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    Heshan Perera <anthonyheshanperera@gmail.com> Dec 26 09:29PM -0800  

    Let's say I published a paid Android app to Google Play for selling.
    Let's say user "A" pays for and installs it. Now user 'A' can extract this
    apk from his device and freely distribute it to other users, who will not
    have to pay for it anymore.
    Hence, as a developer, I lose out. I know the advice to tackle this
    situation is to request an online login but, for an application that does
    not require web connectivity for its base functionality, this seems to be a
    bad practice in terms of usability.
    So out of curiosity, why aren't these APKs signed to run for a specific
    account prior download ? This is what iTunes does with their IPAs, they are
    signed with the relevant Apple ID.
    What are the possible reasons for Android / Google to not follow suite ?


    Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com> Dec 27 12:07AM -0600  

    FYI this is why full app encryption exists in Jelly Bean.
    DRM is a moving target, you could always imagine a user which roots the
    device and copies the APK out of memory (though this would be pretty
    technically involved...). So while no perfect solution exists, full app
    encryption definitely gets you closer..
    On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 11:29 PM, Heshan Perera <


    andrew95434 <andresespinosapc@gmail.com> Dec 26 04:23PM -0800  

    I need an application that detects movement with the camera and starts
    calling a number. And if someone grabs the phone, the application closes.
    I don't know much of programming, but the application doen't exist, so I
    want to create it. Can someone help me with anything to do it?
    How can I make a code to...
    ...call someone?
    ...make a motion detection camera?
    ...close the application when the phone moves?
    Thanks in advance.


    "Gabriel Simões" <gsimoes@gmail.com> Dec 26 11:55AM -0800  

    Is it possible to give to specific users free licenses on LvL or in app purchases credits?
    If so, how?


    "Gabriel Simões" <gsimoes@gmail.com> Dec 26 11:56AM -0800  

    Is it possible to give to specific users free licenses on LvL or in app purchases credits?
    If so, how?


    "Gabriel Simões" <gsimoes@gmail.com> Dec 26 11:53AM -0800  

    Is it possible to give to specific users free licenses on LvL or in app purchases credits?
    If so, how?


    Miguel Carrallo <hushhushapp@gmail.com> Dec 26 10:51AM -0800  

    We take a video using ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE with EXTRA_VIDEO_QUALITY set to
    0. When capture a video, the size is aprox. 1mb/sec. How can i compress
    this video to reduce the resolution or compress it to send to web service?


    BoD <bodlulu2@gmail.com> Dec 26 02:01AM -0800  

    I don't see how I was rude (is "ping" a bad word?"). You're the one who insists on changing the subject, talking about grammar, etiquette, and feelings...
    Do you have any information regarding issue 61950? If not, please refrain from replying to this.
    Thanks a lot,


    Michael Banzon <michael@banzon.dk> Dec 26 01:15PM +0100  

    No. Please stop.


    Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com> Dec 26 11:05AM -0600  

    I don't have any information on this particular issue, but if anyone did,
    they would have pointed it out. I pointed you at various other resources
    which may be more helpful than the Android development list. In particular,
    this list relates to app development. While asking about issues which
    impact apps is certainly acceptable, you should also look at platform
    development forums if you're looking for platform issues.
    As for telling me not to reply, I'm the only person giving you relevant
    information. I'm guessing the reason nobody else has is that they don't
    want to be talked down to..


    sweety fx <fxsweety@gmail.com> Dec 26 07:40AM -0800  

    This is how I am parsing it for single image url
    ArrayList<Data> mData = new ArrayList<Data>();
    public void characters(char ch[], int start, int length) throwsSAXException
    mData.get(mCount).mImageUrl = new String(ch, start, length);
    This works fine for a single image url.
    How can I parse for more than one image url?
    On Wednesday, December 25, 2013 1:52:39 AM UTC-5, Danny D wrote:


    Sandeep Armal <armalsandip@gmail.com> Dec 26 04:18AM -0800  

    I am using one autocomplete. I want to show this autocomplete as a
    multiline. I don't want to show dropdown as a multi line but i want to show
    textbox as a multi line.
    I also use multiline attribute in .xml file but it's showing nextline key
    on keyboard and i don't want to use user to press this and go on next line.
    *What happening now*
    I am typing something in textbox after finishing space it's scrolling
    horizontally. and show all text in one line.
    *What i want*
    Suppose user typing and after finishing space of textbox then automatically
    cursor will goes on next line so user can see all text at one time without
    scrolling horizontally.
    Here is my code.
    android:hint="eg: Breakfast, spicy, italian "
    android:textSize="16sp" >
    I need impeoption as an actionsearch so user can press search key of
    Please give some reference or hint.


    Sadhna Upadhyay <sadhna.braahmam@gmail.com> Dec 26 11:41AM +0530  

    Hi Guys,
    Can some one tell me that how to connect vpn to android
    programatically if any one have idea please share with me
    Thanks in advance
    On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Sadhna Upadhyay <sadhna.braahmam@gmail.com


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