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    BoD <bodlulu2@gmail.com> Dec 24 04:21AM -0800  

    All I'm "long" for is a response from someone at Google...


    Kristopher Micinski <krismicinski@gmail.com> Dec 24 10:05AM -0600  

    You should really stop acting rude if you want anyone to help you. First
    you said you bumped an issue to which nobody responded (which is fine,
    within reason), but all you seem to do is argue. I already gave you an
    accurate answer, acting rude makes you even less likely to get a response,
    and if you're looking for bug information and statuses you should really
    try android-platform.
    I understand you're probably just being haughty because you misspoke and
    feel embarrassed, subsequently hoping to self justify yourself by composing
    a trite response, but doing so is antithetical to getting a response...


    neuber jose sousa <neuberfran@gmail.com> Dec 24 07:44AM -0800  

    Em domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013 20h02min14s UTC-3, neuber jose sousa


    sweety fx <fxsweety@gmail.com> Dec 24 07:37AM -0800  

    I am using SAX parser to parse the RSS feed. Previously, the RSS feed
    only returns an id like say"12345"(<imageId>12345</imageId> and I need to
    construct an url with this id which will return multiple images in xml
    Now I get the RSS feed with multiple images with same node, like,
    <imageurl>image url1</imageurl><imageurl>image
    url2</imageurl><imageurl>image url3</imageurl>.
    how can I parse them into an array or list and use them later by
    constructing the xml format(the same way the image id url does) and place
    then local storage. Use the local storage xml format to retrieve all the
    2 things need to considered in it. I might either get one image url and
    image id. or I may get multiple image urls instead of id. When I get one
    image url, I don't need to construct the xml.
    How can I handle this situation?


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