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    Dhaval Sodha Parmar <dhaval0122@gmail.com> Aug 25 10:14PM -0700  

    I want Vertical seekBar like below image *(for android 4.O+))*. its in Google
    Play Music<https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.music>
    [image: enter image description here]
    i have tried below way: *but i can't set hight & width*
    i want like below:
    [image: enter image description here]
    right now i have used this Stack Answer<http://stackoverflow.com/a/8893285/1168654> but
    its too hard to manage multiple vertical seekbar.
    i am looking for better way than this.


    Ricardo Cardoso <rick.duk@gmail.com> Aug 25 11:03PM -0300  

    I have the following return my webservice created in ruby on rails
    This return I'm typing the curl in the console like this:
    curl -v -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Accept:
    application/json' -X POST http://localhost:3000/api/v1/sessions.json
    -d "{\"user\":{\"email\":\"email@gmail.com\",\"password\":\"secret1234\"}}"
    and I also have the same return on Android!
    I'm using AndroidAnnotations and created the code that calls the webservice
    void login(UserWrapper userWrapper){
    try {
    //Acessa o webservice através de rest passando o objeto UserWrapper
    que tem o Objeto User
    JsonObject json = userRestClient.login(userWrapper);
    Gson gson = new Gson();
    userWrapper = gson.fromJson(json, UserWrapper.class);
    } catch (RestClientException e) {
    But I am getting the following error
    08-24 18:34:19.420: E/LoginActivity_(11373):
    com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: java.lang.IllegalStateException:
    Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING
    My class is as follows restclient
    @Accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public interface UserRestClient {
    UserWrapper addUser(UserWrapper user);
    JsonObject login(UserWrapper user);
    JsonObject edit(int id);
    void update(User user, int id);
    void recoverPassWordUser(String email);
    I know that the return is a String from my server, but I need to get a
    JSONObject. I also know I need to use a parse, so I made the following way
    by changing my code
    String json = userRestClient.login(userWrapper);
    JsonParser parser = new JsonParser();
    JsonObject jsonObject = parser.parse(json).getAsJsonObject();
    Gson gson = new Gson();
    userWrapper = gson.fromJson(jsonObject, UserWrapper.class);
    But I get the error the following error:
    08-25 18:31:17.945: E/LoginActivity_(13266):
    Could not read JSON: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a
    string but was BEGIN_OBJECT at line 1 column 2; nested exception is
    com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: java.lang.IllegalStateException:
    Expected a string but was BEGIN_OBJECT at line 1 column 2
    When I change to receive a JSONObject error says that is a String, when I
    change a String to receive the error says that is a JSONObject.


    "Fábio cunha" <psxbrasil@gmail.com> Aug 25 07:25AM -0700  

    The new Google Play privacy policy will begin to remove apps from Google
    Play that use push ads.
    Because of that I'll need to change the way that I generate revenue from
    Google Play.
    I pretend to use two ads types in my games and I want to know if Google
    pretend to banish this type of apps, or something because they are not good
    for android users experience.
    The first ad type:
    The first ad type that I want to use in my apps is the ads by reward, the
    user can go to an specific screen, in this screen if the user download a
    game, the user receive some benefit for the game.
    The second ad type:
    The second ad is a poll ad, user is incentivized to respond a poll, when
    the poll is completed, the user receive a reward for the game.
    The use of these both ads in Google Play are allowed? There's any privacy
    policy that not allow this type of ad?


    Hand Green <cooperateonline@gmail.com> Aug 25 07:40PM +0800  

    Thank you.
    2013/8/24 TreKing <trekingapp@gmail.com>


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