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Rashmi <rashmi.ttr@gmail.com>: Apr 28 05:06AM -0700

I have added MyService in android/framework/base/services/ space and
registered that service in AndroidManifest.xml
of android/frameworks/base/core/res/. Calling startService() of MyService,
from test application is working fine with implicit intent. But explicit is
not working with warning message "Unable to start service".
I have used
package name - "com.android.server"
class name - "com.android.server.MyService"
flag - android:exported="true"
Please let me know how do we use explicit intent with framework service.
Thank you
Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>: Apr 28 06:05PM

Are you writing this for a rooted device or for a custom build of Android?
rashmi ks <rashmi.ttr@gmail.com>: Apr 29 11:26AM +0530

Custom build of Android
On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 11:35 PM, Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>
Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>: Apr 29 06:00AM

Ah, that's what I thought. This forum is for developing Android apps. If
you are modifying a custom build of Android you would be better of in one
of the other forums.
john brown <johnbrowngreybeard@gmail.com>: Apr 28 01:59PM -0700

My app was on Play Store and everything was working OK. I have several
users that we are in contact with to provide support. apps were removed
from the Play Store due to failure to accept the new Developer Distribution
Agreement prior to the deadline. I am trying to resubmit the app without
success. I need to get a Content Rating.(it is an industry specific app
with no sex, drugs or violence.) I filled out the Content Rating form,
clicked calculate rating, and apply rating. It says "app could not be
saved. refer to form for errors." But I really was not trying to resubmit
(save) just apply content rating so I could return to Store Listing fill it
out and then resubmit (save). I cannot find a save command on the Store
Listing tab and it dumps my input whenever I go to the content rating tab.
It seems I can only get one form filled out and both forms must be correct.
This is very frustrating. Anybody experience the same confusion? Are there
any resources that help me know what to do?
ANKUR GOEL <ankur1486@gmail.com>: Apr 28 05:52PM +0530

I am trying to integrate continuous integration for Android Project with
Its showing build successful but not generating apk .
In Archive and artifacts i am giving " ** " .
Do we need to write something special to generate apk
Thanks and Regards:-
Ankur Goel
Michael Banzon <michael@banzon.dk>: Apr 28 06:29AM

I have located mine in the Project Folder>app>build>outputs folder.
The folder contain two apk-files: "app-dedub.apk" and
Doug <beafdefx@gmail.com>: Apr 27 11:42PM -0700

It turns out that an Android Studio "build" just compiles the essential
parts to verify that your project makes sense. It doesn't produce an APK.
You can see in the status bar what gradle tasks it's running at any moment.
Studio will only produce an APK when you go to run it on a device.
Since Studio just delegates to gradle for all of its build activity, you
too should just use the gradle command line if you want a particular build
artifact. After you run the assemble[Debug|Release] target, you can find
the resulting APK by running the following command line on unix-y type
find . -name \*.apk
where . is the location of the project root directory where you probably
issued the gradle command.
Bottom line is that it's essential to learn the gradle way of doing things
if you're going to be using Studio, since Studio builds all delegate to
gradle. This is a good thing -- your IDE should not be the thing
responsible for producing your build artifacts.
On Monday, April 27, 2015 at 12:52:26 PM UTC-7, Spooky wrote:
Jim Graham <spooky130u@gmail.com>: Apr 28 06:00AM -0500

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 11:42:12PM -0700, Doug wrote:
> Since Studio just delegates to gradle for all of its build activity, you
> too should just use the gradle command line if you want a particular build
> artifact.
Ok, I have no problem with the command line at all (prefer it, actually),
but what's the command? Btw, I'm on a Mac (OS X Lion), if I didn't
mention that earlier.
> the resulting APK by running the following command line on unix-y type
> machines:
> find . -name \*.apk
Which is basically the same as zsh's 'ls **/*.apk' (except on really huge
lists of files...'ls ~/**/*.apk' would fail for most users, so you'd then
need to use find). Btw, depending on your system, the above may not work
as you'd expect...some require -print, too, and some will read the above
differently (e.g., zsh sees that as literally searching for a file named
"*.apk" ... so you'd use find . -name '*.apk' with zsh). Just for what
it's worth, which isn't much. :-)
PS: I solved it by going back to Eclipse (again).
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