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Dan Cha <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:50PM -0700

So im working or playing around with sending text/sms from within our app
as well as receiving replies. We will have the app on both ends(sender and
receiver devices)
But right now just prelim testing the messages are sent but they are
showing up as text within the default text app on the phone.
So even though our app sent the message a copy shows up in the default text
app as sent.
I have this in the manifest
<receiver android:name=".SMSBReceiver" >
<intent-filter android:priority="999" >
android:name="android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED" />
But as soon as the message is sent, its received in the default app. How
can we configure or code our app to send and receive within itself and not
affect the other text app?
Basically we want to contain the text within the app, anything initiated
within the app is only to show up in the app and no other sms app on the
Is this possible? We dont want copies of the text also showing up in the
users default text app.
thank you
Now with that said, if someone sends a actually text from outside the app,
then it should end up where it normally does for the user.
Hopefully that makes sense.
thank you
Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com>: Mar 31 06:47PM -0400

What's the motivation for doing this?
It seems kind of counterintuitive that you'd want to do this, because
presumably if the user *does* send a text, they want a record of it.
It's easy to imagine a spam app which sends tons of texts and leaves
no trace of it for the user to see!
But I'm a little confused by your question: it sounds like you're
talking about *receiving* texts as well? If you're the highest
priority, you should get the text first, and you should be able to
disable texts from the builtin app (though I think it's a little bit
of a hack).
If you must, however, you can always simply delete that text from the
sent folder on the phone.
Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 31 06:31PM -0500

First it seemed easier to use sms to communicate between the apps. This
will only be used internally, so no public version. If there is another way
to communicate only within the app that will work also, basically don't
need to have the messages in 2 places, right now when I send a message it's
in the app and also in the default text app. Since the priority is set
high, is there a way to stop the message from moving onto the default app?
On Mar 31, 2015 5:51 PM, "Kristopher Micinski" <krismicinski@gmail.com>
Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com>: Mar 31 07:58PM -0400

Using SMS to communicate *between* apps on the phone!?
You should 100% *not* be doing that. It's bad design, and it could
potentially cost your users money (if they pay for their texts).
You can use an intent, content provider, or AIDL, and it will be way
easier and much more obvious how to deal with than trying to hack it
like this.
Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 31 08:36PM -0500

Well it's company phones with unlimited texting as well as
tablets. How would aidl, content providers or intent work between
them and office's miles apart?
This is a internal office app , if sms is not the way, then we
need a more optimal method.
On Mar 31, 2015 7:01 PM, "Kristopher Micinski" <krismicinski@gmail.com>
Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:37PM -0400

So basically, you are trying to build a messenger app that uses SMS as a
transport layer but doesn't affect other SMS apps? Try investigating the
use of a data SMS rather than the usual text.
Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:58PM -0400

The usual way to do this sort of communication between apps on
different devices is to use a push notification. An example would be
Google Cloud Messaging, or Parse.
SMS would be possible, but just seems like a suboptimal solution when
things like GCM were designed to do exactly this: there are already
APIs and demos out there to handle this kind of communication.
Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:38PM -0500

So found this example for data sms
Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 31 09:43PM -0500

So with gcm it mentions going thru our servers, so does that mean we
have to host something?
On Mar 31, 2015 9:02 PM, "Kristopher Micinski" <krismicinski@gmail.com>
prudhvi p n v <prudhviraju1987@gmail.com>: Mar 31 08:49PM -0400

Thanks Justin ,
I fixed the issue now
and other issue I am working right now is to arrange the image , text in
proportions like 45% , 55%.
I want the image to occupy the 45% of the screen regardless of its size or
content or clarity .That's the reason I included framelayout and weightsum
(may not be a best option)

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>
Justin Anderson <magouyaware@gmail.com>: Apr 01 12:58AM

Those layout percentages can be put directly on the image view and text
view so you don't need to wrap them in a frame layout.
You just mentioned three components though (image view and two text views)
but only broke our numbers as 55% and 45%...
What specific problem are you running into?
On Tue, Mar 31, 2015, 7:49 PM prudhvi p n v <prudhviraju1987@gmail.com>
J Handal <jhandal7@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:53PM -0500

Comment #1 on issue 162501 by al...@android.com: Where is my app
J Handal <jhandal7@gmail.com>: Mar 31 02:50PM -0500

Status: WrongForum
Comment #1 on issue 162501 by al...@android.com: Where is my app
Sorry, this tracker is for issues with the Android OS only. Please use
https://support.google.com/ to obtain support for Google products or
Nobody there only a lots of silly links
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