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    codeguru <codeguru42@gmail.com> Feb 22 08:57PM -0800  

    Two of my JUnit tests against my app pass when I run them separately but
    fail when run consecutively.
    The two tests run through the following sequence of actions:
    *Test 1:*

    Insert a single row to the database.

    This all occurs within the app using getContentResolver().insert().

    Clean up the test.

    In particular, I delete the database using

    *Test 2:*

    Insert multiple rows to the database.

    This again occurs within the app using multiple calls to
    getContentResolver.insert(). The data inserted to the database includes
    the data for the single row from Test 1. When this row of data is reached
    in test 2, the test fails.

    From what I can tell, the ContentProvider in Test 2 still "sees" the data
    added during Test 1. I suspect this is due to my method of cleaning up the
    test. I verified with adb shell that the database file is deleted when Test
    1 cleans up and that it is recreated when Test 2 starts.
    How do I correctly clean up the first test so that the second test doesn't?
    I guess I could split the two test methods into two separate classes. Even
    if this works, it means that I will have to split up other classes with
    even more test methods that experience the same issue. Does anyone have
    other suggesions?
    Code Guru


    Ubuntu guy <sam_cit@yahoo.co.in> Feb 22 09:14AM -0800  

    Thanks Eric. However, i still don't get as to why the service can't be
    distributed through the play store. Even if its installed in unsupported
    devices, the APIs like getDolbyAudioProcessing(...,...) could just return
    null and applications would anyways be handling such cases, isn't it?
    The pro being any quick fix to the service can be deployed quickly via
    play store rather than being bottlenecked by OEM's update schedule, which
    is often influenced by many factors and there by delaying the dolby's fix.
    On Thursday, February 20, 2014 1:41:24 PM UTC-8, Eric Ang wrote:


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