. But wen loaded in the google play store it got
rejected. The email I got was so nasty but that is a different topic. I
fought back and I got the reply below.
I don't understand how to add this function/permission. I've gone
everywhere and I don't find an answer. Can somebody in this community help
--See google's reply ---
We don't allow apps whose primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to
a website or provide a webview of a website without permission from the
website owner or administrator.
- http://www.MyWebsite.com/
If you publish a new version of your app, please make sure it's in
compliance with our policies.
"Талгат Ибрагимов" <com.mailt@gmail.com>: Mar 30 11:31AM -0700

Hello, I apologize if this topic has been discussed and will be glad if
there is a reference to her decision
I want to use in your game RealTimeMultiplayer using video advertising at a
loss of one of the players. The idea is that if one player dies, he will
have the choice to play in multiplayer, viewing video ads or disconnect
from the games.
The problem is that when I turn on the viewing of video advertising, the
player is automatically disconnected from the multiplayer.
Who can faced with the same problem, tell me is there any solution to it?
Здравствуйте, извиняюсь если эта тему уже обсуждалась и буду рад если есть
ссылка на ее решение
Хочу использовать в своей игре RealTimeMultiplayer с использованием видео
рекламы при проигрыше одного из игроков. Идея в том что если один из
игроков умирает, у него будет выбор продолжить игру в мультиплеере,
просмотрев видео рекламу или отключится от игры.
Проблема заключается в том что когда я включаю просмотр видео рекламы,
игрок автоматически отключается от мультиплеера.
Может кто сталкивался с такой же проблемой, подскажите есть ли ее решение?
Shaik Sadiq <skimsadiq@gmail.com>: Mar 30 10:54PM +0530

Hope you are doing well !!!
I have an urgent requirement for an *Informatica/OBIEE consultant. *Please
let me know if you Interested and get back to me with their updated resume
in .doc format immediately. Given below is the job description.
*Job Title: Informatica/OBIEE consultant*
*Location: Foster City, CA*
*Duration: 6+ Months *
*Experience: 7+ years*
7+ years of experience working with Informatica PowerCenter
Design, develop and maintain Informatica PowerCenter workflows and mappings
Analyzes the impact of changes on existing ETL processes and systems;
Assesses the compatibility with goals in all areas
Participate in design reviews and ensure that all solutions are aligned to
pre-defined architectural and requirement specifications
May prepare or review change requests documentation, written instructions
or technical literature for accuracy and completeness
Participate in debugging and tuning data integration processes; analyzing
data warehouse architecture, normalized/de-normalized, star schemas and
snowflakes, slowly changing dimensions, dimensional surrogate key handling,
exception data processing; troubleshooting and recommending improvements
and alternate methodologies
Ability to design and develop complex Informatica mappings, sessions,
workflows and identify areas of optimizations
*Sadiq Shaik*
ASAP Solutions Group LLC,
678-221-4992 (ext) 217
sshaik@myasap.com <tdamodaram@myasap.com>
Dev <devstaffing87@gmail.com>: Mar 30 01:15PM -0400

Please share profile at dev.v@tresourceinc.com
Hi ,
Hope you are doing well!
Please review below Job Description and let me know you interest
*Role: **DataStage Developer*
*Location:** Wilmington, DE*
*Duration:** 6 months*
*Job description:*
*Skills* :
Data Stage, ETL Developer, PL/SQL
*Job Description* :
ETL Developer
3+ years of experience
PL/SQL and Data stage
Experience in Banking/Credit domain in a warehouse environment
*Warm Regards,*
*Technical Recruiter*
*Technology Resource Group*
*1700 Park St, Unit 212, and Naperville IL, 60563*
*Phone: **+1 408-709-1760 x 9869/+1 408-933-9547*
*E-mail:* *dev.v@tresourceinc.com* <dev.v@tresourceinc.com>* |WEB:*
*www.tresourceinc.com* <http://www.tresourceinc.com/>
*Hangout:* <G%20talk:> *devstaffing87@gmail.com* <devstaffing87@gmail.com>
*Linkedin:* https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishnu-dev-a0aa3791
yccheok <yancheng.cheok@gmail.com>: Mar 30 09:58AM -0700

Currently, I have a production app, which is using SDK 21.
Since it requires a huge engineering work, to port the app to SDK 23, we
make another unstable Alpha release, by using SDK 23
Today, I need to make a critical bug fix release, for our production app.
However, since we have an Alpha app with SDK 23, it prevents us from
publishing the new production app, which is using SDK 21.
I try to de-activate Alpha testing, but it just won't help. Please see my
Anything I do, so that I can publish my critical bug fixed production app,
with SDK 21?
Greg <gregary.j.boyles@gmail.com>: Mar 30 09:50AM -0700

Can anyone point me in the direction of a simple app that sits there and
listens for a connection request from another device?
All the example I keep finding are ones that use StartDiscovery and search
for nearby devices to connect to - I don't want to do this with my app.
brunof0080@gmail.com: Mar 30 09:24AM -0700

How I can send requests from android application to an ERP ?
"Luís Cunha" <luisandrecunha@gmail.com>: Mar 30 12:34AM -0700

Hi Vi,
Do you have more than one account in your nexus?
In my case the thing was that the account that I used to enroll my phone
into the Beta was not the main one used to setup the phone. Just format the
phone, add the second account as the main one, and 1 minute after OTA to go
to Marshmallow come!
Till I found this solution it took me 1 week...
Hope it helps.
On Wednesday, 30 March 2016 05:14:37 UTC+1, VJ VIJAY wrote:
VJ VIJAY <vijay83339@gmail.com>: Mar 30 09:21AM -0700

thnx.. i ll try it out
On Wednesday, 30 March 2016 13:04:09 UTC+5:30, Luís Cunha wrote:
Arun Kumar <arunkumar413@gmail.com>: Mar 30 08:56AM -0700

I recently purchased a 16 GB memory card. But my android shows available
space is more than Total Space and when I try to install a new app it says
insufficient memory.
[image: Screenshot] <http://i.stack.imgur.com/tQQv1.png>
Total space: 8GB.
Available space: 13.88
Android version is lolilop 5.1
Device: Swipe Elite 2
What's wrong here?
Shaik Sadiq <skimsadiq@gmail.com>: Mar 30 08:45PM +0530

Hope you are doing well !!!
I have an urgent requirement for an *GMC Inspire Developer. *Please let me
know if you Interested and get back to me with their updated resume in .doc
format immediately. Given below is the job description.
*Job Title: GMC Inspire Developer*
*Location: Boston, MA*
*Duration: 8+ Months *
*Experience: 8 years*
· GMC Inspire Forms Composition Developer role
· Experience in Converting Documaker and Documerge Forms to GMC
· Experience in designing forms for the Variable Data Printing
software, based on specification in the context of the GMC Inspire
· Experience in Writing rules, scripts, data transformations within
the GMC Inspire designer.
· Experience in Deliver end-to-end print applications solutions
based on GMC Inspire Designer.
· Experience in Unix skillset
*Sadiq Shaik*
ASAP Solutions Group LLC,
678-221-4992 (ext) 217
santosh kiran <santoshnlite@gmail.com>: Mar 30 07:45PM +0530

Hi All,
we have a following requirement and please let me know if any consultants
are available on this position. You can reach me at
*Job Title:* Camunda Developer
*Location:* Middletown, NJ
*Duration:* 6+ Months
*Job Description:*
- Resource should have design & development experience on SOA/BPM/BPEL
process tool along with knowledge on Java, Spring Core & MVC, Drools, XML
Technologies (XSD, X-Query, X-Path), REST/SOAP, JSON. Also
- Knowing Camunda BPM required.
- Experience on Event based process, gateways, scripts, Human Task,
Build custom activity, User/Group Management & transactions patterns
- Fault management
- Handle build and deployment through Maven/Ant & DevOps tools
- Unit testing
Thanks & Regards
Santosh Kiran
santosh kiran <santoshnlite@gmail.com>: Mar 30 07:40PM +0530

Hi All,
we have a following requirement and please let me know if any consultants
are available on this position. You can reach me at
*Job Title:* Front-End Web Developer
*Location:* Middletown, NJ
*Duration**:* 6+ Months
*Job Description:*
We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer who is motivated to combine
the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will
include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will
produce visual elements of the application. You will work with the UI/UX
designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical
implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the
application looks as well as how it works.
Experience : 7 to 12 years
- Writing code and have worked extensively with skills like HTML5, CSS3,
Angularjs, Bootstrap, Jquery.
- Proficient understanding of web markup
- Develop new user-facing features
- Build reusable code and libraries for future use
- Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
- Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
- Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
- Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
Thanks & Regards
Santosh Kiran
sudhanshu pandey <sudhanshu.intime@gmail.com>: Mar 30 09:59AM -0400

*Hi There,*
*I am technical recruiter and I am looking for Relevant consultant for
below job description, if interested please let me know the hourly rate you
are looking for below mention job position.*
*Job Title: AIX admin*
* Location: Dublin, OH *
*Contract: 12+ Months*
*Role AIX Administrator *
*Mandatory Technical / Functional Skills *
· Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent technical
courses in AIX/UNIX/Linux system administration or equivalent work
· 7 or more years experience as UNIX/Linux systems administrator;
Linux and/or AIX experience preferred.
· Proficient verbal and written communication skills.
· 6+ years experience identifying and resolving technical problems
on the UNIX/Linux platforms and knowledge of UNIX/Linux processor
hardware/software products preferred.
*Roles and responsibility *
· Installs new system software/hardware products as well as new
versions and releases for existing system software products according to
established departmental procedures.
· Documents installation procedures, changes, software/hardware
products, and release levels of all products on processors according to
established departmental procedures.
· Provides assistance and problem resolution on software/hardware
· Develops and documents backup/recovery plan for UNIX/Linux files.
· Participates in business resumption (disaster recovery) planning,
implementation and testing.
· Monitors processors' resource usage and provides performance
reports to management.
· Monitor system performance and utilization.
· Install, configure, and document new servers and applications.
· Maintain and audit user accounts.
· Shell Scripting/ Automation.
· DR Understanding.
· Manage fileserver utilization (shared folders, quotas, etc.).
· Maintain servers and system security according to standards.
· Track vulnerabilities and apply appropriate patches and upgrades.
· Assist with managing VMware infrastructure and IBM SAN.
· Understanding of Linux/Unix/Windows environment.
· Working in 24 * 7 Operations Environment.
· Certification is desired.
· Administers established CDS security policies.
· Administers disk space usage.
· Interacts with technical support staff(s) on cross platform
· Keeps abreast of new products and developments in marketplace,
using various established departmental procedures.
· Interacts in cooperative and professional manner with CDS
employees, clients and vendors in team-oriented environment
· Good Communication Skills is Must.
*Total experience in required skill (years) *
· 7+ Years
· Good to have skills
· Redhat Skills
· Shell Scripting Skills
*Thanks & Regards,*
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Sudhanshu Pandey Sr. Technical Recruiter*
Desk : 609-853-0818 X 2126
Fax : 609 7995746
*sudhanshu.p@nityo.com <sudhanshu.p@nityo.com> *
*www.nityo.com <http://www.nityo.com/>*
*Gtalk : sudhanshu.intime*
sudhanshu pandey <sudhanshu.intime@gmail.com>: Mar 30 09:48AM -0400

*Hi There,*
*I am technical recruiter and I am looking for Relevant consultant for
below job description, if interested please let me know the hourly rate you
are looking for below mention job position.*
*Job Title: .Net Architect *
* Location: Woonsocket, RI *
*Contract: 12+ Months*
*Mandatory Technical / Functional Skills *
*Required Technical Skills : *
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· .NET 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 C#, WCF, MVC, ASP.NET and SQL development.
· N-Tier, object oriented architectures.
· Web services, XML, XSL
· Strong Database knowledge in the areas of data modeling, query
design and optimization, and scripting. Experience with large, high
transaction volume SQL Server 2008/2012 databases preferred.
· Understanding of and interest in software development lifecycle
best practices including continuous integration, iterative development, and
advanced SCM.
· Experience with Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management,
Retail Point of Sale, or Consumer Portal systems is a plus.
· MSBI applications using SSIS and SSRS.
· Restful web services, WCF and Web services
· Roles and responsibility
· Develop, maintain and support .NET based applications in a large
enterprise environment
· Develop technical specifications
· Translate business requirements into technical specifications of
adequate detail to implement and deploy. Develop prototypes and other
artifacts to assist in the definition of the requirements.
· Perform database schema design as required.
· Develop user interfaces and business logic per requirements.
· Supporting team members.
· Perform data migration as required.
· Develop test plan with detail commensurate with the project.
· Perform unit and system testing before release of any updates.
· Lead and participate in design and code reviews
· Create architectural and system level documentation with enough
detail that a person with similar experience could assume responsibility
for maintenance and evolution of existing systems.
· Create first draft end user documentation where appropriate.
· Provide application integrated documentation where appropriate.
· Provide 2nd and 3rd level technical support for custom
· Lead small, adhoc teams of developers through the definitions and
implementation of software related projects.
*Desirable Technical / Functional Skills *
*Total experience in required skill (years) *
· 8+ years
*Thanks & Regards,*
Nityo Infotech Corp.
666 Plainsboro Road,
Suite 1285
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
*Sudhanshu Pandey Sr. Technical Recruiter*
Desk : 609-853-0818 X 2126
Fax : 609 7995746
*sudhanshu.p@nityo.com <sudhanshu.p@nityo.com> *
*www.nityo.com <http://www.nityo.com/>*
*Gtalk : sudhanshu.intime*
Niraj Bhatt <njbhatt18@gmail.com>: Mar 30 06:02AM -0700

*Job Description*

· At least 1 years of experience building, testing, deploying, and
maintaining *Android* applications (show us your apps on Google Play!)
· Deep understanding of the *Android* SDK
· Knowledge of memory management and multi-threading. Our library
runs on thousands of apps and devices and needs to be flawless on each.
· Knowledge of *Android* best practices and tools (e.g. *Android* Studio,
Gradle, Maven, etc)
· Creative problem solving were looking for people who arent afraid
to push the boundaries
· You code as fluently as you speak
· Good understanding of data structures and algorithms.
· Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
· Optimize the existing code for ease of use and performance, and
improve quality
· Continue to improve development process. Evaluate and implement
new tools as needed
· Lead and Contribute to a team culture that values quality while
fostering initiatives and innovation.
· Good understanding of security aspects in Android app development
· Shown success as an individual contributor as well as team
player. Have consistently demonstrated ability and commitment to deliver on
major releases.
· Exhibited passion for delivering high quality products that meet
business requirements
· Willingness to "go the extra mile" when needed.
· Understanding of XML/JSON based RESTful API


· Globally customer base & deliver services mainly in UK, Europe &
· Open culture growing IT company
· Maintain work-life balance with respect to work & hrs
· One of The Best Company to work with in Ahmedabad
· State of the art working set-up and environment
· Exclusive training program to enable person to work effectively
· Daily /Weekly / Monthly employee engagement activities to keep
employee fully energetic and enthusiastic in and outside the office
· State of the art dynamic performance management system provides
opportunity of growth and promotion in shortest possible period to most
deserving staff

Kindly email your latest CV / Resume at jobs@ossquad.com with below
details. Email subject must be "Android Developer"
Current Company:
Expected CTC:
Notice period:



Thanks & Regards,

HR Manager
Open Source Squad Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
G-1209, Titenium City Center,
Nr. Sachin Tower, 100 Feet Shyamal Road,
Satelliate, Ahmedabad – 380015.
Phone: +91-79-40063301
Basti Joe <basti.joe@gmail.com>: Mar 30 04:56AM -0700

I would like to stream music with my android phone via wifi (upnp/dlna) to
my AV receiver.
I do not understand why this feature is not implemented in android, as
bluetooth streaming is available.
And rooting my device is no option as i don't want to lose my guarantee.
Comparing to Apple's AirPlay this is a big disadvantage.
Will music streaming via Wifi come up with future android aupdates?
Thanks so far
Chris B <cbach@gmx.de>: Mar 30 04:41AM -0700

I am launching my first android app in the google play store. If i browse
to the app in the store, the store will show that none of my devices is
supported. In the developper console under apk is every device in the
supported list and none in the unsupported list.
could someone help me please?
my manifest:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
android:versionName="1.01" >
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3" android:targetSdkVersion="4"/> <!-- Devices >= 3 have version of Google Play that supports licensing. -->
<uses-permission android:name="com.android.vending.CHECK_LICENSE" /> <!-- Required permission to check licensing. -->
<!-- Min/target SDK versions (<uses-sdk>) managed by build.gradle -->
android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" >
android:label="@string/title_activity_main2" >
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" >
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" >
android:value="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" />
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" >
android:value="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Main2Activity" />
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Extras" >
android:value="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Extras" />
android:parentActivityName="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Extras" >
android:value="com.cbach.srctrainer.windows.Extras" />
mtronictest@gmail.com: Mar 30 02:47AM -0700

Hello guys,
we are developing a custom android system for industrial use. Therefor we
need to disable the upper pull down menu, named "Quick Settings", because
the user should not be able to make any changes to the system.
The the android system is a wandboard based imx6 hardware with Android
This is the menu we want to disable:
We build the android system ourselves, is ist possible to make
modifications to the source code to deactivate this menu? Or is there an
other way to do this?
Best regards
Wojtek Czaja <wojtekczaja@op.pl>: Mar 30 12:42AM -0700

1 year before I wrote an app on tablet sony Xperia Z2, and everything
worked corretly. Now after this year I'd like refresh my app.
When I want debugging my app via USB, I see black sreen on tablet and my
app doesn't start. In Qt Creator I see only :
started debugging
completed debugging
and that is all.
I remember, it worked year before. By the way, app works corretly when I
start it from tablet.
I updated SDK and Qt. I passed the authorization on tablet to allow to
debugging but nothing have changed.
Do you have any suggestions what might not work correctly?
Distjubo <distjubo@gmail.com>: Mar 29 11:57PM -0700

Am Montag, 4. Januar 2016 09:31:00 UTC+1 schrieb Larry Larry:
> http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Context.html#getFilesDir()
> )
> Any help?
This might be an old thread, but I recently faced the same issue, and I
want to share my solution. The culprit turned out to be the /data/user/0, which
is a symlink to /data/data. Calling file = file.getCanonicalFile(); on the
file object fixed it for me.
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