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    Seshu <s.seshu143@gmail.com> Aug 28 10:25AM -0700  

    Hi developers,
    I am doing project on maps in which i need to get the current
    location. if both network provider and gps provider disabled means then i
    am opening the locations in setting menu and then user ll select either any
    one and after selecting any one option i need to get the current location.
    now my app was minimized and then changed the network provider and now
    opened my application again and then i need to check which network provider
    available based on the condition i ll updated the location. i used dynamic
    broadcast receivers in my activity class but i am not unable to fetch the
    data. if any one knows then plz provide solutions and links etc.,
    Thanks and Regards,


    kj <scweeden@gmail.com> Aug 28 04:37AM -0700  

    Putting images in drawable folders based on screen resolution is a bad
    idea, do not do this. Make the proper images and place them into the
    standard density folders: drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi, etc. See the icon
    design guidelines for sizing info:
    On Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:34:30 AM UTC-4, Amit Mangal wrote:


    Harish <hkachoria@gmail.com> Aug 28 07:52AM -0700  

    >> does't work always that's what we face and now every thing working as we
    >> want.
    > However in future If I find a better solution with standard folder then


    Sumedh Jiwane <sumedh02@gmail.com> Aug 28 03:13PM +0530  

    Nothing is much clear from the description of your problem. I am suspecting
    that you are facing the UI issue.
    Are you calling logout function in main thread/ui thread? If so replace it
    with worker thread. Alternatively you can start a service using


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