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BArtWell <bazhanov.artem@gmail.com>: Jan 25 03:59AM -0800

I need to make a widget with size 4x1 cells. Here is my code:
<appwidget-provider xmlns:android=
android:configure="ru.bartwell.myapp.WidgetActivity" />
I test it on two virtual devices in Genymotion:
1. Google Nexus 7, 800x1280, Android 4.4.4
2. Samsung Galaxy S5, 1080x1920, Android 4.4.4

And I get different results:
When android:minWidth="250dp" and android:minHeight="40dip" (new formula):
1. Google Nexus 7 - 3x1 cells
2. Samsung Galaxy S5 - 4x1

When android:minWidth="292dp" and android:minHeight="70dip" (old formula):
1. Google Nexus 7 - 4x1
2. Samsung Galaxy S5 - 4x2

As I see widget size depends of screen resolution. But I just need to get
4x1 widget's size on all devices. How to correctly setup widget size?
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