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askl <amalskr@gmail.com>: Sep 24 10:47PM -0700

*Dear Friends,*
*How can I implement an action button in to the Card Fragment a Fragment in
Android Wear. **Is this Possible? Already I've created a sample Card
fragment using Android Sample GridView project. So now i want to modify
like this*
*This is frist fragment*
*and swipe right to left, next fragment should be like this*
*Overall looks Like this *
Jose_GD <jose.gonzalez.d@gmail.com>: Sep 24 12:38PM -0700

I thinks this is another sign of the insanity a company can get when it
grows too big...
We are less than a week from the deadline and still it isn't possible to
find the dreaded "Physical address" field in the already painful Developer
Console (too be fair it got better in some aspects lately)
Hope this crazy decision gets reverted in the following days
El jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014 03:13:56 UTC-3, nagamatu escribió:
Nobu Games <dev.nobu.games@gmail.com>: Sep 24 12:45PM -0700

As far as I know, the physical address has to be specified in your Google
Wallet Merchant <https://wallet.google.com/merchant/> account, that you use
for receiving payments from Google Play.
On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 2:38:24 PM UTC-5, Jose_GD wrote:
Kostya Vasilyev <kmansoft@gmail.com>: Sep 25 12:24AM +0400

@Jose - I contacted Play support about it and they explained that it has to
do with European customer protection laws, and there is no way they will
make any exceptions. So I think you can forget about "reverted" too.
@Noby - do you know if it should be under Business Information -> Public
Profile -> Address, or under Legal profile -> Payee profile -> Address?
I'll need to use different addresses there, for personal safety.
-- K
Dallas Singletary <devdallas@gmail.com>: Sep 24 05:02PM -0400

On September ,30th the field will be available in the play console for you
to add your address
Nobu Games <dev.nobu.games@gmail.com>: Sep 24 02:01PM -0700

I added all information on both tabs, with the same address, since I'm
running a business. The legal profile is likely just between you, Google
and the authorities which will be contacted by Google to validate your
The public profile is probably the one you want to be careful with, if you
want to hide your home address. In my experience, the legal profile is the
more important one. It should be absolutely identical with whatever records
you have filed with your bank and tax authorities. In my case Google denied
payment a few months ago because they found a tiny typo in my business
address and they said they could not match it against the records of the
IRS. It was something like a missing letter, so they are going to be very
pedantic there.
On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 3:29:33 PM UTC-5, Kostya Vasilyev wrote:
Dallas Singletary <devdallas@gmail.com>: Sep 24 05:12PM -0400

I run a sole Proprietorship so legally I file taxes and everything under my
name but, All Tek Repairs of CFL and DroydCorp Developments are registered
to me as DBAs
sree android <android.sreenivas@gmail.com>: Sep 24 04:59PM +0530

In my application, i need to implement application specific VPN and that
VPN data should not modify the user.How can i implement this feature in my
Thank you for advance.
Todd Grigsby <tgrigsby777@gmail.com>: Sep 24 12:49PM -0700

Sounds like you want to pass secure data. Why not just encrypt the data?
Rahul Kaushik <rahulkaushik85@gmail.com>: Sep 24 11:03AM -0700

am using webview and in that i have input type file which is working
on several versions like 3.0, 4.3.2,4.4.4 but not working on 4.4.2
nexus 7
please suggest
Rahul Kaushik
Arun Kumar K <arunkumar.k@npcompete.net>: Sep 24 04:41PM +0530

Hello Guys,
I want to get real device display height and width. Can anyone help me..
And one more thing,
How to set Margintop for Notification bar ...?
J Decker <d3ck0r@gmail.com>: Sep 24 08:53AM -0700

use a high enough api version, and you will open with correct size/height
public int getStatusMetric() {
int resId = getResources().getIdentifier("status_bar_height",
if (resId > 0) {
int result = getResources().getDimensionPixelSize(resId);
//Log.d( "org.MyNative", "status bar result " + result );
return result;
return 0;
On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 4:11 AM, Arun Kumar K <arunkumar.k@npcompete.net>
gjs <garyjamessilva@gmail.com>: Sep 24 12:37AM -0700

You seem to have map onPause / onResume mixed up -
protected void onPause() {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

It should be -
protected void onPause() {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 10:06:35 PM UTC+10, saex wrote:
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