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    Ziri Ziri <ziridmail@gmail.com> Jul 28 11:34PM +0200  

    Oo rfe p


    dashman <erjdriver@gmail.com> Jul 28 02:47PM -0700  

    Is it possible to create a shape with a pattern fill - instead of a solid


    Jose_GD <jose.gonzalez.d@gmail.com> Jul 28 04:57AM -0700  

    Yes, I confirm it's not possible right now. If paid, testers must pay to
    test (what they were thinking?).
    I've done in the past with my first paid app like Bhavin said: use
    *com.your.package.test* for beta testing (free of course) and when you're
    ready to launch, disable this APK and upload the same binary as
    El domingo, 27 de julio de 2014 09:59:26 UTC-3, Russell Wheeler escribió:


    Russell Wheeler <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com> Jul 28 01:53PM +0100  

    That's exactly what I planned on doing, although I'd rather not have to.
    Thanks for confirming.


    Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com> Jul 28 11:34AM -0400  

    What I did was to advise my testers that they would have to pay to install
    the app but I would refund it the next day. This worked out fine and one
    of the testers told me that the refund had appeared on her CC even before
    the charge did!
    On Jul 28, 2014 8:54 AM, "Russell Wheeler" <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com>


    Russell Wheeler <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com> Jul 28 06:38PM +0100  

    With the refund, did you lose out? Did you do a refund through the play
    store, or did you personally refund them? I'm thinking if you did it
    personally, you'd lose the 30% Google have already taken.
    If you did the refund through the store, does that mean that they then lose
    the app?
    On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 4:34 PM, Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com>


    Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com> Jul 28 02:09PM -0400  

    Refunded through the play store so no 30% issue. The app remains licensed
    and gets the updates you push to the play store both during and after the
    test period.
    On Jul 28, 2014 1:39 PM, "Russell Wheeler" <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com>


    Steve Gabrilowitz <steveg1701@gmail.com> Jul 28 02:11PM -0400  

    One minor point to add - when you do the refund it tells you that the
    customer will receive an email - that appears to be a lie ;-) Your less
    trusting testers will have to rely on their credit card statement or phone
    bill to confirm that you did refund it.


    Russell Wheeler <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com> Jul 28 11:59AM -0700  

    Thanks Steve, this sounds like a very good way to go about it.
    On Monday, July 28, 2014 7:20:46 PM UTC+1, Steve Gabrilowitz wrote:


    sweety fx <fxsweety@gmail.com> Jul 28 09:26AM -0700  

    I have an image view on top and then grid view.
    I want all both the image view and grid view scrollable together, but only
    the grid view is scrolls.
    Is there a way to implement it?


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    "Tamás Kovács" <falcon.firebreath@gmail.com> Jul 27 08:43AM -0700  

    Are there any restrictions for Game Services in terms IAB/paid apps?
    I can't find anything in any Terms of Use about this. For example, Game
    Services states that each Achievement must be achievable by the player, but
    it doesn't state whether this is allowed to "require" any In-app Billing.
    Most games are freemium nowadays.
    I can imagine it's forbidden to ask for payment for an Achievement (I'm not
    planning such a thing), but in freemium games, this can be much more
    indirect. For example, a quest might not be available without an expensive
    item, but that item is only available via In-app Billing.
    With the following, I suppose I should be safe: the Achievement is
    reachable in theory in the game, but very difficult to reach it (very much
    playing to reach the XP without In-app Purchase items). Therefore, if the
    player really wants it, he can reach the Achievement without any In-app
    Any definitive answer in this matter?


    Bibu <kanaziwok@gmail.com> Jul 27 07:53AM -0700  

    I just developped the same kind of method and I am also facing this issue on devices that have security lock screen feature activated and this is not happening with devices without the security check enabled.


    12169 <ashish.acet@gmail.com> Jul 27 06:24AM -0700  

    I update my activity's data with a Async task. it works on all the devices
    till date, but in Android 4.2.2 KitKat AsyncTask's onProgressUpdate method
    is not working.
    Below is reference code of AsyncTask
    class MyAsync extends AsyncTask<String, String, String>{
    boolean flag = true;
    protected String doInBackground(String... params) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    // do background Task
    try {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    return null;
    protected void onProgressUpdate(String... values) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    //Update UI
    And this code how i Start AsyncTask


    Russell Wheeler <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com> Jul 27 03:32AM -0700  

    I am just starting out in the android developer world, and have made a very
    basic game that I would like to have tested by friends and colleagues. I
    thought of using the alpha and beta testing/apk sections of the google
    developer console.
    However, I would like my app to eventually be a paid app, and from reading
    around it would appear that testers would also have to pay in order to test
    my app for me. Is there any way around this, or I have I misunderstood? I'm
    talking about the initial purchase of the app, not in app purchases.
    If not, how do others approach this situation? Give the app away on email,
    but lose out on the auto updating facilities of the play store, or do you
    create two apps one for free that is only visible to testers, and then the
    paid app later on launch?
    If I did that, would I need two diff package names for each of the app?


    "Save My Life!" <alertsavemylife@gmail.com> Jul 27 05:04AM -0700  

    may be no.
    other way is to you put same apk with different package name.
    On Jul 27, 2014 4:05 PM, "Russell Wheeler" <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com>


    Russell Wheeler <russellpeterwheeler@gmail.com> Jul 27 05:59AM -0700  

    Yes I think I'm going to have to publish two diff apks with diff package
    names, unfortunately.
    It's very limited.
    On Sunday, July 27, 2014 1:13:55 PM UTC+1, Bhavin wrote:


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    Dima Vasilkov <k4dima@gmail.com> Jul 26 06:09PM -0700  

    Thank you!
    It helped me :-)
    On Thursday, August 9, 2012 8:19:02 AM UTC+3, Zoran Smilevski wrote: