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Steven Yi <stevenyi@gmail.com>: Sep 18 08:20AM -0700

Hi All,
I've recently migrated a project from Eclipse to Android Studio (1.3.2).
The application builds correctly and runs on the device. However, one
thing I'm having a problem with is that the compiled application looks like
it it somehow packaging into the application classes from a Jar on my
system classpath, instead of the versions from the library module I have in
use. If I remove the jar from the system classpath, the correct classes
from the library module are used.
Some background: the library module provides a native library + Java class
files. This is an Android-specific version of a library that we also have
a desktop version for. The desktop version may or may not be installed
into the user's system classpath. Supporting the desktop version's
presence in the system classpath is a requirement for us.
I have not figured out yet where in the build process that the desktop
version of the library is getting included. It seems from using javap with
class files from the AAR generated in the library module that it is the
correct version there. I am assuming there is something going on with the
application assembly process, but I have not investigated this aspect of
gradle and Android Studio yet.
If anyone has any suggestions or advice (or is this a known bug?), I would
appreciate it very much.
SGCB <sumighoshcb@gmail.com>: Sep 17 10:19PM -0700

I have checked the value for mLaunchCount using Java reflection, the value
is wrong for few apps. So anyone knows when this will be available as an
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