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NewToAndroid <rahulrasal@gmail.com>: May 01 08:31AM -0700

Hi all,
I want to publish my app on Google play. When I create the signed apk (with Android Studio), it creates the file with name "apk-release.apk".
It does not look appropriate to me to upload apk file with that name on Google play. Is it ok if I just rename the apk file before upload ?
Does it matter to have a proper name for the apk file ?
Can you guys share your experiences regarding the name of the apk file ?
what if I add the version number in the apk file name ? e.g. MyApp_1.0.apk
Thanks in advance
Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>: May 01 03:36PM

Yes, you can rename the apk file however best suits your needs.
The play store only cares about the data in the manifest file and how the
apk was signed.
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