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Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 26 09:33AM -0500

So started working on the app again and before any new changes were made, i
ran the application and now the 1 record image that was loading is no
longer loading, can anyone see anything wrong with my implementation of the
ive already tested the link being used and all images are available via
browser, so images are there and available.
After my above post, i did add the following to the Picasso call and all
records always return the error image except the first record, but starting
today not even the first record shows the image.
So the placeholder image loads instantly, after a second or so, the error
image starts to load for all the records.
Daniel Chacon <cubangt2@gmail.com>: Mar 26 05:10PM -0500

So i figured it out after doing a test of our insert portion, when we
inserted a new image and details, that one worked, and after some
investigation found that it was a space and Upper case issue..
It doesnt explain why it worked yesterday for 1 of the images and then no
longer worked today. But i changed the folder to NOT contain spaces in the
folder name and the biggest issue was that the image file names were all
Upper and lower case names.. So i changed all existing files to all lower
case and with the folder with no spaces, ran the app and they are now all
working as expected and pretty quickly.
Olivier Margarit <olivier.margarit@gmail.com>: Mar 26 07:36AM -0700

I'm working on nice corporate library.
The distribution is, at this time, done by integration of an .aar file
added as a new module with android studio.
This was working until gradle 1.1.x
*What is working: *The project compile as the project has no error.
*What is broken:* Android Studio does not recognize all classes provided by
the librairie like these doesn't exist.
But I insist on the fact that the project is compiling and the library do
what it should do!
No configuration have change but the gradle version updgraded from 1.0.1 to
I have noticed that the dependance reference in the iml file have change
<orderEntry type="library" exported="" name="MyAwsomeLib-1.0.3-unspecified" level="project" />
<orderEntry type="module" module-name="MyAwsomeLib-1.0.3" exported="" />
Is there a generic error that I am doing or is there a bug in gradle 1.1.x
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